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Chapter 1701: Lets Leave It To Fate Then

Origin Heart Devils intervention had helped Archaic Dipankara Buddha with the trouble.

Of course, Nine Underworlds wouldnt help the Archaic Dipankara Buddha deal with Ne Zha for nothing.

So, naturally, they had to try to get the corresponding benefits.

At this moment, Origin Heart Devil was attempting to incarnate Ne Zhas Heart Devil and create another unparalleled powerhouse.

This occurrence was probably the stakes involved in the transaction.

Unlike Traveling Monk Sun, who was still at the Grand Virtual Realm back then, Ne Zha was a top expert in Grand Heavenly Realm.

So it wasnt easy for Nine Underworlds to plot against him.

It just so happened that there was a flaw in Ne Zha now, giving the Origin Heart Devil a chance to take advantage of him.

He was previously stained by the intense killing intent due to Evil Qi, which was a rare occurrence in many ages.

If he succumbed to a massacre, he would be even more brutal and vile than the Nine Underworlds Great Devil.

Although Ne Zha had broken free from this state now, the source of all this still existed.

Li Jing was dead, but Dipankara Buddha was still alive.

Ne Zhas hatred and anger were less fiery and violent but more deeply rooted.

During the confrontation with Archaic Dipankara Buddha, the Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Western Pure Lands had made secret arrangements in helping the Origin Heart Devil succeed.

Ne Zha groaned.

A steady stream of black qi came out of him, scattered in the air, and then disappeared.

Those black qi seemed to disappear under the illumination of Buddha light.

Even Yan Zhaoge and others looked over carefully, they couldnt see the collision between black qi and Buddha light.

Yang Jian reached out his hand and gestured towards Ne Zha.

Then, Ne Zha floated backward and came to him.

He reached out his hand and pressed his palm against Ne Zhas back.

Ne Zhas eyes were closed, but there was still black qi looming around him.

“In his current state, it seems that it is no longer suitable for him to battle again.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha said with a smile, “Lets end the duel today here.

We can treat it as a draw.

What do fellow Daoists think Whether you want to stop the Origin Heart Devil or not, you can leave and deal with the issue by yourself.

Please forgive me for not sending you away.”

Yang Jian looked over at Dipankara Buddha, “Why the rush Junior Brother Ne Zha is troubled, but I can warm you up.

You can still summon the Origin Heart Devil to help you.”

“Forgive me for not being able to continue to accompany you.” Then, archaic Dipankara Buddha clasped his palms together and chanted Buddhisms doctrine.

Vajrapramardi Buddha, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, and other Buddhist Bhantes on the side also do the same.

The Western Pure Lands suddenly flourished with Buddha light.

The vast void and countless Buddhist kingdoms shone together.

Light rays formed a whole; they rejected Yan Zhaoge, Yang Jian, and others, sending them out of the Western Pure Lands.

Whether it was Yang Jian and Ne Zha at the Grand Heavenly Realm or Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di at the Grand Virtual Realm, they all felt tremendous pressure at this moment, forcing them to retreat.

Even though the entire Western Pure Lands were dispatched, there wasnt any harm imposed on Yan Zhaoges group.

But, the majestic pressure imposed on them was seemingly irresistible.

Amitabha didnt make a move, but the Pure Lands in this area were the Supreme Pure Lands of Buddhism he manifested after all.

Yang Jians eyes flickered slightly, and his bones trembled somewhat together.

During the vibration, the Buddha light imposed on him was continuously removed.

With this resistance, the Buddha light of Western Pure Lands automatically gathered towards him and insisted on sending him out.

However, Yang Jian stood still, standing still.

Without Amitabha Ancestors attending to this personally, even the entire Western Pure Lands was dispatched, Yang Jian was still unfazed.

“Fellow Daoist, why are you so persistent” Archaic Dipankara Buddha shook his head and sighed.

Under his control, the vast Buddha light no longer pressed on Yang Jian blindly but skipped past Yang Jian and targeted the rest of Yan Zhaoges group.

Ne Zha was surrounded by black qi at the moment.

Because of this, he couldnt attend to the Budda Light fully like Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

As the Buddha light descended, it did not interfere with the black qi.

Yan Zhaoge took over Yang Jians role.

He came behind Ne Zha, reached out his palm, and pressed it on Ne Zhas back.

“He!” The Splendor of Soul appeared on top of Yan Zhaoges head.

As the brilliance flickered, runes flew out from them, connecting them into chains, crisscrossing, and turning into rings; the rings shrouded him and Ne Zha in the center.

The circle formed by one after another rune was centered on Yan Zhaoge and Ne Zha; they rotated along with their respective orbital directions.

It looked like a temporary Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

Compared with the ritual when Yan Zhaoge helped Chen Xuanzong, the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual seemed to be much smaller in scale now, but it appeared to be infinite.

Suppressed by this Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual, the black qi looming around Ne Zha suddenly stopped being so rampant.

“After the Six-Eared Macaque matter, how can it be so easy to replicate it again now” Yan Zhaoge looked at the Archaic Dipankara Buddha and said, “It seems you didnt plan to help Nine Underworlds in succeeding their plan.”

The Archaic Dipankara Buddha looked at the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual covering Yan Zhaoge and Ne Zha with admiration.

Hearing Yan Zhaoges words, he smiled slightly, “I just leave it to fate.”

“When did you become a person who leaves things to fate, Archaic Dipankara Buddha” Yan Zhaoge sneered while resisting Buddha lights resistance, “Nine Underworlds cant help you just because of “fate,” you must pay an appropriate price of convincing them.”

Having said this, Yan Zhaoges smile narrowed, and he looked at Archaic Dipankara Buddha, “Water Devil, or Earth Devil”

Ancestral Devil aside, among the six Extinct Devils, Heart Devil and Wood Devil had always been alive.

The current Devil of Aged Metal was reborn in a battle 400 years ago, and the current new generation of Devil of Fire had also been reborn in recent years.

As for the rest — the Water Devil and the Earth Devil, they hadnt yet been reborn and were still waiting for the opportunity for their rebirth.

The rebirth of these two Great Devils was crucial to the Nine Underworlds.

Others might try their best to stop the Nine Underworlds in the past.

However, in the unique situation now, Archaic Dipankara Buddha, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, Bhikkhu Xuan Du, and others were fully prepared to seek something from the Nine Underworlds.

Therefore, the rebirth of the Water Devil and Earth Devil had become an important bargaining chip for other forces.

Just like the Dao Monarch Lu Yas transaction to reborn Devil of Fire.

But for Yan Zhaoge, the resurrection of the two Great Devils made him feel complicated.

“Lets leave it to fate.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha still smiled slightly at Yan Zhaoges question.

Yan Zhaoge looked at him and suddenly laughed, “Archaic Buddha, you have such a good chip in your hand, how can you easily use it The price paid by Nine Underworlds is definitely not just for helping you deal with the duel challenge from Brother Ne Zha.”

“For you, the most important threat isnt Brother Ne Zha.” Yan Zhaoge laughed, “It is the absence of the Green Lotus Treasured Flag and the absence of Sakyamuni Sarira, in case Mahamayuri is told by Dao Monarch Lu Ya to turn against you.

With that, you dont have anything to defend yourself, right”

Archaic Dipankara Buddhas eyes flickered slightly.

Yan Zhaoge asked leisurely, “What you want is Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner, right”

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