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Chapter 1724: Three Fights & Three Wins

After pondering for a moment, Origin Heart Devil said decisively, “This matter has come to an end.”

“The situation is indeed unfavorable, but what do we do with the Western Pure Lands if we cant get the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner or Green Lotus Treasured Flag” Shadow Devil asked, “We wont be exchanging it with our Ivory Cloud Realm Flag, right”

“Lets think of another way.” Origin Heart Devil stared at Yan Zhaoge, “He nullified your shadow replication art using the mightiness of Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

This event itself is already quite baffling.”

Shadow Devil nodded in agreement.

“Its a worthwhile trip to witness the Young Heavenly Lords great performance today.” Origin Heart Devil cupped his hands to Yan Zhaoge, “Since the matter about Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner today has come to an end, we shall stop bothering you.

I shall bid my farewell here and see you another day.”

The Nine Underworlds Great Devils, led by Origin Heart Devil and Shadow Devil, slowly retreated and disappeared into the darkness.

Seeing this, Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva and other Western Pure Lands Buddhism Bhantes could only sigh bitterly seeing their temporary allies, the devil group, retreated.

They put their palms together and chanted Buddhisms doctrine, “Namo Amitabha.”

As the glazed Buddha light swayed, all the Buddhas from the Blessed Lands also retreated, and their figures disappeared into the void.

The Western Pure Lands excavated the whereabouts of the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha also took up Ne Zhas challenge to divert the attention of the other factions.

In the end, their plan was like the reflection in the water; it was an illusory bubble.

At this moment, they didnt know what happened to the Archaic Dipankara Buddha, who was in a brawl with Yang Jian in the Western Pure Lands.

If Yang Jian managed to injure Archaic Dipankara Buddha, the Western Pure Lands not only gained nothing but suffered losses from the entire ordeal.

Just thinking about it made them depressed.

“Thanks for your hospitality.

We will see each other again.” Yan Zhaoge laughed as he watched Origin Heart Devil and the others leave.

“What an occasion.

This time, when I return to Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens, I will host the wedding with my wife.

I sincerely invite fellow friends to the event.

Please dont refuse my sincere request.”

Feng Yunsheng quietly came to Yan Zhaoges side.

Seeing the two of them standing side by side, Origin Heart Devil, Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, and others were all silent for a while.

Then, they congratulated, “Congratulations to you two, we will send our gifts over, but we may not have the time to attend the ceremony.

So please excuse us, Young Heavenly Lord.”

The lingering replies wavered.

The party had ended.

On the other side, seeing that Yan Zhaoge had no intention of returning the Nine-Headed Bug corpse at all, Dao Monarch Lu Ya said lightly, “I would also like to congratulate the two of you.

Just like what you had said, we will see each other again in the future.

Theres no need to be in a hurry.

Well meet again then.”

Daoism didnt seem to have dispatched people here, but none of them was nobody.

Both Nine Underworlds and orthodox Buddhism had retreated.

The demon race powerhouses such as Dao Monarch Lu Ya naturally didnt plan to stay.

Whats more, other Daoism bigwigs might arrive at any time, especially Yang Jian and Suo Mingzhangs whereabouts were still unknown.

So Dao Monarch Lu Ya was wary of them.

The demon races had no plans to start a full-fledged war with Daoism.

Although there had been many twists-and-turns of events today, the Astro Mountains Starry Sea had suffered a heavier loss than the Western Pure Lands.

Not only did the demon races faction lose the Nine-Headed Great Sage, but the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus also lost two elites, Lotus Dissemination Buddha and Qu Su.

In particular, the fall of Qu Su had a tremendous impact.

Although the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus heretics still outnumbered the Immortal Court, the Immortal Court still had the Grandiose Dream Heavenly Lord Wang Guan alive.

Without Qu Su restricting him, the tides of the war had changed.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya and Nine-Headed Bug heard the news from the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus about Lotus Dissemination Buddhas death.

But Blessed Lands of the White Lotus didnt know whether Dashing Dragon Stake was destroyed or fell into the hands of Yan Zhaoge, let alone the details of Yan Zhaoges fight with Jin Zha.

Although Dao Monarch Lu Ya and Nine-Headed Bug were also worried that the Dashing Dragon Stake would become part of Yan Zhaoges arsenal, it went beyond everyones expectations that Yan Zhaoge managed to refine the weapon and harness it to its full capacity in such a short period.

What came off as a bigger surprise was Yan Zhaoges Grand Daoism Physique and Supreme Song of Dao.

Otherwise, the Dashing Dragon Stake wouldnt have punished the Nine-Headed Bug severely.

If Nine-Headed Bug had known that Yan Zhaoge would be so fierce, he wouldnt have accepted the life-and-death battle.

Worse still, he was lured into utilizing the Earlier Heaven Essence of Departed Fire to defeat Yan Zhaoge.

“Although the Daoism Grand Clear lineage has similar methods, Yan Zhaoge has imputed his insights in Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations.” Dao Monarch Lu Ya thought, “In the end, his Peerless Heavenly Scripture…”

Dao Monarch Lu Ya had doubts about the Origin Heart Devil being the first to leave.

While he calmed down the many thoughts clouding his mind, he commanded the demon group and gradually dispersed from the area.

Yan Zhaoge and the Daoism folks did not pursue them.

Ne Zha had a hot temper and was a little displeased, but he also vaguely noticed that enemies were temporarily joining forces to put pressure on them.

Anyway, it wasnt a significant loss for them.

They even acquired the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner, and Ne Zhas heart calmed down immediately after realizing the gains.

He was more concerned about the outcome of the Archaic Dipankara Buddha on the Western Pure Lands side.

“We shall go and have a look.

Lets take the opportunity to meet Brother Yang.” Yan Zhaoge retrieved the Dashing Dragon Stake and his other treasures, “After all, he is still in the Western Pure Lands.”

Everyone immediately journeyed together and returned to the void territory outside the Western Pure Lands.

“Fellow Daoist Yan is amazing at practicing the Three Clear Lineages simultaneously.

It really broadens my horizon.” Ne Zha said to Yan Zhaoge with admiration.

Although he was proud, he acknowledged Yan Zhaoges achievement after recalling his state when he was still in the Grand Virtual Realm with Two Flowers Converged Crown.

“You are more versatile than Brother Yang Jians Paramount Yin Yang Profound Arts.” Ne Zha was amazed, “How many new Supreme Martial Arts have you created now”

Yang Jians Paramount Yin Yang Profound Arts was the Supreme Martial Arts best at shapeshifting and physique improvement in history.

The physique was ever-changing and magical.

Not only was the physique sturdy and excellent, but the art also promised excellent hand-to-hand combat.

The physique could target the opponents weak points and adapt to various environments.

Such an effect had never fallen through.

Relatively speaking, the fight at the soul level was Yang Jians weakness, so Immortal Slaying Flying Saber was his nemesis back then.

However, Yang Jian could cover up the so-called shortcomings with his strength.

As Yang Jian learned from his strengths and supplemented his weaknesses over the years, his soul aspect had become stronger and stronger.

He no longer needed to be afraid of the Immortal Slaying Flying Saber.

Ne Zha watched Yan Zhaoges fight against several opponents in a row and realized that he had all kinds of Supreme Martial Arts at his fingertips, and he was proficient in all martial art styles.

No matter it was against Shadow Devil, or against Qu Su, or against Nine-Headed Bug, the approach for the battles was different.

For a while, Ne Zha couldnt seem to find any weak points, which made him curious.

“Fellow Yan, have you deduced the Peerless Heavenly Scripture through a reverse study and attained success from it” The Incongruence Divine Mother was concerned about another aspect and asked.

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