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Chapter 1634: Who Will Guide Me

Yan Zhaoge and Long Xingquan nodded at Daoist Ubiquitous.

Their foes were also deriving the clues embedded within karma.

Only orthodox Buddhists could have such intense disruption.

“Daoist Ubiquitous, since you journeyed along with my junior apprentice-brother, please tell us the details of what happened,” said Yan Zhaoge.

“Alright.” Daoist Ubiquitous immediately started his narration.

He was aware of the Jade Clear Origin Heavenly Scripture in Yan Zhaoges possession.

Obtaining further clues would only make it beneficial to pry deeper into Ying Longtus current whereabouts.

Yan Zhaoge wasnt annoyed by Daoist Ubiquitous thorough explanation.

He merely listened quietly and only added some comments once in a while.

Turquoise radiances continued outlining something within Yan Zhaoges eyes.

After Daoist Ubiquitous was done, Yan Zhaoge shut his eyes.

A long while later, he finally opened them, “Still no concrete clues yet, but I now understand it somewhat.

The two of you, follow me.”

Yan Zhaoge strode forward, with Long Xingquan and Daoist Ubiquitous following him from behind.

They headed toward the direction in which Ying Longtu had vanished and continued traversing through the void.

Turquoise radiances flickered incessantly in Yan Zhaoges eyes.

An invisible path seemed to have appeared before them, imperceptible by anyone.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge never hesitated on his path of advancement.

After an unknown period, Yan Zhaoges speed slowed down.

Long Xingquan and Daoist Ubiquitous looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge seemed a little excited, “He should be near.”

He gazed around the dark void.

“Just as you expected, Little Friend Ying shouldve entered someplace similar to the Original Nebula or the Heavenly River Tributary.” Long Xingquan immediately realized.

Due to the uniqueness of that location, Yan Zhaoge was facing increasing difficulty the further he attempted to derive.

However, on the other hand, this also implied that they were much closer to the specified location.

The closer they were, the more disruption caused by that peculiar place, and Yan Zhaoge would receive more disruption.

“That peculiar spot is fading away.” Yan Zhaoge frowned, “Like the Awakened Sky Cosmos in the past, it can move on its own.”

The peculiar location was distancing itself away from them, hence the weakening of the peculiarness.

If the location werent fixed in place, then Yan Zhaoge would have much greater difficulty searching for it.

The concentration of the peculiar energy only indicated the distance between the two.

However, in the vast and boundless void where directions were indiscernible, Yan Zhaoge couldnt determine the direction with this.

It only gave off a vague feeling.

However, Yan Zhaoge could feel that its moving speed wasnt as swift as the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

It was a little sluggish when shifting location.

“If it can move as well as the Awakened Sky Cosmos, then we wont even be able to find it here.” Yan Zhaoge pondered for a while and told the two, “Let us commence our search in different paths.”

Long Xingquan said, “Pay close attention to the Buddhists.

They might be able to guide us.”

“I had the same thought.” After bidding farewell to Long Xingquan and Daoist Ubiquitous, Yan Zhaoge traversed alone by the void.

He flicked his sleeves lightly, causing the North Ocean Clone and Pan-Pan to leap out from within.

“You, follow me.” Yan Zhaoge beckoned toward Pan-Pan.

Pan-Pan blinked and obediently followed Yan Zhaoge.

The North Ocean Clone transformed into a ray of radiance and headed toward another direction, expanding their search area.

Yan Zhaoge and Pan-Pan continued with their journey.

After advancing for a while, Yan Zhaoge sensed something.

Green lotuses suddenly appeared within his mind.

They appeared and disappeared as they pleased and were on the verge of blooming.

“Found it…” Yan Zhaoge curled the corners of his lip.

He masked away his aura and quietly proceeded forward.

In the faraway pitch-black void, fluorescent translucent radiances were shining.

The radiance seemed tranquil and enlightened as if it possessed its very own intelligence.

The source of such pure brilliance could only originate from the orthodox Buddhists.

Yan Zhaoge halted his advancement and refrained from approaching any further.

Instead, he merely expanded his senses.

“Im quite familiar with one of them.

I seemed to have interacted with him before…” Yan Zhaoge thought about it for a while, “Oh, I remember now.

Traveling Monk Hui An.

Now thats someone Im familiar with.”

In the faraway void, a few Buddhist Bhantes were gathered together.

Among them was Traveling Monk Hui An – Mu Zha, who Yan Zhaoge had dealt with back then.

“There must be a Three Clear Lineage bigwig hiding in this Great Desolate Origin Schloss.

It could be a Grand Heavenly Immortal who secluded himself from the world for eons and hold no information of the outside world at all.” A Buddhist Bodhisattva said, “But since he saved Ying Longtu, he should now be aware of what happened.”

Mu Zha groaned, “Thats fine.

He mightve been injured or is being held back by something, which prevents him from leaving this place.”

He looked at his other companions, “While he might now be aware of what transpired outside, the outside world might be oblivious to this Great Desolate Origin Schloss location.

While there are many capable people in Daoism, my father is about to arrive soon.

We might still stand a chance.”

“If they arrive on time, then we can proceed as we planned.” The Buddhist Bhantes nodded, “The Great Desolate Origin Schloss can drift around the void.

Its better if we follow tightly and dont lose sight of it.”

Before Mu Zha could say something else, his expression changed drastically.

Then, a voice resounded in their ears.

“So, this is the Great Desolate Origin Schloss.

Does this thing still exist in this era How weird.”

Yan Zhaoge emerged from the dark void.

He looked at his surroundings, “Hm, seems like theres no ambush or trap.”

Mu Zhas expression became stern as he stared at Yan Zhaoge.

A brilliance shot out from his head, but something seemed to have hindered its advancement.

A bolt of fleeting lightning flashed across the surrounding cosmos.

However, an invisible barrier seemed to remain, enveloping the area in its confinement.

The group of Buddhist Bhantes frowned, “The Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder…”

Not only did the formless lightning confine their surrounding space, a layer of darkness even started permeating from within, devouring all lights, sounds, energies, and intents.

Yan Zhaoges expression remained calm as usual.

Then, he cupped his hands toward Mu Zha, “Long time no see, Traveling Monk Mu Zha.

How have you been”

“I was fine, but now Im not.” Mu Zha smiled helplessly.

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “I was far away just now and couldnt hear you.

But, I seemed to have heard something along the lines of the Great Desolate Origin Schloss.

Other than my peer, do you know who else is inside”

“We dont know either.” Mu Zha shook his head.

Yan Zhaoge kept his patience, “Thats fine.

After finding them, well know.”

Then, he glanced toward the Buddhist Bhantes, “If thats the case, which one of you is willing to guide me there”

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