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HSSB281: Thunderbolt-like methods


Hearing the resounding of thunderbolts, the Decimating Abyss martial practitioners here were all greatly shocked.

They all looked towards the strongest of their number, that white-haired old man, only to see him shockingly splattering down in a rain of blood!

They were all stunned, and stood there listlessly as the flesh and blood splattered onto their faces.

They were unable to believe that the white-haired old man, a late Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster, had been instantly slain on the spot just like that!

Only when his dispersed blood vaporised in the form of black smoke, and finally vanished without a trace, did they regain their wits.

But in just that blink of an eye, Yan Zhaoge had killed another, and had at the same time taken down Shi Songtao!

Against these Decimating Abyss martial practitioners who had yet to become Martial Grandmasters, Yan Zhaoge stood where he was, the Immortal Crane Wings unfurled behind his back.

Like a rain of light the crane feathers shot out in all directions, and instantly riddled all the Decimating Abyss martial practitioners with holes.

On the other side, Xu Fei and Ah Hu were also taking care of their two opponents.

The originally captured Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners now discovered that in the blink of an eye, their safety had all been secured!

They were stunned,  and all looked to Yan Zhaoge who, resembling the descent of a heavenly soldier, had instantly swept all the enemies clear.

Without even a chance to hold them hostage or kill them to vent anger all of the Decimating Abyss martial practitioners, Shi Songtao included, had already been swept up by the trio led by Yan Zhaoge in an instant.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge’s relaxed appearance, it seemed that if not for fear of the Decimating Abyss Martial Grandmasters possibly hurting or killing them, even without Xu Fei or Ah Hu having to move, he himself could have forcibly cleared the area on his own.

Even Shi Tie and Sima Chui, clashing in mid-air, split up some on their attention to focus below.

This time, however, it was Shi Tie attacking, causing Sima Chui to be unable to think about anything else.

Yan Zhaoge stood where he was, unceasingly breathing and moderating his condition.

Now, the purple orb formed of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment completely dimmed, fully run dry of spirituality.

It resembled a dusty stone orb, unremarkable to the extreme, as it was kept by Yan Zhaoge.

An Instant’s Thunder, focusing and blazing all its power in a single instant.

After a single blow, the power Yan Zhaoge could currently unleash from the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment would all be depleted.

However, it was also precisely because of this that the power of An Instant’s Lightning was so remarkable.

That white-haired old man, being of the late Spirit Vessel stage, having formed a spirit seed, birthed spirit sprouts, and already being on the road to forming a true martial soul, was one who had experienced countless battles in the past, and possessed great experience as well as great strength.

In facing Yan Zhaoge in a head-on battle, regardless of who the victory went to, it was definitely not be something that could be decided in a single exchange.

However, now, he had been blown up by Yan Zhaoge’s An Instant’s Thunder to the point that not even his corpse or his bones remained!

An Instant’s Thunder possessed incredible power, able to decimate both gods and ghosts, but the power of the Sacred Artifact fragment was closely linked to Yan Zhaoge’s own essence, qi and mind.

As the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment fell dim at this moment, Yan Zhaoge’s own essence, qi and mind also deteriorated greatly.

Yan Zhaoge had been prepared for this beforehand.

As he had unleashed the power of the Sacred Artifact fragment, in that short instant, he had also erupted with all of his potential, going all out in that moment before his condition truly deteriorated, capturing Shi Songtao and instantly killing his other opponent.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge had Shi Songtao held by his neck, and was suppressing the circulation of his aura-qi and shaking his flesh and blood such that the latter was unable to move.

However, Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel that Shi Songtao was still resisting, struggling unceasingly.

Beneath his skin, an explosive force surged unceasingly, shocking Yan Zhaoge’s fingers to the point of numbness.

Even having the other by his vitals, with his energy deteriorating alongside the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment, for just those few breaths of time, Yan Zhaoge felt like he was almost unable to hold Shi Songtao.

However, accompanied by Yan Zhaoge’s breathing and moderating of his condition, he gradually recovered some of his strength, and still held Shi Songtao firmly.

Xu Fei and Ah Hu also very quickly finished their individual opponents.

Ah Hu came beside Yan Zhaoge, questioning him with his gaze.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly, indicating that he didn’t require his help.

Meanwhile, Xu Fei helped those injured fellow disciples while settling his gaze on Shi Songtao.

In mid-air, seeing that he was unable to do anything to Shi Tie, also noting how the golden tower suppressed by Shi Tie was getting shorter and shorter, Sima Chui knew that if he didn’t retreat quickly, Shi Tie would be completely released at the moment when that golden tower was completely levelled.

At that time, whether he would be able to retreat successfully was an unknown.

Waving his lance, Sima Chui began to retreat.

Shi Tie expanded his fist-intent, enveloping the surrounding area and guarding Yan Zhaoge and the others.

He didn’t chase Sima Chui, his palm still pressing on the surface of the tall golden tower.

Suppressed by him, the tall golden tower shrunk unceasingly.

The Devilish Domain Grand Formation was already on the verge of collapse at this moment.

With Yan Zhaoge suppressing Shi Songtao, the other rescued Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners could finally heave a sigh of relief.

It was just that their gazes began moving between Shi Tie and Shi Songtao, a strange atmosphere brewing within the air.

“Ah Hu,” Yan Zhaoge sighed lightly.

Ah Hu nodded, substituting Xu Fei’s role, helping those Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners to treat their injuries, at the same time also beginning to take them out of this place.

Bearing complicated feelings, the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners were silent as they finally left with Ah Hu without asking anything.

Xu Fei’s expression was solemn as he came before Shi Songtao.

Shi Songtao instead calmed at this moment.

He was currently unable to swivel his head to look at Yan Zhaoge behind him, but he still said in a mild tone, “Your reputation is well deserved.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Senior apprentice-brother Shi, I have offended you.

Still, that second sentence of mine just now, that question-what exactly is the answer”

Shi Songtao suddenly fell silent.

On the top of the golden tower, his gaze sweeping Shi Songtao’s entire body, Shi Tie suddenly said, “Check his Shadow Shrinking Pouch.”

Xu Fei nodded, searching out a Shadow Shrinking Pouch from Shi Songtao’s body.

Shi Songtao looked coldly at him and Shi Tie, his gaze finally coming to rest on that Shadow Shrinking Pouch, a pained look appearing within his eyes.

Opening that Shadow Shrinking Pouch, three transparent ice coffins appeared within.

One was completely empty, while the other two were occupied.

One of the occupants was a beautiful woman who looked to be in her early twenties, just that her eyes were tightly shut, as she was seemingly in a deep slumber.

The other contained a young boy who looked to be around ten years of age.

The shape of the boy’s face was similar to the woman’s while the area between his brows was similar to Shi Tie and Shi Songtao.

Xu Fei’s expression did not relax, “Jun’er still has life in him, but it is also hanging by a thread.

But Sister Yuzhen…”

Yan Zhaoge looked over.

Shi Tie’s grandson and Shi Songtao’s son Shi Jun had been but three when he had gone missing that year.

By his appearance now, it was just like he had grown up naturally.

However, the situation was just not an optimistic one.

As for Shi Songtao’s wife Ying Yuzhen, looking at her current condition, it was doubtful if she still lived…

“These ice coffins temporarily seal their bodies.

In the meantime, we must properly think of a plan,” Yan Zhaoge looked at Shi Songtao, “Senior apprentice-brother Shi, at this point, why not speak honestly on some matters That year, who exactly was it that saved you, while also guiding you to join the Nine Underworlds Was it someone of our clan”


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