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HSSB244: Wanting his old life!


The Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment transformed into a purple orb, flickering with the dazzling purplish-green light of thunder.

Standing by the door of light, Yan Zhaoge held the stone rod with one hand, making a shooting motion towards the Crimson Spirit Flag Master with the other.

His perked up right thumb went down abruptly, resembling one suffering the backlash of firing a shot as his index finger that represented the mouth of the gun was raised lightly.

Accompanied by this motion of Yan Zhaoge’s, the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment above him also flickered abruptly.

In that instant, it was though the emperor that reigned over all thunder lightly blinked.

Then, the foreign dimension in which scenes of the end of the world were playing out suddenly lit up with a thunderbolt that was filled with the aura of destruction.

The thunderbolt traversed straight through the air, instantly arriving before the Crimson Spirit Flag Master.

With the foreign dimension on the brink of collapse, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master was currently ignoring all else, fully focused on rushing to the door of light.

He didn’t have the leisure to care about Yan Zhaoge for the moment, only wishing to first leave this foreign dimension through that door before slowly taking care of Yan Zhaoge afterwards.

Even if he failed this time, there was still next time, next next time.

As an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, if he wanted to kill a Martial Scholar, there would surely be a chance.

However, just as the Crimson Spirit Flag Master was speeding rapidly towards the door of light, as Yan Zhaoge controlled the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment, An Instant’s Thunder instantly descended upon him!

An Instant’s Thunder, burning all one’s power in a single instant, concentrated in a single strike, with power that was violent to the extreme, even surpassing one’s peak strength!

Staring his eyes wide, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master roared madly, his true essence surging as he punched out with his fists.

Thunder and blazing fire intermingled as they collided between the heavens and the earth, a massive explosion instantly occurring!

At other times, whether Yan Zhaoge’s An Instant’s Thunder would be able to do anything to the Crimson Spirit Flag Master was still questionable.

However, at this critical moment, whether or not the Crimson Spirit Flag Master was able to take it or not, this would also be wanting his old life!

His momentum towards the door of light was forcibly terminated, as his entire person flew backwards!

The heavens and earth which had originally already been breaking apart shook mightily, completely shattering, the foreign dimension as well as everything in it all extinguished for good!

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master let out a despairing, unresigned howl of rage.

At this moment, he could only watch helplessly on as bit by bit, his fleshly body disintegrated within the air, seemingly slowly, but truly rapidly!

Unable to struggle, difficult to reverse!

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master glared furiously into the distance, where the flickering door of light was vanishing slowly.

Within the door of light, Yan Zhaoge kept the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment as well as the pillar of the Divine Palace, the cloak of crane feathers hanging smoothly down from his shoulders.

While his mind had weakened somewhat, Yan Zhaoge’s current hairstyle was perfect and his clothes neat, resembling a handsome, elegant young master.

Yan Zhaoge smiled at the Crimson Spirit Flag Master, leisurely waving at him lightly alongside the foreign dimension’s destruction, “More accurately, we will never meet again.

Farewell, forever.”

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master wanted to let out an enraged howl, but was already unable to utter a sound.

Even at this moment where he died, he found it incomprehensible how a lofty early Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster expert like him had actually died in the hands of a mere Martial Scholar!

While he had been suppressed by the stone pillar, just given a little bit more of time, Yan Zhaoge would have run out of strength, being suppressed by him instead.

While Yan Zhaoge possessed the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment, what could truly prove a massive threat to him was but a single strike.

If he handled it carefully, he might also be able to avoid getting struck by it.

While Yan Zhaoge had the Immortal Crane Wings, before him, he could only use it to escape through the air.

Given a little more time, he could still have blocked off Yan Zhaoge’s path, rendering him unable to escape.

Clearly, his strength and cultivation base were superior by so much.

Clearly, despite Yan Zhaoge’s many unique treasures, it was not like he had not had a chance.

Clearly, he had first snatched up the position where the door of light was.

Clearly, Yan Zhaoge did not have the strength and treasures to definitely be able to kill him…

However, the final result was him dying alongside this collapsed foreign dimension, extinguished along with this world!

Looking at the vanishing door along with Yan Zhaoge, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master was really, truly unresigned.

Knowing thyself but not thy enemy…

While Yan Zhaoge was currently already virtually famed under the entire heavens, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master suddenly discovered now that his understanding towards this young man was still limited.

Could it be that risking entering this soon-to-collapse foreign dimension in order to kill Yan Zhaoge, had been a mistake from the start

Along with this final thought, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master was completely decimated within the air, an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster dying just like that!

Travelling through the door of light, Yan Zhaoge felt pain like his body was being ripped apart, the feeling even more evident than the first time he had entered it, to get to the foreign dimension.

Exiting the door of light, re-entering the Eight Extremities World, Yan Zhaoge turned and looked back at the gradually vanishing door, smacking his lips, “This trip, really was…”

Consecutively wielding the pillar of the divine palace and the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment had left Yan Zhaoge extremely weak, even weaker as compared to back at Clear Concealed Lake then.

However, he was still in a pretty good mood, as this trip into the foreign dimension left behind by Loose Practitioner He had been a successful one, with him seeing somewhat great gains.

Landing on the ground, Yan Zhaoge saw that jade coin which had activated the spirit formation completely shatter, turning directly into dust.

Ah Hu was waiting by the side, alongside Xu Fei who had remained on this side of the rift in order to watch over the spirit formation, as they both came up to him, “Everything okay”

Yan Zhaoge snapped his fingers, smiling, “From this day on, I figure that we will not be seeing the Crimson Spirit Flag Master anymore.”

Ah Hu breathed in a breath of cold air, grinning happily and foolishly, just not knowing what to say.

Xu Fei also revealed a seldom seen surprised expression for a while before recovering, “Right, I should first hurry and get junior apprentice-sister Feng back.”

Re-entering the Eight Extremities World through the door of light, Ah Hu had briefly summarised the situation, and Xu Fei had sent Feng Yunsheng to immediately hurry to Broad Creed Mountain’s Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster closest to Suzhou City for assistance.

He himself had remained over at the spirit formation, preparing to reinforce Yan Zhaoge alongside Ah Hu.

In the end, what they had seen was instead Yan Zhaoge strolling leisurely out of the door of light.

Now, even if the Crimson Spirit Flag Master was still alive, the foreign dimension had completely shattered and the door of light was also gone, with no possibility at all of him chasing murderously  over in pursuit.

Naturally, Suzhou City would also not have to waste time looking for other Martial Grandmaster experts.

After being called back by Xu Fei and hearing of the situation, Feng Yunsheng’s face was also filled with disbelief.

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master was an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, having already nurtured his own true martial spirit and refined his aura into essence.

While both Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmasters and Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters were Martial Grandmasters, they were two completely different concepts altogether.

Seated in the meditative position, whilst moderating his condition and recovering his energy, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It held the element of chance.

At the end of the day, what killed the Crimson Spirit Flag Master was actually that foreign dimension.

If not for it having collapsed, it would be hard for me to claim his life with my current methods.”

“Having withstood a few waves of my attacks, I would then have been the one in trouble.”

Xu Fei looked at Yan Zhaoge, “I heard about it from Huting.

From the beginning, was it that you were planning to kill him by spatial collapse, even specially dragging things out before you returned over to this side”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I am guilty that there was still some deviation in the plan, with the spatial collapse happening just that little later than I had predicted.

In such a situation, the situation could change in the blink of an eye, and things nearly got out of hand.

Luckily, I still succeeded in the end.”

Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu and Xu Fei raised their heads in unison, “You really calculated it ah-is this sort of thing really something that can be calculated so precisely”


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