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HSSB233: This bro is a good guy


Lian Chongyi’s so-called apology gift was some jade-green substance stored inside a container.

The substance was thick, resembling an emerald as it reflected Yan Zhaoge’s features.

Seeing it, Yan Zhaoge recognised it as Jade Spring Condensed Essence.

Within the territory controlled by the Lian Family Fortress, there was a Jade Sand Spring, famed for its spring water that rather beneficial to martial practitioners.

Broad Creed Mountain had a Jade Spring Acting Elder stationed there, and was given a certain amount of the spring water every year.

However, as compared to the Jade Sand Spring Water, the Jade Spring Condensed Essence produced by the spring was far more valuable.

It was only that the Jade Spring Condensed Essence was extremely rare.

Whether it was the Lian Family Fortress or Broad Creed Mountain, they could only get a bit of it every year.

Other than them, only the Howling Wind Sword Sect still had a share.

Other powers wouldn’t dare to even think about it.

While the Jade Spring Condensed Essence Lian Chongyi was intending to give Yan Zhaoge now seemed only like a cup’s worth, it was actually equivalent to a whole year’s worth of production from the spring!

In other words, the amount of Jade Spring Condensed Essence that the entire Broad Creed Mountain gained every year was also less than the amount before Yan Zhaoge now.

Naturally, this wasn’t due to the Lian Family Fortress having concealed and falsified the amount of Jade Spring Condensed Essence produced by the spring.

Instead, this gift had been painfully accumulated by them over the years.

Just this bit of Jade Spring Condensed Essence-it wouldn’t be wrong to say that its value rivalled a city’s.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Lian Chongyi smiled, “Because this matter happened so suddenly, and I truly rushed over here hurriedly, I could only prepare this meagre gift.

Young Master Yan is used to seeing various strange and unique treasures; please accept its unworthiness.

Returning this time, this Lian will make preparations once more, very quickly sending them over to Young Master Yan.”

If the gift Jade Spring Condensed Essence could be seen as the Lian Family Fortress expressing sincerity in their apology, the latter part of Lian Chongyi’s words undeniably revealed his true intentions.

While he was coming to express his apologies, he also hoped to use this as a chance to strike up a connection with Yan Zhaoge.

While Yan Zhaoge might not be staying in the Sand Region for too long, if news of the Lian Family Fortress being on friendly relations with the Broad Creed Young Master spread, it would already be greatly beneficial to the Lian Family.

Other than that, Yan Zhaoge also gleaned some other things from his words.

“Young Master, the only good things the Lian Family have are the Jade Spring Condensed Essence and the Jade Sand Spring Water.

He wants to prepare a substantial gift once more-what can he prepare” Ah Hu silently sent Yan Zhaoge a sound transmission via aura-qi from the side, “Can he still obtain even more Jade Spring Condensed Essence But couldn’t he have brought it all in one go then”

Yan Zhaoge answered leisurely, “The Lian Family does not have other good things left, but some people do ah.

Do you still remember the information I asked you to find before we came to the Sand Region”

Ah Hu realised, “Elder Hong of the Howling Wind Sword Sect”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “That’s right.”

The current Howling Wind Sword Sect was also nearing the period of leadership succession.

The old Chief, due to his great age, had recently decided to pass down his position to the next generation.

Of the experts of the next generation of the Howling Wind Sword Sect, the most outstanding person was actually Yan Di’s old friend, Jun Luo’s father Elder Jun.

His cultivation base was the highest, and at the same time he was extremely good friends with Yan Di.

It was only that Elder Jun had no wish to succeed the position, having openly said long ago that he would not do so.

Therefore, the competition had spread between two other Elders.

An Elder Hong, and an Elder Bai.

The two were similarly matched, leaving it hard for the old Chief to make a choice.

As the two looked for backers, the most important backer was undoubtedly Broad Creed Mountain.

As Yan Zhaoge knew, on this matter, whether it was Broad Creed Mountain’s First Seat Elder in the Sand Region or Principal Elder at the Howling Wind Sword Sect, both maintained a neutral stance.

This was because it wasn’t as complicated a situation as in the Eastern Tang previously-both Elder Hong and Elder Bai were supporters of Broad Creed Mountain.

Whether it was cultivation base or ability to handle matters, it was hard to find a clear victor of the two.

Therefore, Broad Creed Mountain had also maintained neutrality here.

To Broad Creed Mountain, whoever gained control of the Howling Wind Sword Sect was not important.

As long as he leaned towards Broad Creed Mountain, not allowing any other powers to take root in their territory, that would be fine.

Otherwise, Broad Creed Mountain wouldn’t interfere in the internal affairs of its subordinate powers lightly.

And Elder Hong and Elder Bai also didn’t dare to mess around too much.

Otherwise, it would be equivalent to forcing Elder Jun out to clean up the mess for them.

In such a situation, the Yan Zhaoge who suddenly came to the Sand Region and the territory of the Howling Wind Sword Sect instantly caused the eyes of both sides to light up.

Earlier, Yan Zhaoge had not stayed for too long, very quickly heading over to the Great Western Desert, with Elder Hong and Elder Bai not having any time to meet with him properly.

Afterwards, with the assassination case, a tense air had enveloped the entire Sand Region, as the internal conflict of the Howling Wind Sword Sect had also temporarily eased.

The Lian Family Fortress was subordinate to the Howling Wind Sword Sect, being a second-rate power close to Elder Hong.

Coming over this time, other than apologising for his family, finding a way to quell the possibly existing anger within the hearts of Yan Zhaoge and the other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners, he actually also had the intention of helping Elder Hong to pave a path.

Because of his father, out of the entire Howling Wind Sword Sect, Yan Zhaoge was naturally most familiar with Elder Jun.

However, with Elder Jun not getting himself involved in the matter, Yan Zhaoge did not care about the competition between Elder Hong and Elder Bai for the successor’s position.

On this matter, Yan Zhaoge held the same attitude as the Sand Region’s First Seat Elder and others.

Elder Hong and Lian Chongyi were now attempting to make use of this opportunity to get in contact with Yan Zhaoge, for if Yan Zhaoge’s attitude changed, it might possibly change the situation entirely!

Not mentioning the Yan Di behind him, even Yan Zhaoge himself was incomparable to normal people in the weight of his words.

Let alone the Principal Elder of the Howling Wind Sword Sect, even the First Seat Elder of the Sand Region would give Yan Zhaoge face should he choose to weigh in on this matter.

Not just on Yan Zhaoge’s side, with Lian Ying having nearly killed Jun Luo, on Elder Jun’s side, Lian Chongyi would also take the initiative to express his apologies there, trying to change an unbeneficial situation into a beneficial one.

Elder Jun himself was not a competitor, and also usually maintained a neutral stance.

Whether he and Elder Hong successfully drew Elder Jun over this time or he was instead enraged at Elder Hong due to his daughter facing danger, they both had the possibility of changing the delicate balance of this situation, causing Lian Chongyi to have to take great care in it.

“So that’s to say…”Ah Hu blinked, “He’s now trying to curry favour with and bribe Young Master”

Yan Zhaoge drew back the corners of his lips, “Oh…you can say that.”

Ah Hu asked, “Then why doesn’t he just directly bribe the First Seat Elder of the Sand Region and the Principal Elder of the Howling Wind Sword Sect After all, they are the ones always stationed here.

Young Master is just passing by and staying temporarily.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Because Elder Bai would also do so, not standing there just watching his competitor go to great pains while not doing anything himself.

Exchanging moves, they would do so directly till both of them lost out.”

“I came very suddenly, making it not difficult for the elders to both to come over directly.

That would really not look nice at all.

Therefore, they have been looking for a chance to seize the initiative.”

“Haven’t Elder Hong and the Lian Family found this reason to come over now”

Yan Zhaoge sent a sound transmission to Ah Hu, “I predict that Elder Bai has received the news, and his people are already on their way here to test the waters.

Along with Lian Chongyi, it is just a matter of coming before and coming later.”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest smile, “Young Master, this is your chance to strike it rich ah.”

Hearing these words, Yan Zhaoge didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

It was the first time that this kind of problem had surfaced along with his gradual increase in position.

Frustration ah, this bro is a good guy-aren’t they specifically enticing me to make a mistake


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