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HSSB158: Monetary Black Hole


“Your steed is a panda…”

“Steed is a panda…”

“Is a panda…”


As voices reverberated unceasingly in Yan Zhaoge’s head, he could not help but roll his eyes, “…Actually, it is also rather individualistic”

“Definitely first class in attracting gazes, flashy to the extreme, not walking the normal route.”

“It’s just that-where does this refreshing yet also embarrassed mentality stem from”

Rubbing his temple, Yan Zhaoge smiled bitterly as he looked at the giant panda before him, “Whatever, even if I just keep him as a pet, although his appetite is rather great, he is also pleasing to the eye.

If I have him specifically in charge of selling fluff, that would also be quite good.”

“Aye, if I use him to chase chicks, I guess it would also be a really potent weapon” The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth curled upwards as he thought somewhat rascally.

He swivelled his head to look at Xie Youchan beside him, “Senior Sister Xie, in all honesty, this beast indeed rather catches my eye.

I don’t know if your clan would be willing”

At the end of the day, the Clear Concealed Lake was Turbid Wave Pavilion’s territory.

Meeting this giant panda this time had also only come about from following Xie Youchan.

Hearing his words, Xie Youchan laughed, “Other than rearing Fire Geese as well as a few other types of rare beasts for sending messages and travelling, we seldom rear any other rare beasts.

If you didn’t say anything, I was also only going to send this Pixiu out of the vicinity of the Clear Concealed Lake, lest he influence the formation.”

“If junior apprentice-brother Yan wants him, you can naturally try to capture him, and if you want my assistance, you need only ask.

However, I do not think that it will be hard for you and the brother beside you to succeed in doing so; you can just directly make a move.”

The other party not bringing up a trade, allowing him to capture the rare beast as he would like, Yan Zhaoge smiled at her words, “I must first thank Senior Sister Xie for her kindness; I will definitely repay it in the future.”

With Xie Youchan’s generosity, Yan Zhaoge naturally wouldn’t mistreat her.

Calculating within his heart, he already had some plans for to repay her.

However, such could still wait.

For now, he should first capture this giant panda before him.

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands towards Ah Hu.

Giving a simple and honest laugh, Ah Hu instantly grinded his fists and rubbed his palms, preparing to walk towards the middle of the clearing along with him.

“Eh” But just at this time, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze suddenly hardened, as he vaguely felt the aura-qi of a martial practitioner surging in the distance.

His ears even seemed to resound with the indistinct sound of a bowstring twanging.

The other party’s target was not their own group.

From another direction, an arrow suddenly shot towards the panda in the middle of the clearing!

Gazing over, Yan Zhaoge saw that where the arrow had shot from, a middle-aged man stood within the bamboo forest, staring at the giant panda with a greedy expression on his face.

“It is not someone of Turbid Wave Pavilion.”

“It is also a Xiantian Martial Scholar.”

“A martial practitioner of the Lake Domain, having acquired Turbid Wave Pavilion’s permission, entering this Clear Concealed Lake to look for a fortuitous encounter…”

“Not having discovered us, he instead set his sights on that big fella, greed welling within his heart.”

“He should only be at the early Xiantian stage, and, being afraid that his power alone would be insufficient in capturing this panda alive, took advantage of it levelling to launch a sneak attack.”

Many thoughts flashed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind in an instant, before he soared into the air.

With a flick of the right sleeve of his robe, a green light shot out from within, roaring like a dragon as it traversed a thousand feet in an instant.

His sword shooting through the air, released later but arriving earlier, it blocked that arrow in mid-air!

“Cough, Exploding Spirit Arrow.

He was willing to invest quite a lot on this,” As Yan Zhaoge cut down the arrow with his sword, he immediately found that something was wrong.

The arrow the newcomer had shot was actually the specially made Exploding Spirit Arrow.

While being extraordinarily rare, it had an extremely strong power.

Even if it was blocked by an opponent, it would also launch a second wave of attacks, to inflict harm on its intended target.

When unknowingly ambushed by this arrow, even Xiantian Martial Scholars would find it hard to withstand, very easily coming to grief on the spot!

Having been cut down by Yan Zhaoge, a strong light instantly penetrated from within the arrow.

While this arrow was strong, it would still be completely unable to do anything to Yan Zhaoge, just that that panda was currently in the final stages of levelling up, about to end its cultivation.

If it was interrupted now, the results could be very serious indeed.

Curling his lips, Yan Zhaoge shook his head as he brandished his sword.

His sword like a dragon, it drew a circle in mid-air.

Where the sword-light went, scars were left within the air, the golden ring radiating light as it was like there was a vortex at its centre, giving off an extreme suction force.

After that Exploding Spirit Arrow exploded, the numerous streaks of golden light it released was mostly drawn within that ring of light formed of Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light.

It was only that with this, the spiritual qi of the heavens and the earth which had originally already been in upheaval due to that panda, being drawn by Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light, instantly became even more unstable.

A large amount of spiritual qi was similarly absorbed by the light ring formed of sword-light.

The clouds and wind in the sky surged, the formation being activated as it circulated on its own.

The clouds roiled before their eyes, the space seemingly moving and distorting unceasingly as many things were instantly dispersed.

The formation was quickly controlled as the chaotic clouds quickly calmed.

The changing scenery before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes returned to normal as before him was still the forest of before, just that when the wind had blown past, the tall bamboos had been reaped like wheat, falling to the ground in large numbers.

“Cough, what need was there for that,” As Yan Zhaoge kept his sword somewhat unhappily, he suddenly felt that something was a little wrong.

Swivelling his head over, he saw a giant, fat, round, furry head appear before him, upon which was a pair of gigantic black eye rings, its eyes blinking and blinking.

Yan Zhaoge was rendered speechless, “Hey, you were sent to the same place as me.”

A giant panda the size of a small elephant shuffled up before Yan Zhaoge somewhat affectionately while also clumsily.

Yan Zhaoge broke into a smile, “Ah, this giant fella.”

He extended his hand, gently stroking the fur of the giant panda where black and white met.

The giant panda extended its tongue, gently licking Yan Zhaoge’s palm.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I am like that person, also wanting to catch you, just that I have the confidence that even if you have levelled up, I can still capture you alive.”

The giant panda blinked, licking its lips with its tongue, a very human light appearing within his eyes.

“Oh, its spirituality is not low ah,” Yan Zhaoge discovered that he could vaguely understand the meaning behind this giant panda’s gazes.

It was just that having understood it, he was left not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

This lazy gaze basically seemed to be asking: if I go with you, will I have enough to eat…

Yan Zhaoge looked at it finding it somewhat infuriating whilst also funny, “You are not afraid that I’m capturing you to kill you and feast on your flesh”

That giant panda came near to Yan Zhaoge in a naïve manner, rubbing his head on Yan Zhaoge rather unreservedly.

Yan Zhaoge sighed, “You had also best be a little more relaxed.

If you eat too much, I can only drag you to perform on the street for money.”

The giant panda cried out lightly, resembling a human drawing back his lips and laughing.

Looking upwards, Yan Zhaoge pondered, “Let me think; this panda…erm, this Pixiu-where does its food come from”

Although it loved to eat, especially loving to eat various kinds of bamboo, that was merely to quell its belly’s hunger or because it was greedy.

According to what Yan Zhaoge knew, if a Pixiu wanted to raise its strength, it had to eat various fine metals and precious ores.

They especially loved eating precious metallic ores rich in both yin and yang.

And such things were generally rather rare, as well as expensive.

Comparing it with this giant fella’s appetite, it was absolutely a monetary black hole.


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