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HSSB226: You are not in a position to ask


Yan Zhaoge’s gaze landed on the Yao Shan who was completely identical to Elder Li in appearance.

“Not only the appearance, even the breathing and the aura can also be imitated.

Not truly making a move, even fellow disciples of the same clan would not be able to tell,” Yan Zhaoge said coldly, “Is it the Imitation Killing Jade”

Since it was the Imitation Killing Jade, this meant that this appearance’s original owner, the real Elder Li, had already perished.

Looking at Yao Shan, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was cold.

Stared at by Yan Zhaoge like this, even the experienced Yao Shan felt a chill in his heart.

Although he didn’t know where they had gone wrong, since they had already been found out by Yan Zhaoge, Yan Shan’s first thought was to immediately retreat.

With Yan Zhaoge being prepared, Yao Shan didn’t have the confidence to kill him.

Since that was so, there would be no point in staying and fighting; it might even be a meaningless struggle that ended in them pointlessly giving their lives away.

Not succeeding with a single strike, immediately escaping a thousand kilometres away, thinking up a next plan of action.

This was what Yao Shan had thought, but when he wanted to retreat, he discovered that it was not as easy as he had thought-in fact, far from it.

Pan-Pan’s aura was ferocious, completely different from his silly, clumsy laziness of earlier as white flames and black water appeared about his entire body.

The white flames enveloped Pan-Pan, while numerous streams of black water expanded, immediately covering the entire area, resembling a cage as it trapped Yao Shan within.

Yao Shan tried to forcibly break through the obstruction of the cage of black water, but just having his footsteps slowed down slightly by the streams of black water, Pan-Pan was already before him, forcing him to have to use his full strength to face him.

After evading one of Pan-Pan’s attacks, the cage of black water before him had regained its original form, even having become stronger than before.

As time passed, the streams of black water were clearly becoming denser and denser.

Yao Shan had originally thought to forcibly take one of Pan-Pan’s attacks, risking it as he broke out of the encirclement, but the white flames about Pan-Pan’s body held an extremely violent power.

This caused a despairing Yao Shan to discover that if he dared to only care about escaping, taking Pan-Pan’s full-powered blow, he would probably be heavily injured on the spot, basically unable to run.

This Pixiu of Yan Zhaoge’s was even more formidable than they had predicted.

He looked over to the side, seeing that companion masqueraded as him shockingly also being obstructed, unable to extricate himself.

Yan Shan’s heart immediately sunk.

Having returned from saving Jun Luo and the others, Ah Hu bared his teeth, chuckling coldly at them, “Black Nightmare Godly Wind; hehe, I happen to cultivate in it too.

How about we spar for a bit”

Hearing his words, the two just snorted, not saying anything.

The other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners now finally understood the situation, their expressions strange as they looked at Yao Shan, still in the guise of Elder Li.

Hearing Yan Zhaoge mention the Imitation Killing Jade, those who had heard of it before all came to a sudden realisation, as the gazes that were directed at Yao Shan also turned cold.

Yao Shan looked at Yan Zhaoge rather unresignedly, “You didn’t move personally, also not asking that tiger of yours to move, instead asking your Pixiu steed to pretend to have lost control of its emotions and come to test me.

You actually also weren’t certain of it, right”

“Only when I was forced to evade your Pixiu’s attack, revealing my martial foundation, did you see through my secret.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed indifferently, “You seem to have gotten something wrong.

Now, it is you who have fallen into my hands.

Afterwards, it should be you who’ll answer some of my questions regarding you remnants of Black Nightmare Mountain.

While you-do you think you still have the leisure to ask me questions now”

Yao Shan’s brows were tightly knit, “I followed Elder Li for a long time, having been a confidante of his since long ago.

I know that I am much more familiar with his habits and style than you Yan Zhaoge; where exactly did I reveal a flaw, leading to your wariness”

“Why must I explain to you” Yan Zhaoge chortled, “Explaining to you wherein your flaw lay, then introducing my plan in detail.”

“How would it be as troublesome as that; you only need to know what you will be facing after this.”

Turning away, Yan Zhaoge said mildly to Ah Hu, “I want them alive; wring out everything they know.”

Having already captured the other, Ah Hu now smiled coldly as he entered the cage of black water to deal with Yao Shan.

Yao Shan let out a loud, resentful howl, resisting with all his might, yet was hard pressed to stand against Ah Hu.

The streams of black water of Pan-Pan’s innate talents restricted Yao Shan unceasingly, making it such that it would be hard even if the latter wanted to take his own life.

Jun Luo and Lian Cheng also regained their wits at this moment, their emotions complicated as they looked at the dried up corpse of Lian Ying as well as the two attackers.

Meanwhile, the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners glared hatefully at the two attackers, especially feeling much anger and hatred when seeing Yao Shan currently with the appearance of Elder Li.

Having finished speaking to Ah Hu, Yan Zhaoge’s attention returned to the stone pillar on his palm.

The stone pillar shot out radiance in all directions, transforming into a formless barrier which helped shield them from the wind and the rain, keeping away the still rampaging black storm within the air.

The Black Dragon Dread was fierce and cruel, but along with that, while arriving quickly, it also left quickly.

Withstanding it in safety for a time, it would gradually begin weakening.

When the fierceness of this time’s Black Dragon Dread passed, while the Black Nightmare Storm that would remain afterwards was still violent and formidable, its power shocking, even without the help of the stone pillar, Yan Zhaoge and the others would still be able to resist it.

Seeing the Black Dragon Dread before their eyes already beginning to ease gradually, Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly.

Keeping her sabre, Feng Yunsheng returned to his side, asking in a low voice, “If it was the Imitation Killing Jade, Elder Li should already be dead.”

Yan Zhaoge was momentarily silent before he nodded, Feng Yunsheng also feeling slightly down.

Having come to Suzhou City, it was Elder Li who had received them, then acted as their guide, entering the Great Western Desert together.

Along the way, the capable Elder Li had handled everything very competently, at the same time extremely friendly in his interactions with Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu.

Feng Yunsheng gazed at Yao Shan, “I wonder when Elder Li was harmed, and how his corpse was disposed of.”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “The Imitation Killing Jade has a time limit, and to be on the safe side, he wouldn’t have made his move too early.

The first coming of a Black Dragon Dread was the first time they tried to kill me-he should most likely have killed Elder Li not long before then.”

“Counting the time, this is the second time they’ve acted, and also their final chance.

Not long after, the Imitation Killing Jade’s effects should be wearing off.”

Hearing his words, Feng Yunsheng said, “Elder Li is a Xiantian Martial Scholar.

If he died, the deterioration of his qi and blood would have emanated naturally.

If he was harmed in that place where you pulled out the stone pillar, Elder Li’s corpse must not have been buried.

Along the way, we have not felt the stench of death or blood.”

“If they carried along Elder Li’s corpse with them, there should be a Shadow Shrinking Pouch.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “One person masquerading as Elder Li, the other moving about as him.

The additional person should have been waiting in that Shadow Shrinking Pouch beforehand.”

Feng Yunsheng asked, “Right, I also want to know-how did you find them out”


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