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Chapter 1721: Im Here For the Nine Brains of Yours

The Nine-Headed Bug had nine heads, which all of them were hideous.

The eighteen eyes of his were glaring viciously.

“Arrogant brat, theres no use to agitate me.

Stop your petty tricks, and let me teach you a lesson.” Although the Nine-Headed Bug had just witnessed Yan Zhaoges battle with the Shadow Devil and Qu Su, the Nine-Headed Bug remained ferocious.

He squinted at Yan Zhaoge, “Since youre well aware that youre a Grand Virtual Realm challenging Grand Heavenly Realm, you need to bet on your treasures.

Otherwise, I wont bother with you and tarnish my name for bullying the weak.”

“You bastard, why do you have the face to be arrogant here” Ne Zha sneered, “When youre in the Grand Virtual Realm, can you win consecutive battles and defeat two Grand Heavenly Immortals If you cant do it, you arent worthy of saying it as “bullying the weak””

The Nine-Headed Bug laughed weirdly, “Although Sword Buddha is defeated, Im different from him.”

He didnt even mention the Shadow Devil on the other side, just looked at Yan Zhaoge and said, “I dont need anything else.

Just make a bet with the Green Lotus Treasured Flag, and Ill take your challenge.

Do you dare to bet”

Once the Nine Underworlds devil group and the Western Pure Lands Buddha group heard this, their eyes glimmered.

Although they did not come forward, the momentum that came from the crowd was quite stressful.

Feng Yunsheng and other Daoism Grand Heavenly Immortals immediately grew alert on the enemies before them, and the scene instantly became much tense.

Yan Zhaoge laughed after hearing the Nine-Headed Bugs words, “Why make it so troublesome Only the victor leaves this battle alive”

“The Green Lotus Treasured Flag is polluted by the seawater of the Nine Underworlds and cannot be used temporarily.

Therefore, I will take it with me and not give it to others.

If you can kill me, then my possessions will naturally be yours.”

“Keep your scraps.

I dont care.

Im here for the nine brains of yours.” Yan Zhaoge pointed to the Nine-Headed Bug, “There will be only one of us alive after this.

Do you dare “

Nine-Headed Bug stared at Yan Zhaoge and shouted, “Come.

I share you grant your death!”

Before he finished speaking, he summoned his Nine Heavens Gales, and his figure emerged in front of Yan Zhaoge instantly.

Ne Zha was disdainful with the surprise attack in the nature of a cowardice ambush and yelled at the Nine-Headed Bug.

He wanted to take over the battle for Yan Zhaoge, but Dao Monarch Lu Ya stopped him.

The Nine-Headed Bug turned a deaf ear to Ne Zhas scolding.

When the bug was finally committed in a battle, he threw away his arrogance, with only chilling cold killing intention remaining.

“I just hope you dont run away later.” Yan Zhaoge was unfazed.

The green light in his eyes outlined the runes.

Facing the Crescent-Moon Shovel that Nine Headed Bug sent over, Yan Zhaoge did not retreat but advanced.

He stepped out, barely dodging the Crescent-Moon Shovels attack.

Then, he grabbed the shovels pole, raised his hand, and stopped it.

[TN: The shovel looks like this, despite the name.]

Both sides trembled upon the collision, but Yan Zhaoge had forcibly parried away the Crescent-Moon Shovel.

The Nine-Headed Bugs chest was exposed.

Yan Zhaoge immediately hit him with his other palm that wasnt resolving the shovels attack.

Nine-Headed Bug quickly freed up a hand and placed it across his chest to block Yan Zhaoges palm.

Under the thundering collision, the two combatants clashed again.

Yan Zhaoge swayed a little, and the Nine-Headed Bug took a step back.

“Jade Clear Cyclic Heavenly Seal, Grand Clear Sceptre, Immortal Exterminating Sword Manual…” A few thoughts flashed in the Nine-Headed Bugs mind, “Its a new Supreme Martial Arts created by the integration of the Three Clears, and supplemented by the Origin Heavenly Scripture.”

This wasnt the first time he fought against Yan Zhaoge.

As early as when Yan Zhaoge achieved Five Qis Unification, both had a brief fight before the battle for Immortal Extermination Formation.

At that time, Yan Zhaoge needed to rely on the Immortal Swords to defend from the Nine-Headed Bugs attacks.

But now, Yan Zhaoge fought head-on with this Nine-Headed Great Sage with bare hands!

Yan Zhaoge snatched the initiative of the battle and spared no chance to his opponent.

He continued advancing as he hurled his punches quickly at the Nine-Headed Bug.

The Nine-Headed Bug wasnt any ordinary combatant at all.

He didnt panic in the face of danger and summoned the Nine Heavens Gales.

With a sky-shattering momentum, the gale slashed towards Yan Zhaoge from all directions.

Yan Zhaoge intensified the qis shrouding his body, activating the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form and the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body together, resisting the terrifying winds.

“Huh” The Nine-Headed Bug frowned suddenly.

The Grand Clear Lineages Grand Beginning and Grand Plainness were the top-notch defense arts of Daoism.

However, not anyone could exert it to the point of resisting a demon race Grand Heavenly Great Sages attack in Grand Virtual Realm.

When the bug looked closely, he found that under Yan Zhaoges vitality, there was clearly a foundation formed by the unity of Jade Clear Late Heaven Six Scriptures.

The Three Flowers Converged Crown, and the Origin Heavenly Tribulation marked the attainment of the Grand Heavenly realm, upgrading the Immortal Essence into Immortal Splendour and taking it to the next level.

Thus, the Immortal Essence at Grand Virtual Realm could hardly break through the Grand Heavenly Realms Immortal Splendour.

Conversely, there was a sharp advantage for Immortal Splendour facing up against Immortal Essence.

A Grand Virtual Immortal could resist the Grand Heavenly Immortal, but it would come with higher consumption.

However, Yan Zhaoge was still rich in Immortal Essence.

With the arts he deduced by himself and all the Truths he had harnessed, he managed to control his arsenal better than the Nine-Headed Bug, who was in the much superior realm.

Immortal Essence could hardly hurt Immortal Splendour.

However, with Yan Zhaoge being the opponent, the Grand Heavenly Immortal Nine-Headed Bug could deliver any substantial damage to him.

Under the joint efforts of the two defense arts, Yan Zhaoge fought in a downhill battle and yet shattered the protective wind and landed a heavy punch on the Nine-Headed Bugs chest.

The slight beginning advantage of grabbing the initiative of the battle was fully capitalized to its limits!

The Nine-Headed Bug had no choice but to retreat again and again.

On the other hand, Yan Zhaoge kept advancing, pushing his momentum on the bug.

Every time he took a step forward and hurled a punch, the Nine-Headed Bugs disadvantage amplified.

In the end, the demon races Great Sage managed to fend for himself, given his rich combat experience and outstanding arts.

However, he couldnt do anything about Yan Zhaoge magnifying his advantage.

Slowly, he noticed more and more flaws in his attempt to defend himself.

Those watching the battle all looked serious.

“After the previous two consecutive battles, can you still have so much energy” Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva folded his palms.

It was already surprising to be able to fight with Shadow Devil.

Once Shadow Devil made a miscalculation, it would be difficult for a comeback.

But in the battle with Qu Su, the winner was decided in a couple of moves.

The danger that lay in the battle went far beyond their imagination.

Due to the unique nature of Qu Sus Samsara Sword Manual, the line between victory and defeat was only a thin thread.

If Yan Zhaoge couldnt break Qu Sus sword, he would be dragged into reincarnation instantly with no end to the sufferings.

However, breaking the sword of reincarnation and subduing ones karma would take a toll on the person even if it happened momentarily.

The Nine-Headed Bug accepted the duel challenge because he was aware of the hefty consumption of a warriors energy due to the Samsara Sword Manual and witnessed Yan Zhaoges winning streak against Shadow Devil and Qu Su.

The reason for his sly ambush came from the same reason.

This demon race Great Sage dared not despise the opponent at the Grand Virtual Realm in front of him.

It was just that Yan Zhaoge was much stronger than the others had expected!

Unlike how Yan Zhaoge fought Qu Su and Shadow Devil previously, he faced the opponent with brute force instead of the intricacies of his martial arts.

In this head-on clash, he changed his approach and swarmed the Nine-Headed Great Sage in waves of attacks, unyielding like tides.

Although the approach was different, it seemed to be heading toward the same ending.

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