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Chapter 1696: Duel

The duel arena was established within the Western Pure Lands, Archaic Dipankara Buddhas Land of Buddhism.

Sure enough, the other Buddhism Bhantes would pay attention to this duel.

Although the opponent hadnt appeared yet, the spectating Buddhism Bhantes gaze was like a weight imposed upon Yan Zhaoge and his party.

Depending on the outcome of the battle between Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Ne Zha, these Buddhist Bhantes would also decide their next move.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di could feel that a considerable portion of the spectators eyes was on them.

Compared to Yang Jian and Ne Zha, who had already attained Grand Heavenly Realm, Yan Di and Yan Zhaoge were a little out of place among the sea of ​​green lotus flowers.

After all, the two were Grand Virtual Immortals.

Moreover, the former was granted the title, Heaven Trampling Monarch, while the latter was known as Young Heavenly Lord.

Naturally, not everyone could contend with that level of prestige.

But the most critical part was that no one had questioned their title or tested the duo if they were worthy of such titles.

On the contrary, even the Buddhas of the Western Pure Lands agree that Yan Zhaoge and his father deserve this kind of prestige.

In particular, Yan Zhaoge was recognized as the most outstanding figure among the new martial art practitioners after the Great Calamity.

He had played a considerable part in the revival of orthodox Daoism after the Great Calamity even he hadnt attained Grand Heavenly Realm.

None could ignore his influence.

Such a person naturally attracted the attention of all Buddhist bigwigs.

However, no one acted rashly.

On the bright side, Yan Zhaoge was accompanied by Yang Jian, Daoisms current top Grand Heavenly Immortal.

If Mahamayuri didnt appear, even Archaic Dipankara Buddha might not be able to contend with Yang Jian.

Not to mention that Yan Zhaoge was known for his potential to summon the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.

Although this was Amitabhas Land of Buddhism, making it difficult for the monkey and Yang Jian to wreak havoc, all Buddhist Bhantes was made known that Amitabha ancestors wouldnt intervene in todays affairs.

The Buddhas who had attained Buddhism Enlightenment could vaguely sense an indomitable power lurking in the endless void outside the Western Pure Lands.

The power didnt bear its fangs, but its sharp edges faintly pointed to the Western Pure Lands.

It was like a sheathed sword, capable of drawing a sharp slash at any moment.

While the Pure Lands Buddha was paying attention to Yan Zhaoge and others, other forces were observing this matter.

The Immortal Extermination Formation…

This existence ultimately improved Daoisms situation.

Relating to the re-emergence of Immortal Extermination Formation, it was closely related to Yan Zhaoge.

The Buddha bigwigs couldnt help but have a complicated mood with Zhaoges presence.

Yan Zhaoge assessed the place at this moment.

Although he could feel that many people were paying attention to them, no other Buddha showed up along their path.

He was still wondering if he would meet the Namo Victorious Fighting Buddha since his situation stood out compared to other Buddha Bhante.

The Buddha of Sandalwood Merit, the Fighting Buddhas master, died because Yan Zhaoge recreated the Great Sage Equalling Heavens true form.

However, so far, the Victorious Fighting Buddha hadnt appeared yet.

Yan Zhaoge vaguely felt that if the Fighting Buddha didnt show up now, he probably wouldnt appear even after a winner was decided between Ne Zha and Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

After crossing many worlds, Yan Zhaoge, Ne Zha, and others descended into a Land of Buddhism under Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattvas guidance.

There were many pagodas, lotus blossoms, bodhi branches, and brightly lit lanterns.

There was no darkness, but only eternal light.

Yan Zhaoge and others were engulfed in endless chanting of Buddhist doctrines and Buddhist scriptures.

The sandalwood incense occupied their mouth and nose, giving off calming energy.

In the Pure Land, there was a temple.

An ancient Buddha stood there at the temple entrance, smiling at Yan Zhaoge, Ne Zha, and others.

“Thanks for coming from afar.

Welcome!” Archaic Dipankara Buddha said calmly as if he had no idea that Ne Zha had mocked him for almost two hundred years outside the Western Pure Lands.

Ne Zha took the lead and stared at the Archaic Dipankara Buddha, “Dipankara, were all aware of the matter between us, so there is no need for pleasantries.”

He threw his gaze on the faces of several Buddha Bhantes beside the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

Then, he found Vajrapramardi Buddhas group.

Vajrapramardi Buddha and others stood by quietly and greeted Yan Zhaoge, Yang Jian, Ne Zha, and Yan Di indifferently.

“The inevitable has come.

Theres no need to rush.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha smiled and looked at Ne Zha, “This way, please.”

He turned around and entered the temple.

Ne Zha, unafraid, followed suit.

Yan Zhaoge and others also followed calmly and entered the temple together.

After all the guests entered, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and Vajrapramardi Buddha — the witnesses and the hosts of Archaic Dipankara Buddhas duel entered.

After entering the temple, what was left in Yan Zhaoges vision was a bright light.

This brilliance had indescribable color, seemingly the extremity of brightness with the ultimate purity.

Being in it, he didnt feel the heat but found his presence rejected here.

Yan Zhaoge operated his arts silently.

The brilliance in front of his eyes gradually faded away, leaving behind a vast and primitive area.

It was empty and without borders, and it felt a bit like the beginning of the world.

There was only a solitary lamp in the world, and the light flickered gently.

The Archaic Dipankara Buddha walked directly into the lamp and sat down with his knees crossed.

The Buddha light behind his head became brighter and brighter.

The image of a lamp occupied with the Buddha light had become more explicit.

“Ne Zha, its fine to end the karma between us.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha said with a smile, “But you should already know that the current situation is changing, and things arent the same as they were before the Great Calamity.

If the two of us fight intensely, it may evolve into a full-blown war between your Three Clear Lineage and our Buddhism Blessed Lands.

That will only benefit the others.”

“If you dont mind, I can also compensate you for what happened back then to resolve the danger of having us fighting each other.

What do you think”

“You have to compete with Master Xuandu and Dao Monarch Lu Ya for the chance to attain Dao Realm, but I dont have to fight for this opportunity.” Ne Zha stared at Dipankara Buddha and said coldly, “I dont care about your compensation.

What I want can only be acquired with the spear in my hand.”

“Skip the pleasantries.

Lets seek the answer with our fists.” After Ne Zha said so, he stepped on the Wheels of Wind and Fire, raised his Fire-tipped Spear, and lunged his spear at Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

It happened before Yan Zhaoge, Yang Jian, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, and the other spectators took their seats!

“After so many years, youre still so boorish.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha smiled and shook his head, pointing his finger at Ne Zhas forehead.

Then, a splendid, golden pagoda studded with sarira appeared and fell towards Ne Zha.

Yan Zhaoges fear had come true.

Although Pagoda Bearing God, Li Jings Ruyi Golden Pagoda was destroyed, Buddhism still had other means to restrain Ne Zhas Treasured Lotus Immortal Form!

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