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HSSB162: You are quite a good punching bag


Yan Zhaoge elbowed Liu Shengfeng in the side!

While the massive force didn’t break through Liu Shengfeng’s Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body, it still caused his body to arch slightly.

Not stopping, Yan Zhaoge followed up with yet another blow!

The chaotic mass of qi within Yan Zhaoge’s dantian’s qi ocean shuddered as the intermingling aura-qis of ice and fire in Yan Zhaoge’s body now turned blazing hot!

Numerous fire dragons soared into the sky as the Wind Fire Calamities and the Mighty Ape Demonic Fist were executed simultaneously!

Punching straight out, Yan Zhaoge hit right onto Liu Shengfeng’s head!

Not having changed his stance in time, Liu Shengfeng’s expression was grave as a shining black light abruptly enveloped his face.

As a late Xiantian Martial Scholar, not only could his entire body’s aura-qi form an illusory heaven and earth, it could also flow and moved as he liked.

Passive as lofty mountains, active like shocking thunder.

As this thought flashed through his mind, all of his body’s strength was connected.

This punch of Yan Zhaoge’s was ferocious to the extreme, such that even Liu Shengfeng felt shocked by it, as though he could already see the scene of his head exploding!

Raising the power of his Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body to its maximum possible level, specifically concentrated on protecting his head, he forcibly endured Yan Zhaoge’s punch!

Even so, a loud boom resounded within the air, resembling a mountain being forcibly snapped off from the ground at its base!

Liu Shengfeng’s huge frame was actually sent flying by this punch of Yan Zhaoge’s, flying backwards at an inconceivable angle before smashing straight into the ground.

The earth in the surrounding hundreds of metres was completely shattered, a massive crater slammed out in it, with thousands, tens of thousands of green bamboo all turned into dust.

Greatly enraged, Liu Shengfeng roared violently, wanting to flip himself back up.

“Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body Resilient” Yan Zhaoge’s figure flickered as not waiting for Liu Shengfeng to get up, he was already before him, grabbing him by one of his ankles.

As Liu Shengfeng swept out with his other leg, Yan Zhaoge moved sideways to evade it, then abruptly struck out!

Liu Shengfeng’s body suddenly flickered with a heavy yellowish-red augmented glow, transforming into armour which enveloped his entire body, a low-grade spirit artifact!

However, Yan Zhaoge’s hand flickered with a green light as he stabbed the Jade Dragon Sword directly into the other party’s armour.

Releasing the Jade Dragon Sword, Yan Zhaoge took out the Purple Gold Thunder Sword, also stabbing it into Liu Shengfeng’s armour.

Then, under Liu Shengfeng’s somewhat dazed gaze, he also stabbed the Flying Thunder Sabre in.

Although all of them had left Yan Zhaoge’s hands, with a total of three spirit artifacts entangling with Liu Shengfeng’s armour, it was momentarily unable to bring its effects to bear.

“Don’t spoil the mood ah, I very seldom use such a style of fighting…” Yan Zhaoge smiled, his smile even fiercer than Liu Shengfeng’s had been, “Rise for me!”

One hand grabbing Liu Shengfeng’s ankle, the other pulling on his arm, Yan Zhaoge raised his shoulders, straightening his back!

Yan Zhaoge directly lifted Liu Shengfeng’s huge frame straight into the air!

“Because, of those with a similar cultivation, very few can take as many hits as you.”

Yan Zhaoge roared towards the sky, resembling the roar of an enraged dragon.

Pausing slightly, he then slammed Liu Shengfeng straight into the ground!

Like a gigantic thousand jin rock plummeting off the side of a mountain, as Liu Shengfeng slammed into the ground, the sound of iron smashing against stone was emitted.

The earth which originally already had a crater formed within it continued collapsing inwards.

As the surrounding earth continued to shatter unceasingly, a small basin was literally formed within.

Even the small island they were on seemed to be quaking slightly.

Not stopping, Yan Zhaoge advanced and followed up with a kick toLiu Shengfeng’s abdomen.

Having just fallen to the ground and attempting to rise up once more, Liu Shengfeng was hurled and sent rolling over to the side.

A muffled boom seemed to resound within the air before the shining black light enveloping Liu Shengfeng’s body dissipated.

“Wa…” Liu Shengfeng’s face turned white as snow as a mouthful of blood spurted uncontrollably out of his mouth.

His Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body, had been forcibly terminated by Yan Zhaoge!

Exercising his neck a little, Yan Zhaoge shook his wrist, “You are quite a good punching bag; I have to thank you for such an enjoyable experience today.”

Liu Shengfeng forcibly swallowed the blood that was once again rising up in his throat, saying hatefully, “My Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body and my Great Chaotic Elements Palm have yet to fully combine.

Otherwise, if I could use them simultaneously, you would definitely not be able to break through my defence!”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge chuckled coldly, “Not having cultivated your martial arts sufficiently, you blame me”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge stretched his muscles a little before walking towards Liu Shengfeng, “Right.

Just now, you said that you want to kill me”

As he strode out, he was already before Liu Shengfeng.

Liu Shengfeng let out an enraged roar as he punched out towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge’s body having already reached its peak state, he dodged Liu Shengfeng’s iron fist, then kicked out!

A series of noises resounded in mid-air, resembling dragons roaring and tigers howling.

As he kicked out, an explosive noise resounded, resembling the wrath of heavenly thunderbolts, as though a giant, ancient divinity had descended onto this earth, able to break a mountain with its single kick!

Liu Shengfeng’s face changed as he immediately changed his stance, all of his aura-qi agglomerating as it seemed to form an insurmountable barrier.

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s direct lineage martial art, Great Chaotic Elements Palm!

Sadly for Liu Shengfeng, the current him was already a little lacking in internal strength under his strong exterior.

His expression not changing, Yan Zhaoge kicked heavily at Liu Shengfeng’s knee.

At the same time, he punched out with an iron fist once more, as exploding thunder seemed to again resound between the heavens and the earth!

Two diametrically opposing forces, one above, one below, connected with the heavily injured Liu Shengfeng, who was unable to withstand it even blocking with his Great Chaotic Elements Palm.

He was hit till his body directly twisted, no longer able to maintain its equilibrium as he collapsed onto the ground once more!

Having consecutively taken Yan Zhaoge’s full-strength attacks, even with his toughness, Liu Shengfeng still couldn’t bear it, spitting out a mouthful of blood once more as he lay down on the ground struggling to get up, yet found himself unable to do so.

On the other side, the giant panda opened its mouth and called out lightly a few times.

While its voice was low, the happiness within could not be concealed.

It was as if it were cheering for Yan Zhaoge.

Having been taken by Zhang Yao to the side, that heavily injured middle-aged martial practitioner was woken by the impact.

On seeing this scene, he let out some laughing noises.

Although he couldn’t speak, he was excited to the extreme.

Zhang Yao, on the other hand, was left staring wide-eyed and speechless at this, “No wonder he was previously able to defeat the early Xiantian Ji Hanru whilst only a late outer aura Martial Scholar.”

Perhaps she lacked experience in actual combat, but as a core, direct disciple of Turbid Wave Pavilion, Zhang Yao did not lack perception as well as knowledge.

A genius-level figure of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s direct lineage having his Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body as well as Giant Chaotic Elements Palm forcibly broken was not something that had never happened before, and could not be considered all that extraordinary.

However, an early Xiantian Martial Scholar forcibly breaking through the Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body of a late Xiantian Martial Scholar of Infinite Boundless Mountain and even one at the level of Liu Shengfeng was definitely something that would shock the world.

Having broken through the power of Liu Shengfeng’s Great Chaotic Elements Palm like the sweeping aside of autumn leaves afterwards was comparatively more easy to accept, because after all, Liu Shengfeng had already been injured at the time.

But not having relied on the power of any spirit artifacts whatsoever before that, instead having fully relied on the power of his own cultivation base to forcibly break through and terminate Liu Shengfeng’s Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body, Yan Zhaoge’s strength was already not something that terrifying could describe, having already completely surpassed Zhang Yao’s imagination.

The late Xiantian Martial Scholar Liu Shengfeng had met defeat at Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

And as Zhang Yao knew, even if her senior apprentice-sister Xie Youchan squared off against Liu Shengfeng, they would also only be evenly matched at most.

That meant that at the early Xiantian Martial Scholar realm, Yan Zhaoge was actually also already stronger than Xie Youchan…

“Amazing…” the round-faced girl whispered unconsciously.


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