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HSSB159: Brutal


While Broad Creed Mountain was great and its businesses many, with rearing such a giant fella still possible, and Yan Zhaoge had now also obtained the authority to have foremost priority to the clan’s resources, with him very happy and willing to be a rich dude just generously scattering money about, after pondering for a time, Yan Zhaoge thought of an ingredient which, after being refined through a special method, could act as this panda’s food.

And this ingredient had a high production rate with a low cost, its effects also being better than the usual ores and fine metals.

It was the perfect example of high-quality goods with a low cost.

As for its name, Yan Zhaoge had rather nastily prepared two choices.

One, was Pan-Pan[i].

The other, was Fat Tiger[ii].

As for what would come next, Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts were: the next pet, he would call Small Man[iii], the next next, Big Male[iv].

These were all Yan Zhaoge’s silly thoughts, not that any outsiders would have to or be able to understand them.


Of these two, which should I use This really hurts my brains ah,” Yan Zhaoge was all smiles as he looked at the giant panda before him.

The extremely intelligent Pixiu’s massive frame shook slightly, as it instinctively detected that something was up.

Laughing, Yan Zhaoge patted its huge head before he raised his head to gaze into the distance.

Still situated on that small island with a limited size, if he wanted to find someone, it would not be difficult.

Not having strode out, his gaze sweeping the area, Yan Zhaoge saw a green-clothed figure coming over towards him from the distance.

The newcomer was that young female disciple of Turbid Wave Pavilion, Zhang Yao.

On seeing Yan Zhaoge and the though huge, still docile and cute giant panda beside him, the round-faced girl instantly relaxed.

“Senior Brother Yan has already tamed this Pixiu” Zhang Yao approached curiously.

Chubby and cute, that giant panda lazily rolled over on the ground, causing Zhang Yao to have a very favourable impression of it.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge grinned, “Well, still being young, she naturally has no resistance against such fluffy goods at all.”

Zhang Yao asked carefully, “Senior Brother Yan, can I stroke it”

Swivelling his head to look over at the giant fella beside him and seeing how he looked totally fine, not being opposed to it, Yan Zhaoge nodded, “You may.”

Zhang Yao immediately whooped and approached.

As she hurriedly got close with that giant panda, Yan Zhaoge asked, “That bowman wasn’t from your clan, right”

Jolted awake by his words, Zhang Yao answered, “We have let Senior Brother Yan see an ugly side.

That person is not of our clan; he should be a martial practitioner of the Lake Domain’s Chu Region where this Clear Concealed Lake is located.”

“Although I’ve never seen him before, someone who can enter the Clear Concealed Lake’s formation should be from a first or second-tier power close to our clan, or a solitary martial practitioner.”

“He should only have wanted to capture this Pixiu, not having discovered us, also not bearing any hostility towards us.”

Although she was young and still at the inner aura stage, this round-faced girl was a true direct disciple of Turbid Wind Pavilion.

Although her cultivation could not match up to Xie Youchan and Ruan Ping, she still held the same position as well as received the same benefits as them.

Yan Zhaoge could tell that Zhang Yao’s past experiences could also be considered on the shallower side.

However, being able to become a direct disciple of a Sacred Ground, her martial talent as well as strength were definitely indisputable.

Although he had not seen Zhang Yao make a move, having been travelling together, Yan Zhaoge could tell from her body-lightening techniques as well as breathing that as long as she did not lack actual combat experience, she should probably not be any inferior to that Infinite Boundless Mountain disciple Hou Xiang whom he had seen back at Cloud Portent Mountain.

Having heard Zhang Yao’s out, Yan Zhaoge smiled as he shook his head, “En, I know.”

“Moreover, even if he knew we were here, it would actually also be fine; this…erm, this Pixiu, is something that can be considered an ownerless object as long as your Turbid Wave Pavilion doesn’t yourself come for it.”

“An ownerless object-to be gained by whoever has the skill to do so.

However, if he targeted me in an attack, I would also not show mercy towards him.”

Zhang Yao smiled, “He would not be able to win against Senior Brother Yan.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Let’s go look for the others.

This island is not big; I estimate that if we just yell a little, Senior Sister Xie and Ah Hu would be able to hear it.”

Having gradually grown familiar, Zhang Yao no longer stayed so formal with Yan Zhaoge as she smiled upon hearing his words, “If I yelled, I’m afraid my voice still wouldn’t be loud enough.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I also never intended for you to yell ah.”

Saying thus, he raised his heads towards the skies and let out a long roar, resembling a dragon roaring to the nine heavens.

Merely standing by the side and listening, Zhang Yao also felt her heart shaking as her entire body’s aura-qi became unstable.

“Senior Brother Yan’s cultivation is so high,” Zhang Yao secretly rolled up her tongue in surprise.

Although she was rather inexperienced, the number of experts she had seen was not low at all.

As one of the six great Sacred Grounds alongside Broad Creed Mountain, how could Turbid Wave Pavilion lack Xiantian Martial Scholars

But visiting her memories, Zhang Yao found that of all the early Xiantian Martial Scholars she had seen before, there actually seemed to be no one who could compare to the Yan Zhaoge before her.

Although they had not actually truly clashed, thinking about it carefully, Zhang Yao felt that even the mid Xiantian Martial Scholar Ruan Ping might not be able to defeat Yan Zhaoge.

Thinking of how Ruan Ping had tried to test Yan Zhaoge earlier, Zhang Yao could not help but shake her head, “Luckily, senior apprentice-brother Ruan didn’t truly move against him…”

As Yan Zhaoge halted his roar, Zhang Yao asked, “After hearing it, senior apprentice-sister Xie and that big brother should hurry over to congregate; shall we just stay right where we are”

Yan Zhaoge did not answer, instead looking in another direction.

Zhang Yao asked curiously, “Senior Brother Yan, what is it”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “There are still others on the island.”

During that long roar, Yan Zhaoge had clearly felt the aura-qi fluctuations of a martial practitioner in the distance.

Afterwards, the other party had begun coming in this direction, with no intention of concealing his or her movements whatsoever.

As that person approached, feeling and distinguishing carefully, Yan Zhaoge discovered from that person’s path in the martial dao that it was not Ah Hu, while also not Xie Youchan.

Afterwards, even Zhang Yao could feel that other person’s existence as heavy footsteps resounded by their ears.

With every stride that person took, the very earth itself seemed to shudder slightly, as though a towering mountain was moving.

“An Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioner; a late Xiantian Martial Scholar,” Yan Zhaoge already had an idea of it within his heart as the next moment, from the distant bamboo forest, a tall figure emerged.

The newcomer was around thirty years of age, a bloodthirsty glow vaguely flashing within his eyes.

It was precisely Infinite Boundless Mountain’s direct disciple, Liu Shengfeng.

As Yan Zhaoge gazed over, he saw that within Liu Shengfeng’s hand was actually grasped a person’s leg as he dragged that person along as he walked.

The person being dragged by Liu Shengfeng was clearly that middle-aged martial practitioner who had attacked the Pixiu with an Exploding Spirit Arrow just now.

One of his legs grabbed by Liu Shengfeng, this middle-aged martial practitioner’s other leg had shockingly been broken at the knee as blood was gushing out of it profusely, leaving behind a long trail of blood which soaked the fallen bamboo leaves on the ground.

Liu Shengfeng’s other hand grasped that middle-aged practitioner’s bow.

He released his hold on the middle-aged martial practitioner’s leg; other than his broken limb, the middle-aged martial practitioner was also heavily injured in many other areas, looking as though all the bones on his body had been broken.

Looking to be close to death, that middle-aged martial practitioner now finally managed to leave danger.

But wanting to struggle, his living nightmare, Liu Shengfeng, knelt down.

Raising his head, Liu Shengfeng smiled towards Yan Zhaoge and Zhang Yao, before strangling the middle-aged martial practitioner’s neck with his own bowstring.





[i] Name of a Panda in China

[ii] Gouda Takeshi in Doraemon, directly translated from Chinese

[iii] Suneo in Doraemon, directly translated from Chinese

[iv] Nobita in Doraemon, directly translated from Chinese


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