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Chapter 1681: Its A Deal, But Its Also A Confrontation

In the end, all factions were seeking something from the Nine Underworlds.

Everyone acquiesced to have the Nine Underworlds continue existing for their future goals.

As a result, some factions even provided convenience to the Nine Underworlds.

Nine Underworlds was well aware of this, and they also had their plans.

So everyone was plotting for their gains.

This time, Daoism had sent Feng Yunsheng to return parts of the Doomsday Heavenly Devils authority to Nine Underworlds for the same reason.

Otherwise, all the forces would unite together to seal off the Nine Underworlds from the way.

Even if they didnt besiege the underworld, they could turn the Nine Underworlds into a devastated domain.

Consequently, the underworld would be banished from the world and become difficult to develop.

For the Sakyamuni Sarira incident, the Nine Underworlds suddenly stepped in to help the demon races.

Indeed, they must have attained some gains from the demon race.

To be precise, each faction was there for its gains.

Since there was a demand for the trade, the demon race engaged for their benefit.

It would help them plan better for the future in the long run.

Yan Zhaoge was doing the same thing.

To a certain extent, the moment Nine Underworlds agreed to engage in a deal, it was no longer a matter between Yu Ye and Nie Jingshen.

Instead, it involved the entire Daoism and even affected other factions, changing the power distribution in the future.

After the discussion was set, everyone started to mobilize their men.

The first person Yan Zhaoge had to contact was the Incongruence Divine Mother, who was currently in charge of the Immortal Extermination Formation, and she had no objection to this.

She and Immortal Extermination Formation merged into the void as if hanging above the “sky”.

She had previously focused more on the battle between Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, and now she began to turn her attention to the Nine Underworlds.

It was difficult for others to feel the subtle changes, but as Dao Realm bigwigs Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, he would be aware of it.

Yang Jian also received a notice.

Although he wouldnt return, he sent a message back, saying that he would pay close attention to the matter.

Perhaps he wouldnt personally participate in this transaction or rather the confrontation between Daoism and Nine Underworlds this time.

However, he would observe the other forces, such as the demon races and Western Pure Lands, to avoid having third parties benefit from this ordeal.

The message was also passed to Bhikkhu Xuan Du in Tu**a Palace, who would also oversee it.

On the other side, Suo Mingzhang sealed Taian Royal Cliff Heavens before departing.

When he came out this time, he also brought out the restored Green Lotus Treasured Flag and returned it to Yan Zhaoge.

Although the Green Lotus Treasured Flag could hardly do anything in the face of Nine Underworlds devils, Yan Zhaoge accepted it happily.

Everyone packed up.

Yan Zhaoge sighed softly after looking at Yu Ye and Yue Zhenbei, whose expressions were still calm, “Lets go.”

The group departed from Daoisms universe and traveled through the endless voids.

It was a piece of cake to look for the Nine Underworlds coordinates.

It could be challenging for martial art practitioners with low cultivation.

However, Yan Zhaoge and others had already set foot on the underworlds land of the tranquil stream.

With their cultivation, they could have dispersed the Nine Underworlds Devilish Qi that eroded the void here, but there was no need to do this right now.

Yu Yes mind was focused and sharp, with her gaze brimming with confidence.

On the contrary, Yan Zhaoge looked around the tranquil stream.

His eyes were unfocused as if he was distracted.

Feng Yunsheng converged her aura in the Land of Tranquil Stream.

This place was conducive for her, just like the fish getting into the water.

She blended into the darkness, making it difficult for others to notice her.

On the other hand, Suo Mingzhang stood there as the center of the universe.

Even if the group was in the Land of Tranquil Stream filled with Devilish qi, their presence remained startling as usual.

“Do you know that youre taking some risks for being here” Suo Mingzhang stood calmly and suddenly asked Yu Ye next to him.

“Your junior understand that.” Yu Ye replied, “Zhaoge has warned me.”

She was the current Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture practitioner, unique in this world.

As long as she was still alive, others wouldnt be able to cultivate the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture even if they discovered the method to do so.

If not, she wouldnt have been hunted down by Zhang Buxu back then.

Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture was equally annoying to the Nine Underworlds and the Doomsday Heavenly Devil.

Even if Yu Ye died, Yan Zhaoge, Incongruence Divine Mother, Gao Qingxuan, and others still had Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture at hand.

But because Zhang Buxu had fallen to the Nine Underworlds, the Nine Underworlds devils also had this scripture.

When Nine Underworlds found someone to occupy the slot first, they would undoubtedly have the initiative to keep the other cultivators of the scripture at a low level.

They could then proceed to make use of this opportunity.

That was unavoidable.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng all reminded Yu Ye at the beginning of these possible repercussions.

This time, Yu Ye also took some risks besides Feng Yunsheng.

However, Yu Ye wasnt discouraged by this and insisted on coming here.

In the distance, a figure emerged in the dark and filthy tranquil stream.

Not many people came, but only two people.

There was a tall and straight young man with a stern face and an old man with kind eyes and a leisurely demeanor.

Their appearance made Yan Zhaoges eyes focus again.

He was pretty familiar with the people who came — Nie Jingshen and Primordial Heart Devil.

The two of them had a plain aura without revealing the slightest Devil Intent.

One appeared like a long sword with all its sharp edges in a sheath, and the other looked like an ordinary old man who could be seen everywhere in the world.

“Fellow Daoists, thanks for coming here.” Primordial Heart Devil smiled warmly and cupped his hands to Yan Zhaoges group.

Yu Ye turned a blind eye to Primordial Heart Devil.

Instead, her eyes fixed on Nie Jingshen.

Nie Jingshen looked at her calmly and met her gaze.

Yu Yes lips moved, but no words were spoken.

Her gaze looking at the eyes of the man in front of her was filled with emotion.

Nie Jingshen, whose eyes were calm, greeted first, “Long time no see.

It seems that your injury is completely recovered, congratulations.”

Listening to his indifferent tone, Yu Yes breathing tightened up, but she didnt know what to say.

Nie Jingshen calmly looked at Yue Zhenbei and nodded, “I havent seen you for many years.

Stay safe.”

After Yue Zhenbei was silent for a while, he said slowly, “Im fine, but you may not.”

“I will be fine too.” Nie Jingshen replied calmly like a perfectly still lake before returning to silence.

He had always been stern and reserved, but he mostly did that on the opponents and outsiders.

Yu Ye and Yue Zhenbei could only feel the familiar coldness from this stranger.

“About the previous agreement…” Primordial Heart Devil asked with a smile.

Yan Zhaoge also looked at Nie Jingshen.

When he heard those words, he retracted his gaze.

He turned to Primordial Heart Devil and said lightly, “Please show your sincerity first”

“Naturally.” Primordial Heart Devil nodded and pointed out with his finger.

The black water flowed across the Land of Tranquil Stream, instantly turning into an ocean.

The seawater wasnt as filthy as the original stream, but it was pitch black as ink.

It looked clear and brimming with brilliance, seeming without any impurities in it.

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