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HSSB164: News from Heavenly Thunder Hall


In terms of cultivation, of those attending the Heavenly Connection Meet this time, it was not like there were none who were superior to Yan Zhaoge.

Of those, there would even be Heavenly Connection Martial Scholars.

While most Heavenly Connection Martial Scholars remained in cultivation, seldom moving about in the outside world, the Heavenly Connection Meet was, after all, unique.

With the current tense situation within the Eight Extremities World, this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet appeared even more important than usual.

In terms of strength, the current Yan Zhaoge might not be able to prevail in this time’s gathering of heroes.

However, in beating the late Xiantian Martial Scholar Liu Shengfeng as an early Xiantian Martial Scholar, in the entire Heavenly Connection Meet, he would probably be one of a kind.

After all, Liu Shengfeng was not just any late Xiantian Martial Scholar.

Not mentioning his other aspects, at the end of the day, in terms of martial cultivation, Liu Shengfeng was of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s direct lineage.

Even if he was surrounded by a few ordinary late Xiantian Martial Scholars, he might also be able to defeat all of them on his lonesome.

At least, Xie Youchan herself felt that if she went up against Liu Shengfeng, her chances would probably stand around fifty-fifty, with victory going to whoever could adapt and perform better on the stage.

Therefore, currently looking at Yan Zhaoge, Xie Youchan was truly admiring his achievement, while Zhang Yao beside her too was full of admiration.

Yan Zhaoge kept Liu Shengfeng’s Lofty Mountain Armour that had been left behind, equivalent to Shan Shiweng having admitted that it was now his possession.

“Cough, if I were to hold a ‘spoils of war’ exhibition, specifically showing off the signature weapons of the various Sacred Grounds, it would be flashy indeed, but would I be beaten up by the crowd for being excessively arrogant”

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth twitched as he properly kept the item, before now smiling at Xie Youchan, “Senior Sister Xie overpraises me.”

Surveying the surroundings, and seeing the messy state of this small island, Yan Zhaoge said rather apologetically, “This is much more serious than the damage caused by that big fella by the side.”

That giant panda rubbed itself against him, its gaze appearing very innocent.

Xie Youchan said, “No matter.

Liu Shengfeng is the cause of it all; my clan’s Elders will naturally communicate it to Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Elder Shan Shiweng.”

With this matter over, they prepared to return to Clear Concealed Island.

This time, they sat on that giant panda’s back.

Not afraid of water, it carried them across the lake.

The only exception was that middle-aged martial practitioner.

The giant panda still remembered the arrow that he had shot at it earlier when it had been in its final moments of levelling.

However, while he didn’t let him on his back, he still summoned a black stream of water to lift him up, bringing him back to Clear Concealed Island alongside them.

As someone hailing from a subordinate power of Turbid Wave Pavilion who had been allowed by them into Clear Concealed Lake to search for fortune but was instead caught up in something there, Turbid Wave Pavilion had to show some form of consideration for him.

Moreover, his injuries were too grave.

If he was not treated in time, he even risked dying.

Therefore, Xie Youchan still decided to bring him back to Clear Concealed Island.

Sitting on the giant panda’s back, Zhang Yao was full of joy, while Ah Hu was also grinning and constantly laughing.

After all, Pixius were rare.

Yan Zhaoge felt a little conflicted as he looked at the giant panda that resembled a small elephant beneath him with a strange expression on his face.

“The image really is a little strange…” Yan Zhaoge appraised the others carefully.

They all looked not to care as they were instead rather happy, causing him to feel a little better within his heart.

Yan Zhaoge asked Xie Youchan, “Senior Sister Xie, do you have Crimson Flame Iron and Cold Light Iron here”

Xie Youchan answered, “These are both very commonly found ores ample in production quantity.

While there are no quarries in the vicinity of Clear Concealed Lake, there is some stored on Clear Concealed Island.

Do you have need of some”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I will be bothering Senior Sister Xie on this matter; I will definitely not let your clan lose out in terms of price.”

Looking at the giant panda, Xie Youchan smiled, “It’s for feeding this giant fella Then I’d better prepare a little more.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled bitterly, “That’s how it is, isn’t it”

Conversing happily, they returned to Clear Concealed Island, whereupon Yan Zhaoge bid Xie Youchan and Zhang Yao farewell before taking Ah Hu and that giant panda back to the bamboo house that served as his lodgings here.

Entering the second floor of the bamboo house, Yan Zhaoge saw that there was already someone there.

The other party stood by the window, gazing at the distant lake.

As Yan Zhaoge entered, he turned, “Zhaoge, you’re back”

The visitor looked lean and scholarly, a beard hanging down before his chest.

It was precisely Fang Zhun.

Yan Zhaoge bowed, “Second apprentice-uncle.”

“I already know of the matter with Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Liu Shengfeng.

The wrong is not with you; you do not need to put it to heart,” Fang Zhun said, “I’m here today for another matter.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, silently listening to Fang Zhun’s words.

Fang Zhun said slowly, “The Heavenly Thunder Hall has obtained an important lead regarding the Decimating Abyss Organisation that was creating chaos in Hell.”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression turned severe, “Decimating Abyss”

Fang Zhun nodded, “That’s right, and this organisation’s encroachment is even deeper than we had thought.”

“Not only has it laid its hands on martial practitioners dissatisfied with us, they even have people amongst our six great Sacred Grounds!”

Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated abruptly as Fang Zhun continued, “In discovering and capturing one of the Decimating Abyss Organisation’s operatives in their internal division this time, the Heavenly Thunder Hall has obtained a lot of useful information.”

“The objective of Decimating Abyss is to allow the Nine Underworlds of legend to descend into the Eight Extremities World.”

Fang Zhun’s current expression was rather dark and grave.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was also stern as many thoughts flickered through his mind.

“Over in the Earth Domain, there very possibly exists a rift that leads to the Nine Underworlds.”

“However, for some unknown reason, the rift is being suppressed and blocked by some kind of force.”

Yan Zhaoge knit his brows, “The ultimate goal of those of the Decimating Abyss Organisation is indeed to open the rift, leading to the descent of the Nine Underworlds”

“The evil devils are proficient at bewitching humans, squirrelling into the gaps within their psyche and eventually turning them into devils.

As they are also proficient at concealing themselves, it is hard to guard against them.”

“The Ghost Hatchet Elder Han Sheng still looks only to be rather extreme in his beliefs, not truly having turned into a devil…”

“Those like him are fighting for a new future as they wish to change the power balance of the current Eight Extremities World, changing the heavens and switching the earth.”

“Why is this so for those who hail from the six Great Sacred Grounds Have they some form of wish within their hearts and are bewitched as a result, unceasingly letting their desires grow as they slowly fall deeper and deeper into chaos”

Countless thoughts flashed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind, following which he stilled it and looked back at Fang Zhun.

Although this matter was of the utmost importance, Fang Zhun had still waited patiently for Yan Zhaoge to digest this information.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge having recovered now, he continued, “While the Heavenly Thunder Hall itself didn’t say so, our information channels in the Thunder Domain tell us that the discovery and capture of the Decimating Abyss operative concealed amongst them can be credited to Lin Tianfeng.”

“With this, his advantage in the contest for the role of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s next Chief has increased.”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes.

Lin Tianfeng was the father of the Thunder Rumbling Young Master, Lin Zhou.

Yan Zhaoge looked at Fang Zhun, “The Heavenly Thunder Hall has obtained a lot of useful information.

Does that include the identity of the spies of the Decimating Abyss Organisation placed within the other five great Sacred Grounds”

“That’s right,” Fang Zhun nodded, slowing and lowering his voice, “And also, in this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet, right here on Clear Concealed Lake, the Decimating Abyss Organisation is going to wreak havoc once more.”


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