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HSSB223: Wanting more


The originally rampant Black Nightmare Storm suddenly became more violent at this moment, transforming into a Black Dragon Dread once more, barreling towards Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Where the strong winds passed, everything, the sands of the desert included, was shattered into dust.

Placed within it, if one’s cultivation base was too low, without possessing any special protective methods, they would be destined to die without a proper burial ground.

Yan Zhaoge knit his brows slightly, surveying his surroundings.

While Black Dragon Dreads weren’t all that rare, the known disasters within the Great Western Desert were filled with unpredictability, and no one would be able to say for certain whether they would definitely encounter any single one.

Therefore, when encountering a Black Dragon Dread where he had pulled out the stone pillar, other than carefully dealing with it appropriately, Yan Zhaoge did not ponder too much on it.

Entering the Great Western Desert that was filled with Black Nightmare Storms, expecting the possible occurrence of a Black Dragon Dread and carefully dealing with such sudden unforeseen circumstances was not any out of the ordinary at all.

But within such a short period of time, they had continuously encountered Black Dragon Dreads, which seemed to be pursuing them non-stop.

This obviously abnormal matter was not something that Yan Zhaoge could ignore.

Gazing at the Black Nightmare Storm sweeping between the heavens and earth in the distance, many thoughts instantly flashed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind.

“Someone wishes to harm me, or is here for the stone pillar…”

“Decimating Abyss Sacred Sun Clan Remnants of Black Nightmare Mountain Remnants of Five Spirit Flags Or someone else”

“Able to form and control Black Dragon Dreads in a fixed area without leaving behind any traces-with their understanding of the power of the Great Western Desert being thorough to this extent, it is most likely to be the remnants of Black Nightmare Mountain!”

“It also cannot be ruled out that they are working together with the Sacred Sun Clan, or perhaps in collusion with the Decimating Abyss, or even that they themselves are important members of the Decimating Abyss.”

The power of the Great Western Desert was too tyrannical, yet also profound and unpredictable, complicated and hard to understand.

Whether it was Broad Creed Mountain, the Sacred Sun Clan or Infinite Boundless Mountain, they were currently still in a probing phase with regard to the Great Western Desert.

Of the Eight Extremities World of after the Great Calamity, there had not been anyone who had truly managed to completely grasp the power of this land of great perils.

However, if one were to speak of those who were the most familiar with the Great Western Desert, and thus possibly able to make use of a limited amount of its power, that would be none other than the past Wind Domain Sacred Ground Black Nightmare Mountain.

After Black Nightmare Mountain had been destroyed, some of its remnants had retreated into the Great Western Desert, and have been active by the border of the Great Western Desert and the Wind Domain’s Four Regions all the way up till now.

While Yan Zhaoge had not had any official dealings with them before, he knew that they were known for their brutality, whilst also good at laying low and biding their time.

Their actions were sinister, and there were no means they were above using.

But at the same time, they were also exceptionally cautious-if there were just the slightest signs of trouble, they would retreat back into concealment in the Great Western Desert.

These past years, while the remnants of Black Nightmare Mountain had been decreasing, they did not lack vicious, ruthless experts.

Swiftly scanning the crowd, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was deep and distant.

Within a few short breaths of time, gusting over rapidly from the distance, the Black Dragon Dread was already right before everyone’s eyes!

Everyone unconsciously gazed at Yan Zhaoge, hoping that he would have a method to get them all through this perilous situation once more!

Earlier, where the stone pillar had been buried, he had been able to repel the Black Dragon Dread relying on the distorting and infighting of the phenomena of the desert itself.

At the same time, the profound concept within the stone pillar had surfaced.

Such a method could only be used once.

Wanting to do as they had earlier, within a short period of time, even if Yan Zhaoge immediately buried the stone pillar back within the desert, there would also be no time to turn things around.

However, this did not stop everyone from placing their hopes on Yan Zhaoge at this moment as they treated him as their mainstay.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze swept across them once more as he looked at them deeply, before he said, “Everyone gather around me; don’t get separated.

Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, everyone immediately gathered around him.

‘Elder Li’ and ‘Yao Shan’ were at their forefront!

The two gathered around Yan Zhaoge, outwardly turning back to look at the assaulting hurricane whilst actually observing Yan Zhaoge in secret!

The massive Pan-Pan who was even bigger than an elephant was current guarding behind Yan Zhaoge.

And Ah Hu, like always, was guarding behind Yan Zhaoge like a guardian spirit.

A cold light flashed through ‘Elder Li’s’ eyes, “This time is different from the last!”

Remnant light flashing by the corner of his eye, he saw that youth Lian Ying currently staring fixedly at the girl Jun Luo’s shadow.

Lian Ying bit his lips tightly, bloodstains already having appeared on it at some point in time without him realising it.

In his eyes, he could only see Jun Luo walking towards Yan Zhaoge with a face full of joy, trust, admiration, praise, even some worship.

How he hoped that Jun Luo would also look at him with such an expression ah.

Lian Ying had not received the love and care of his family members since young; he was lacking love, lacking a sense of security, and was also often being bullied by his peers.

The sole exception was Jun Luo, who had never looked down on him, even having risked her life to save his in the Great Western Desert.

To Jun Luo, perhaps this was only the interaction with an ordinary friend.

But for Lian Ying, he had received care and warmth from her that he had never experienced before.

It was only that-he still wanted more!

He had always feared in secret that if it was not more and more, it might end up less and less.

The him with a somewhat sick, distorted mind irrevocably wanted to grab hold of that person tightly, never letting her go, that only light that existed in his life.

He could not stand her paying too much attention to others or pushing him to a corner.

Every young man who came near to Jun Luo was treated by him as a potential opponent, even his tribal brother Lian Cheng, who had suffered the same as him.

Even including this man before him who resembled a descended divinity.

Broad Creed Young Master, Yan Zhaoge!

The distance between the two was truly too great.

He was but a lowest lifeform of the Sand Region’s Lian Family, a son born of a concubine who would never succeed in life.

The Sand Region’s Lian Family was but a second-rate power under the Howling Wind Sword Sect.

While the Howling Wind Sword Sect was actually just one of the powers of the boundless territory that was ruled by Broad Creed Mountain.

One of Broad Creed Mountain’s many Principal Elders was the First Seat of the Howling Wind Sword Sect.

Any one of Broad Creed Mountain’s many Acting Elders would have to be treated like a honoured guest even by the Head of the Lian Family.

While Yan Zhaoge, at such a young age, could already cause Broad Creed Mountain’s Principal Elders to lower their heads, and Acting Elders to bend their waists!

His distance with Lian Ying-how was it just one above the heavens, one below the earth

He knew that Jun Luo’s feelings for Yan Zhaoge were more likely that of worship and yearning, and not that between a man and a woman.

But even so, watching the two converse happily, his heart still felt like it was being shredded apart by tens of thousands of venomous snakes!

He had never conversed with Jun Luo like that before ah.

Luo Luo…this name that Yan Zhaoge used so easily was something that he, Lian Ying, had dreamed of saying innumerable times.

Yet every time he tried he found it stuck in his mouth, unable to utter it.

Why…why was the distance between people so great

As Lian Ying watched the conversation between Yan Zhaoge and Jun Luo, he felt for the first time how this only light that existed in his life was actually so far away from him!

“It can’t be like this! Broad Creed Young Master, so what Even the Broad Creed Young Master cannot snatch you away!” Lian Ying bit his lips unbearably.

A pale, sick smile of tragedy appeared on his face, as he suddenly pulled out a black sword, stabbing it into his own arm!

Fresh blood scattered, landing on the yellow sands of the desert, the sand granules beneath suddenly turning white as snow!


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