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Chapter 1796: The Comeback Moment

Although Amitabha had won two temporary allies, he had suffered some losses to help the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil escape.

Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil almost perished.

For a long time in the future, he would not be able to help Amitabha.

The new ally that could be utilized for Amitabha at present was Primordial Heavenly Devil only.

After all, the Primordial Heavenly Devil was the first to represente the devils and proposed an alliance with Amitabha.

As Yan Zhaoge expected, the devils might become the threat behind Amitabha at any time if times had changed and the situation allowed it.

Sure enough, Amitabha was well aware of this.

Thus, when dealing with the two great devils, he had to be wary of them while relying on their help.

This was naturally nothing compared to having an addition of a new Buddha Ancestor to Western Pure Lands.

After the Nine Underworlds game, the main benefactor was the Monkey.

The demon races were pleased with the outcome.

Similarly, Daoism would love to see it turn out that way.

However, Western Pure Lands had not been able to get any benefit from it.

In the dispute between Amitabha and Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, the Monkey would undoubtedly help the latter.

Compared to the two devils aid to Amitabha, the Monkey was undoubtedly a more reliable help for the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha painstakingly planned for many years to compete in the Nine Underworlds game, but he had failed.

As he missed this opportunity, he would probably be hopeless in attaining Dao Realm for the rest of his life.

Having lost all his Sea Suppressing Pearls, even his combat strength had inevitably declined.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge swept through the Western Pure Lands Buddhas.

Even the Vajrapramardi Buddha, Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, and other Buddhist bigwigs had perished or suffered a critical blow.

In the end, Western Pure Lands suffered heavy losses in the current event, with their foundation seriously injured.

In comparison, their old rival, the demon race, was in better shape.

Although the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles was seriously injured and Dao Monarch Lu Ya missed his opportunity to attain Dao Realm in the Nine Underworlds game, there were many possibilities for the future.

However, the Monkey had landed on Dao Realm, which was great news for the demon races.

In a way, Dao Monarch Lu Ya lost todays fight over Dao Realms opportunity, but the demon races of Astro Mountains Starry Sea won.

The most significant difference between the Monkey and Primordial Heavenly Devil was that Primordial Heavenly Devil was Amitabhas personal ally.

After Amitabha had transcended, orthodox Buddhism could not count on the two Heavenly Devils, nor could they rely on the Faceless Heavenly Devil.

On the contrary, even if Eastern Sovereign Taiyi had transcended, the Monkey would still take care of the demons.

The demon races still had backbones supporting them.

At the same time, Amitabha and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lords siege against the Future Buddha Maitreya also failed.

It was a great victory for the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi and the demon races, with many of their set goals achieved.

The only problem was that they had to share this victory.

In a stricter sense, they half won the Nine Underworlds game today.

The Monkey could be regarded as a new Later Heavens Dao Ancestor that emerged from the demon race, but also a new Dao Ancestor for orthodox Daoism.

After the Elder Lord took action today, it was still difficult to say what he would do in the future.

However, the Monkey would support Daoism most of the time.

Coupled with the existence of the Immortal Extermination Formation, orthodox Daoism was even stronger now.

There was Yan Zhaoges attainment at Grand Heavenly Realm as well.

Suo Mingzhang and Feng Yunshengs strengths continued to improve too.

The overall power of the orthodox Daoism powerhouses showed an imposing momentum.

Even if Mahamayuri joined the war, Daoisms Grand Heavenly Immortals still had the strength to fight the entire world alone.

If the Dao Realm bigwig was not dispatched, the orthodox Daoism was in the lead, much stronger than the heyday of the past.

Thus, it was fair to say that orthodox Daoism had achieved its goals too.

Although the Monkey would not stand firmly on Daoisms side in the event of a conflict with the demon race, this outcome was fair enough.

After all, if the candidate had not been the Monkey, Future Buddha would not have tried his best to stop the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord who was desperate.

Of course, the two Heretic Ancestors made a fortune from the event.

Even though the Future Buddha Maitreya suffered some losses from the siege of Amitabha and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, he still gained a lot after illuminating many devils.

However, these gains were akin to an illusory cloud.

In particular, orthodox Daoism was becoming more and more powerful, posing a significant threat to the two heretic factions.

Immortal Court was in a bad spot, putting them into a restless situation.

With the support of the Monkey, the Immortal Extermination Formation, and a group of Grand Heavenly Realm Daoism powerhouses, the Three Clears Lineage had gradually bared their fangs to seek vengeance from the Immortal Court!

“Lets start preparing.” Ne Zha looked around at everyone as if a fire was dancing in his pupils.

“Now that Supreme Elder Lord has just made his move, and his pressure has not dissipated.

What will be his attitude next will inevitably lead to suspicion from all parties.

Their fear of the Supreme Elder Lord will be stronger than before.” Taiyi Cultivated Deity exhaled a long breath, “The timing is excellent, but we shouldnt underestimate the enemy because of this.”

He glanced at the retreating Dao Monarch Lu Ya and other Great Demons, “Maitreya Buddha is safe and sound.

If this continues, the Eastern Sovereign will be one step ahead of the Amitabha at the end of this era.”

“Under the current circumstances, the attitude of the demon race may be rather ambiguous.” The orthodox Daoism was too imposing.

The demon races also faced a lot of pressure.

The Monkeys attitude would be hard to determine when Daoism and demon races had a conflict, not to mention what would happen to Eastern Sovereign Taiyi after the transcendence.

At that time, without the Eastern Sovereign Taiyis deterrence, the Astro Mountains Starry Sea would be unable to resist Yan Zhaoges group.

They would likely have no way to retaliate when a conflict of interest arose.

Even when the Future Buddha wanted to help, he had to be wary of the Immortal Extermination Formation.

The Supreme Elder Lords pressure had not yet dissipated, which was even more daunting.

However, it remained unknown if the Elder Lord would participate further.

The Elder Lord was not someone prone to lay out plans like a chess player.

In the end, he only liked to disturb others chess boards.

If the Supreme Elder Lord did not emerge, the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi would like to ignore the worldly event.

Even though Amitabha and the Primordial Heavenly Devil situation were unstable, they might join forces with the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, forming a Dao Realm powerhouses trio.

It would not be optimistic at that time, even when Daoism had the Monkey and the Immortal Extermination Formation in hand.

The matter involving the Immortal Court might not be closely related to the Future Buddha, but he might also be involved.

However, there was a large uncertainty about how that participation would occur, when it would happen, and how big the scale would be.

Therefore, there were still many things to be carefully considered and discussed.

“It is necessary to plan ahead and plan properly.” Yan Zhaoge said with a smile, “However, our Daoism is of orthodox nature.

Our timing to set things right and purify the world is indeed coming.”

Everyone looked at each other and smiled.

Since the Great Calamity plummeted Daoism to the bottom, the descendants struggled and suffered heavy casualties.

Later, in the competition for the Immortal Extermination Formation, Daoisms successors and elites did their best.

In the end, they finally retrieved the Immortal Extermination Formation back to Three Clear Lineage.

Daoisms revival had seen the dawn of light since then.

After the Nine Underworlds round, orthodox Daoism had finally escaped from the previous predicaments and emerged strongly!

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