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HSSB267: Advancing towards the Martial Grandmaster realm


Looking at Sikong Qing, Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly.

Yan Zhaoge did not disagree with Sikong Qing’s intentions.

After all, this was a world of martial practitioners.

When one possessed unparalleled power, everything else became insignificant in comparison.

The most straightforward example was the Devil Saint Yuan Tian.

Not requiring any other methods, just standing there, he already intimidated.

In the current Eight Extremities World, a Martial Saint had the ability and worth to ignore most rules.

Most of the time, it was only other existences at the same level which could restrict them.

As Sikong Qing said, she found herself powerless more because her current cultivation base was still low.

Actually, she couldn’t be blamed on this.

Looking at her age and time spent cultivating, she had already surpassed countless people.

It was just that she had been swept up in a situation which her cultivation base and strength were insufficient to deal with.

Most tragedies in this world actually stemmed from this.

From a certain perspective, Yan Zhaoge was in the same situation as well.

It was just that he had other methods for dealing with things.

And it was precisely because he could always solve problems that, by common logic, were unsolvable for someone of his current cultivation base and strength, that Yan Zhaoge possessed his current status and fame.

Looking at Sikong Qing, Yan Zhaoge said, “Earlier, when you went out for tempering, while there would always be people leading you, on the whole, they would leave you be except in life or death crises.

The clan also takes into account the effect of tempering.”

Sikong Qing said, “Even so, we would still have some feelings of reliance within our hearts.”

She looked at the distant waterfall, listening to the rumbling sound of the water, “Being able to be where she is today, those two solitary years of being murderously pursued was very important for senior apprentice-sister Feng.”

“Although, that was not a good thing.”

Yan Zhaoge knew that what Sikong Qing spoke of had nothing at all to do with Feng Yunsheng’s Extreme Yin Physique, as well as the Cold Marrow Needles and Extreme Yin Scripture.

What she was referring to was Feng Yunsheng’s great strength that far surpassed those of the same generation.

While being due to talent, it was also due to experience.

Feng Yunsheng’s strength in actual combat generally far surpassed those at the same cultivation level.

As Yan Zhaoge knew, both being disciples of Fu Enshu, Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing sparred quite a bit.

This pair of apprentice-sisters was rather interesting.

Feng Yunsheng addressed Sikong Qing as ‘senior apprentice-sister Sikong’, while Sikong Qing referred to Feng Yunsheng as ‘senior apprentice-sister Feng’.

There were obviously no tensions or conflict with the two.

Feng Yunsheng addressed the younger Sikong Qing as senior apprentice-sister because she had entered the clan later.

While the reason Sikong Qing addressed Feng Yunsheng as senior apprentice-sister was very simple.

With no grudges or enmity as fellow disciples, with it not to the extent of life and death battles, sparring at the same cultivation level, Feng Yunsheng always beat Sikong Qing by a bit.

If it was a life and death battle, Feng Yunsheng’s advantage would be even greater.

Yan Zhaoge was of no mind to interfere in Sikong Qing’s decision as he smiled, “In having such thoughts, you are also being of one mind to the martial dao, striving for improvement.

I naturally have no objections on this.

While I shall not speak for others, for you, perhaps this is indeed a viable path.”

“However, firstly, you had best ask for senior apprentice-aunt Fu’s opinion before making your decision, and secondly, even if you are going, you should also wait for Grand Master to leave seclusion first.

It is better to speak of it after everything has been settled, with there being so many things going on now.”

Hearing his words, Sikong Qing nodded, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan’s words make sense; I understand.”

She cupped her hands towards Yan Zhaoge, taking her leave.

Looking at Sikong Qing’s back, Yan Zhaoge sighed rather emotionally, “A hundred vessels seeking the flow-who can emerge victorious of them”

Shaking his head, Yan Zhaoge returned to his dwelling.

Speaking of diligence in cultivation, raising one’s strength and cultivation base, Yan Zhaoge’s desires had never been weaker than anyone’s.

While he had been basking in the limelight these past days, having achieved something major that most Martial Grandmasters wouldn’t be able to do, Yan Zhaoge’s inner desire for self-improvement still blazed much more strongly than most.

Returning to his room, Yan Zhaoge sat down in the meditative position, modulating his aura-qi unceasingly, a spiritual light shooting up to the heavens from above his head.

Raising his left hand, Yan Zhaoge inspected the devilish mark on its back, unceasingly analysing and researching into the concept within.

Within his dantian, the chaotic qi mass was still hazy.

After moderating his condition for a moment, Yan Zhaoge gradually retracted the spiritual light above his head, before retrieving a certain something.

It was a stone whose surface resembled a mirror.

It was not transparent, instead appearing dusty.

But as Yan Zhaoge’s gaze landed on it, radiance seemed to flicker on the surface of the stone, illuminating his features.

It was precisely the Life Illuminating Immortal Stone that Yan Zhaoge had obtained in that foreign dimension in which Loose Practitioner He had once resided.

The typical use of this treasure, as most of before the Great Calamity knew, was illuminating the circulation routes of one’s aura-qi in their cultivation, showing it to others.

In other words, its main use was actually for the teaching of disciples.

In circulating their aura-qi, those of the senior generation would use the aura-qi circulation routes as shown on the Life Illuminating Immortal Stones as demonstration for those of the younger generation, letting them observe and comprehend it.

However, Yan Zhaoge knew that there was still another use for this treasure.

He extended his finger, gently swiping it across the surface of the Life Illuminating Immortal Stone, tracing the veins within.

Different scenes instantly appeared on the surface of the stone.

The originally dusty stone actually gradually became clear and transparent at this moment, resembling a crystal, resembling a true mirror surface.

Spiritual light rose up once more from above Yan Zhaoge’s head, just that scenes also seemed to rise up from within, appearing exceptionally unique.

In the following days, Yan Zhaoge immersed himself in cultivation once more.

He either spent his time cultivating, unceasingly increasing his accumulation in preparation for his breakthrough into the Martial Grandmaster realm, analysed the devilish mark on the back of his left hand, or forged the Devil Shattering Arrows with his Internal Crystal Furnace a step further.

Time passed by in a flash, with quite some time already having passed since the old Chief, Yuan Zhengfeng had entered seclusion.

Broad Creed Mountain was operating as per usual, with Yan Di already having fully slipped into his new role, whilst in the outside world, whether it was the Sacred Sun Clan or the Decimating Abyss, they had also yet to make any major movements for the time being.

At this moment, everyone seemed to be of one mind, eagerly awaiting Yuan Zhengfeng successfully leaving seclusion, having successfully stepped into the Martial Saint realm.

However, whether it was Yan Zhaoge or Yan Di or the others, they all knew that this was but a mirage, just the final calm before the storm.

One day, Yan Zhaoge sat peacefully within his room, the surface of the transparent Life Illuminating Immortal Stone that resembled a crystal already riddled with cracks, resembling thin, dense spiderwebs.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as he extended his finger, tapping on the Life Illuminating Immortal Stone once.

The stone that resembled a crystal soundlessly shattered, reduced into smithereens, then turning into dust, dissipating into the air as if it had never existed.

While the spiritual light above Yan Zhaoge’s head surged greatly.

His entire body, every single acupoint, seemed to be emanating radiance.

Bathed completely in this radiance, Yan Zhaoge’s illusory aura-qi seemed to transform into true auspicious clouds at this moment, the backdrop to his body.

The bright spiritual light above Yan Zhaoge’s head now began to slowly retract into the crown of his head, as the light emanated from his entire body grew denser.

This day, Yan Zhaoge officially stepped into the ranks of Martial Grandmasters!


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