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Chapter 1754: 800 Years Later

Although the Jade Clear Primordial Heavenly Lord had suppressed the Origin Heavenly Devil, the seal lay within the Nine Underworlds.

Opposite to the great thousand worlds, the Nine Underworlds came from the remains of the Existence Creation Heavenly Devil after the Heavenly Devil perished.

The Nine Underworlds, which seemed to be the two poles of the world, had survived to this day since then.

Nine Underworlds traded the Supreme Heavenly Devils authority back from Tu**a Palace with the Immortal Exterminating Sword.

When all parties competed for Immortal Extermination Formation, Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil participated to help Amitabha temporarily intercept Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

He utilized his participation to trade with Western Pure Lands, acquiring the Faceless Heavenly Devils authority and returning it to the Nine Underworlds.

The Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil had always been around.

Other than those, there wasnt anything else worth mentioning for now.

Feng Yunshengs presence had added multiple layers of difficulty for the Doomsday Heavenly Devil to descend into this world.

But luck and misfortune worked hand-in-hand with each other.

Something detrimental to the Nine Underworlds might lead to the Doomsday Heavenly Devils early arrival into this world.

Aside from the Six Ancestral Devils, the Origin Heart Devil and the Wood Devil of the Six Extinct Devils had always existed.

Devil of Aged Metal was reborn with Nie Jingshen.

On the other hand, Devil of Fire returned to Nine Underworlds because of Dao Monarch Lu Ya.

After the Earth Devil was reborn in the Western Pure Lands, it was also sent back to the Nine Underworlds.

Among the Twelve Devilish Gods, only the Water Devil had not returned.

The Nine Underworlds waited patiently for the last of the Twelve Devilish Gods.

The same was true for other forces.

Amidst the waiting, time flowed away like water with no daytime and nighttime could escape from the flow of time.

800 years of time fleeted.

Yan Zhaoge traveled back and forth between Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens and Everlasting Oath Heaven while engrossed in his martial arts cultivation.

At the same time, he was also managing the changes and developments in Everlasting Oath Heaven.

The higher the cultivation realm level, the longer the lifespan.

At the same time, it became more challenging to continue moving forward, and the progress would take a much longer time.

Eight hundred years of time was fleeting for the Grand Virtual Immortal.

For those who had already gathered Two Flowers Converged Crown and stood at the peak of Virtual Immortal, it was common to take thousands of years just to face the Origin Heavenly Tribulation and attain the last level of the Immortal Realm cultivation.

Many people had been stuck in this stage in their entire lives and still couldnt reach the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Although Yan Zhaoge also stopped for 800 years in this realm, he was not in a hurry.

Instead, he had the plan to sort out what he had learned in an orderly manner and slowly accumulate his cultivation.

For Virtual Immortals, who had Two Flowers Converged Crown, their lifespan was approaching 129600 years even if they did not develop Splendor of Essence.

Thus, Yan Zhaoge was still considered too young at this age.

If he overcame the Origin Heavenly Tribulation now, he would be the youngest Grand Heavenly Immortal ever.

“If you didnt follow the path of Three Clears, would you have attained that realm already” In the quiet room, Feng Yunsheng sat cross-legged and asked Yan Zhaoge, who was opposite her.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “More or less.”

In the past, he used Peerless Heavenly Scripture as his foundation and utilized it to save his time in practicing other Supreme Martial Arts.

Now, the next step was to challenge the Grand Heavenly Realm, the peak of the Immortal Realm, and the last step before the Dao Realm.

In essence, there were certain aspects similar to Dao Realm already.

It required Yan Zhaoge to balance the martial arts he harnessed and integrate these arts.

Only then would he challenge the Origin Heavenly Tribulation as a Three Clear Martial Art practitioner.

This also required him to spend more time figuring out all its intricacies and improve further to make his interpretation.

He had no antecedents as references, so he had on himself for everything.

“The higher the realm is, the more you feel that your talent and understanding are so high that its terrifying.” Feng Yunsheng meditated while saying, “I feel that Senior Apprentice-sister Yu has Heaven Containing Purified Soul, and her understanding is not as good as yours.”

Yan Zhaoge coughed, pretending to be calm, and raised his head slightly.

Although he didnt say a word, his body language hinted: “Continue to praise me, dont stop”.

Seeing his lazy appearance, Feng Yunsheng stopped talking and turned a blind eye to it on purpose.

“Cough.” Yan Zhaoge pouted in boredom.

After coughing twice, he changed the subject, “Lets not talk about me, but my fathers current situation is a bit abnormal.”

Feng Yunsheng frowned slightly, “Do you mean its too slow”

Her current realm and perception were naturally extraordinary.

As soon as she heard those words, she immediately understood what Yan Zhaoge was referring to.

“Nearly a thousand years have passed since fathers Two Flowers Converged Crown.” Yan Zhaoge nodded, “For other people, its naturally not a big deal.

However, its a little abnormal for farther.”

Yan Dis practice in martial arts was different from ordinary peoples.

His Creation Sabre was destined for him to be diligent and to overcome obstacles.

In addition to his strong combat power, the speed of realm advancement should be far faster than ordinary people, even to the point of shocking many people.

But everything had its pros and cons.

When Yan Di was on the other side of the rapid advancement with Creation Sabre, he could only move forward.

For Yan Di, suppressing his cultivation realm was not beneficial.

Just like Suo Mingzhang back then, he had the ability to cross the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, but he deliberately stayed in the Immortal Realm and lost his opportunity.

It was similar to the Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword of the Prime Clear lineage.

Unfortunately, Yan Zhaoges approach to self-adjustment and continuous accumulation was also unsuitable for Yan Di.

If Yan Di acted like Yan Zhaoge and Suo Mingzhang, he would eventually stop there with no progress for the rest of his life.

Worse still, he didnt have the option to take a pause.

If he were stuck for a long time because of the bottleneck, his sword would be blunted and more challenging to be improved.

He couldnt move forward without faltering for years like others.

Once Yan Di stopped progressing and the stagnation lasted a long time, all hopes would be gone.

The formula was binary.

It was either he could achieve it quickly, or he couldnt.

Like the overexert bow, if the arrow failed to penetrate the enemy, there was no second chance to shoot another one.

This time, Yan Dai had stayed at the peak of the Virtual Immortal Realm for a thousand years, which made Yan Zhaoge a little worried.

Of course, in addition to worry, he had some doubts.

With Yan Dis talent, Creation Sabres miraculousness shouldnt keep him stuck, given the abundance of Daoism.

Just like Yan Zhaoge was known as the Young Heavenly Lord, and everyone was optimistic that he was destined to ascend into the Grand Heavenly Realm, the father-and-son duo of the Yan family was anticipated to achieve the title of Heavenly Venerate together.

“Is it because of the conflict with Senior Suos Heaven Severing Scripture, or did the event affect his mind” Feng Yunsheng frowned, “Judging from the past, it shouldnt be.

Could it be that weird token plate”

“There is still nothing special about the token plate, and I cant see the problem at the moment.” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin, “Im wondering if it has something to do with the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud”

Feng Yunsheng nodded slowly, with a thoughtful look, “Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud…”

While the two were chatting, Yan Zhaoge seemed to have sensed something.

After a while, he said, “Junior Brother Xia, come in.”

Xia Guang stepped into the quiet room where the two of them were, “Senior Brother Yan, Senior Sister Feng, my teacher asked me to give you something.”

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