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HSSB334: Broad Creed Mountain’s new Maiden of Extreme Yin


After the Extreme Yin Bout had ended, Elder Mo brought Feng Yunsheng back to Broad Creed Mountain, while Yan Zhaoge travelled alongside the martial practitioners of Jade Sea City to the Water Domain.

Most of the things that he had arranged to be prepared earlier had already been gathered, with only a final few things lacking.

Currently, they were still being gathered.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge first headed to the Water Domain.

After all his preparations were complete, going by the sea route, crossing through the East Sea and the North Sea, he would thereby head to the Extreme Northern Lands.

On the East Sea, there were people waiting for him.

Broad Creed Mountain had obtained a new Maiden of Extreme Yin, currently already kept by Fu Enshu’s side, at the same time waiting for Yan Zhaoge to test and evaluate her, as well as create a training program specially tailored for her.

Having arrived in the Water Domain, the person who received Yan Zhaoge was the ‘Seven Seas Young Master’ Song Chao.

The two could already be considered as extremely familiar now, Yan Zhaoge smiling as he saw him, “Senior Brother Song, sorry for the disturbance.”

Song Chao also smiled, “Junior Brother Yan, no need to be polite.”

After taking their leave of Chen Suting and the others, they headed to the Outer East Sea.

Viewing the unique flair of the sea country as they travelled, Yan Zhaoge expressed great amazement at these scenes.

Simply in terms of territorial size alone, of the eight great Domains of the Eight Extremities World, Heaven, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, Mountain and Lake, the Water Domain was the largest.

However, more than half of the Water Domain consisted solely of the sea.

Out of habit, the Heaven and Fire Domains had five Regions, the Wind Domain being divided into four Regions other than the inhabitable Great Western Desert, the Thunder Domain consisting of six Regions.

The Mountain Domain, divided by four great mountain ranges, had each of its regions referred to as dominions, thereby being known as the four dominions.

The regions of the Lake Domain were known as ‘paths’, the six Paths of the Lake Domain also referred to by directions.

The Water Domain was the most special.

Because its structures were mostly built on islands, the ruling Jade Sea City also named ‘City’, the Water Domain was divided into ‘Cities’.

A region surrounded each individual City on the mainland, or with a City on a massive island, its influence and control enveloped the vast region around it with it as the centre.

There were nine of such Cities in the Water Domain, being known together as the Water Domain’s Nine Cities.

Of these, three lay on the mainland, six on the sea.

There was one each on the Inner North Sea and the Inner South Sea,  and six including Jade Sea City on the Inner East Sea.

While the islands where the Water Domain’s Nine Cities were located could be said to be islands, their area could be said to be extremely vast, resembling small mainlands of their own.

“Junior Brother Yan, if you want to encounter the Flame Devils on the East Sea, there are some things that you have to pay attention to,” Song Chao said as he walked, “While the six great Sacred Grounds have all dispatched experts to stand guard and slay the Flame Devils on the Inner East Sea, there are still occasionally fish that slip out of the net.

While they are always hunted down and killed afterwards, they can cause great destruction within a short period of time.”

In coming to the East Sea this time, Yan Zhaoge had come under the name of encountering the Flame Devils, as he nodded as he heard this, “Many thanks for Senior Brother Song’s reminder.

Before coming, I also had an understanding of this situation.

I will keep it in mind.”

Song Chao said, “It’s good if you know about it.

Speaking of which, it is fortunate that the descent of the Nine Underworlds was stopped in time and the Decimating Abyss also cleaned up.

Otherwise, our Eight Extremities World would inevitably be facing enemies from both the front and back.”

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look towards the mainland in the west, “While the Decimating Abyss was destroyed, we still have to stay vigilant of the Nine Underworlds, While the first hand they extended was hacked off, the Nine Underworlds Evil Devils are proficient at bewitching the hearts of humans, finding the weaknesses in people’s hearts.

Their strength in infiltrating and corrupting the minds of others is much too strong, and not something that can be guarded against easily.”

Song Chao sighed, “That’s right…”

He sent Yan Zhaoge all the way, even sending him from the Inner East Sea of the Water Domain all the way to the Outer East Sea, meeting up with Fu Enshu and greeting her before going on his way.

After Song Chao had left, Fu Enshu looked at Yan Zhaoge, “While I have already heard about the results of the Extreme Yin Bout, how was the process Did we achieve our projected goal”

Yan Zhaoge replied, “We have basically achieved it.”

Fu Enshu said, “That’s good then.”

“Since you have come, wait here for a moment.

I’ll call Liuhua over; you examine her a bit.”

Yin Liuhua was that Maiden of Extreme Yin discovered by the former East Sea’s First Seat Elder, Chang Zhen.

Very quickly, she appeared before Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu.

She looked to be around seventeen or eighteen years of age, still being a Martial Artist.

Having started out as a solitary practitioner, she had learnt from her former Master who had possessed some ability, but had just died at the hands of the Flame Devils some days ago.

Yin Liuhua was rather tall for a female, her appearance basically considered proper.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge now, she respectfully bowed to him.

Yan Zhaoge’s fame had been great in recent days, rumours of him even spreading far on the East Sea.

While she didn’t understand the situation exactly, even before entering Broad Creed Mountain, Yin Liuhua had already heard the famed name of this senior apprentice-brother.

After she had joined Broad Creed Mountain, while Fu Enshu had not mentioned it, some other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners stationed in the East Sea had reminded her that while the Yan Zhaoge before her was still young, his level of authority within the clan was on the same level as Fu Enshu.

It was even to the point that in some areas, Yan Zhaoge even possessed greater authority than Fu Enshu.

Having consecutively achieved many great deeds, based on his current age and cultivation level, within the clan, it was already to the point that there was nothing left that he could be rewarded with.

Following the major tribulation of Broad Creed Mountain, having performed a great merit once more, Yan Zhaoge had once more made Broad Creed Mountain’s history, being granted the right to freely enter the fourth level of the Martial Repository.

This was an unprecedented matter, not having occurred since Broad Creed Mountain’s founding.

Before Yan Zhaoge, only the Chief and the Martial Repository’s First Seat had possessed the right to freely enter the fourth level of the Martial Repository.

Other than retired Chiefs like Yuan Zhengfeng, even the Grand Elders of the clan were not able to enter the fourth level of the Martial Repository as they liked.

Yin Liuhua had still yet to hear of some specific knowledge, but even if she knew, not having personally witnessed or experienced things, it would also be very hard for her to understand how Yan Zhaoge could have attained such a high position at such a young age as a newly ascended Martial Grandmaster.

However, this did not obstruct her from realising Yan Zhaoge’s weighty worth.

Moreover, even if she could not realise how remarkable Yan Zhaoge was, she also knew that his father, Yan Di, had currently already officially become the new Chief of Broad Creed Mountain.

Yan Zhaoge appraised Yin Liuhua with a glance, his gaze finally landing on her wrist.

Yin Liuhua instantly felt as though Yan Zhaoge’s gaze had turned tangible, placed on her wrist, reading her pulse, checking on her body’s situation.

After a while, Yan Zhaoge retracted his gaze, saying to Fu Enshu, “Her foundation in Extreme Yin power is not bad, and something can be forged of it.

However, her current cultivation base is rather low, and having started out late, it would be very hard for her to catch up to the others.”

“Last year’s Fan Qiu of Turbid Wave Pavilion and this year’s Yun Xiuqing of the Sacred Sun Clan, despite only having debuted in the fourth and fifth Extreme Yin Bouts respectively, had already been raised by their respective clans for very long, with it not just being a matter of one or two years.”

“Not mentioning Fan Qiu, by my calculations, the Sacred Sun Clan’s Yun Xiuqing who suddenly appeared out of nowhere this year was probably discovered by the Sacred Sun Clan just a short time after junior apprentice-sister Feng left the World Illuminating Peak.

Having discovered her, the Sacred Sun Clan began to groom her with Meng Wan filling up junior apprentice-sister Feng’s position and her filling up the position Meng Wan had left behind.”


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