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HSSB243: Farewell, Old Crawling Worm!


This old man was the Crimson Spirit Flag Master.

He looked at Yan Zhaoge as a tiger would its prey, a savage smile revealed at the corners of his mouth.

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master stood on the air before the illusory door, blocking Yan Zhaoge’s and Ah Hu’s path back to the Eight Extremities World.

At this moment, the foreign dimension was shaking unceasingly, the world even beginning to distort and change form, with end-of-the-world scenes of the heavens collapsing and the earth breaking apart playing out.

The heavens were truly collapsing and the earth breaking apart, as countless black illusory cracks were revealed within the sky, with the earth also similarly shattering into pieces.

Yan Zhaoge rose, avoiding a fiery light that swept towards him, arriving above the illusory door.

Lowering his head and gazing over, the illusory door was surrounded by a sea of flames.

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master smiled coldly as he raised his head to look at Yan Zhaoge.

While in terms of position, Yan Zhaoge was currently at the greater height, the gaze with which the Crimson Spirit Flag Master was currently looking at Yan Zhaoge was as though he was looking down on him.

He didn’t hurry to make a move now, as he solidly held the position where the illusory door was.

Because of Lin Zhou, there was more than just a single door to this foreign dimension.

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master had entered through the rift that Lin Zhou had opened.

However, with the foreign dimension right on the brink of collapse, there was no time at all for Yan Zhaoge to change his mind and turn back, as he would have to travel through a great amount of space to the other door and to leave this foreign dimension through it.

The same principle applied for the Crimson Spirit Flag Master.

For both sides, either they left through this door, or they would accompany this foreign dimension into destruction, extinguished within this space.

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master smiled coldly, “Surnamed Yan, have you decided to die along with this foreign dimension, or to die at this old man’s fists”

He raised a hand, extending it forward as he clenched it into a fist.

Accompanied by this clenching motion, boundless blazing fire instantly surged, emanating outwards in all directions.

Looking at the Crimson Spirit Flag Master blocking the door below him, a smile was suddenly revealed on Yan Zhaoge’s face, “Old Crawling Worm, you’re wrong.

It’s your position that can generally be considered unfortunate.”

One hand grabbing Ah Hu, Yan Zhaoge’s other hand suddenly pulled out a short rod, about a foot long.

Looking at that stone rod, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master’s heart abruptly skipped a beat as an ominous feeling suddenly welled up within his heart.

Yan Zhaoge smiled before moving the Immortal Crane Wings, speeding towards the Crimson Spirit Flag Master of his own accord.

Along with Yan Zhaoge’s intentions, the stone rod within his hands instantly expanded, transforming into a massive, thick stone pillar!

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master was momentarily stunned as Yan Zhaoge stomped directly on the stone rod, which descended from above, smashing downwards towards him!

“Good little bastard!” The Crimson Spirit Flag Master roared in rage, not evading.

If he evaded, it would be equivalent to giving Yan Zhaoge access to the illusory door.

The old man stood where he was, red hair resembling dancing blazing flames, his palm shooting out above his head, withstanding the massive stone pillar descending from the heavens.

His palm just having touched the stone pillar, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master felt a sinking sensation in his hands as he was almost unable to support its weight.

His figure that had originally been standing stably in mid-air was also rendered unstable, sinking uncontrollably downwards.

“So heavy” The Crimson Spirit Flag Master was shocked.

His cultivation base was much higher than the Heavenly Connection Ah Hu previously, his strength also much greater, but he still felt immense pressure.

Whether it was the stone pillar’s mass or sturdiness, both of them far surpassed his predictions.

He had originally thought that he would be able to shatter the stone pillar with a single palm, also sending Yan Zhaoge flying, but the result was instead him being pressured downwards by it.

Also, that stone pillar also contained a unique suppressive force, such that even if the Crimson Spirit Flag Master wanted to dodge to the side at this time, he might not have what it took to move as per his intentions.

In the air below the stone pillar, time and space seemed to have been locked down, frozen into a single piece, solidly locking the Crimson Spirit Flag Master in place, only able to withstand it forcibly.

“I heard that this little bastard excavated some ancient remains in the Great Western Desert.

Could it be this stone pillar” The Crimson Spirit Flag Master suddenly remembered some rumours that he had heard before this, as he could help but curse inwardly, “Conniving scoundrel!”

He roared loudly, drawing on his true essence, an immense power erupting!

Only having descended less than a metre, The Crimson Spirit Flag Master achieved stability once more, standing on the air as though he was standing on the sturdiest earth.

At this moment, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master resembled a massive divinity that supported the heavens as he forcibly withstood the descending pillar, causing it to be unable to crush him.

As he exhaled with a sound, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master hit out with his other palm, landing mightily on the stone pillar.

Slowly, his figure actually beginning to climb back up!

Laughing coldly, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master exerted force with his arms, wanting to throw Yan Zhaoge and the stone pillar out together.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression didn’t change as he instead smiled, neither hurried nor slow as he raised a foot that was standing on the stone pillar, before stomping down heavily!

The patterns on the surface of the stone pillar suddenly shone with radiance, transforming the entire stone pillar into a glowing ray of light!

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master immediately felt the pressure on him increase greatly.

Not only did the weight of the stone pillar increase abruptly, that strange suppressive force suddenly grew more powerful as well.

At this time, let alone throw the stone pillar out, he was unable to even continue standing stably in mid-air as he was directly pressured downwards!

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master wanted to disperse the force and descend speedily to avoid the stone pillar before dodging to the side.

At this time, he couldn’t be concerned about guarding the illusory door anymore.

But because of the suppressive force, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master discovered to his great despondence that not only had his surroundings been locked down, preventing his evasion, even the very air beneath him seemed like it had been frozen.

His entire person seemed to have been placed in a formless container, the only opening being above.

However, there was a heavy lid there that he was hard pressed to open, as he was pushed downwards unceasingly, the space available to him gradually shrinking further.

“What the hell thing exactly is this thing Such a divine treasure was actually refined by a Martial Scholar” The Crimson Spirit Flag Master seethed in anger as he was continually suppressed downwards by the stone pillar.

The roiling waves of fire were mostly extinguished at this moment, dissipating into the surrounding air.

As the Crimson Spirit Flag master continued to struggle against his descent, he naturally lacked the strength to continue blocking the illusory door.

The door of light appeared before Yan Zhaoge once more.

Not saying a word, Yan Zhaoge directly threw Ah Hu into the door of light.

At this time, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master below let out an enraged howl.

On him, a cloak of dark light abruptly appeared, radiance shining on its surface.

It was a low-grade spirit artifact.

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master naturally had his own spirit artifact, but it had long since been destroyed in the process of fleeing all these years.

His current low-grade spirit artifact had been snatched by him from someone else.

He was not very skilled in using it, but it was at least better than nothing.

Bolstered by the power of the spirit artifact, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master stopped his body from descending once more, as both sides momentarily found themselves once more in a stalemate.

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master could vaguely feel the suppressive power of the stone pillar weakening.

As Yan Zhaoge wielded the pillar of the Divine Palace, it was not like it was not taking a toll on him.

Suppressing his enemies with the stone pillar could only be kept up for a limited period of time.

Grabbing this chance, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master’s face abruptly turned red as he unleashed a forbidden art to stimulate his body, his power increasing by yet another level as he actually raised up the stone pillar!

However, the destruction of this foreign dimension had already reached its final phase.

The world was unceasingly ripped apart between the heavens and the earth, the surrounding space mostly having been consumed by darkness.

Soundlessly, the sky suddenly shattered completely, space breaking into two!

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master was greatly panicked.

At this moment, the destruction of this foreign dimension was already right around the corner.

If he did not leave now, he would be destined to perish alongside it.

The terrifying power of spatial collapse was such that even he would be completely helpless against it, doomed to be extinguished in an instant.

Just at this time, the pressure on him suddenly disappeared as the stone pillar shrunk rapidly, returning to its short rod form, kept within Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

Raising his head, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master saw Yan Zhaoge standing by the door of light, raising his hand as he performed a strange action towards him.

Yan Zhaoge extended his right hand, raising his thumb, his index finger pointed straight at the Crimson Spirit Flag Master, the other three fingers curled as he performed a motion like the shooting of a gun, “Farewell, Old Crawling Worm.”

In the air above Yan Zhaoge’s head, the terrifying Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment exploded with the light of thunder!


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