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HSSB340: Luck


During this lengthy process, the Earth Devouring Burner had already absorbed a great amount of the Ice Pith Vein’s cold qi.

On the circulating formation, the flickering red glow had already dimmed greatly.

The flowing blue stream of light before Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu was already a little different from how it had been earlier.

The change was extremely slight, but could truly be felt.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “The next wave will cause a greater disturbance; hopefully, there is no one else in the vicinity.

Still, this risk has to be taken.”

He took out the Underground Splitting Shuttle once more, entering it alongside Ah Hu, controlling it to pass through the layers of ice and frozen soil and return aboveground.

Not long after having arrived on the surface, the two suddenly felt the great earth beneath their feet begin quaking unceasingly.

Yan Zhaoge looked downwards.

On the snowy plains of the Extreme North, it seemed as though an earthquake was currently occurring.

The next moment, the earth suddenly split apart!

Not only did the earth split apart, a great amount of soil, rocks and chunks of ice also collapsed downwards simultaneously, a massive amount of empty space seemingly having suddenly appeared underground, leading to the mass collapse of what lay above.

A great crater whose depths could not be seen appeared on the snowy plains, occupying a vast region, intense tremoring also emanating intermittently from below.

Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu stood at the edge of the crater.

Looking within, all they could see was pitch darkness.

Without the Underground Splitting Shuttle this time, the two directly descended within, going all the way down.

At the end of the lengthy darkness, an ice-blue radiance vaguely seemed to flicker.

“Young Master, have you succeeded” Ah Hu asked as they progressed.

Yan Zhaoge surveyed their surroundings, “That just now was the result of the Ice Pith Vein finally having been set off.

However, for the changes in it here to affect the faraway Fire Pith Vein in the Southern Wilderness, it still has to be maintained for a period of time.”

Arriving at the ice cave at the bottom of the crater, they saw the formation still circulating silently within, the Ice Pith Vein that flowed like a river with its blue light still flowing peacefully.

The Earth Devouring Burner was still devouring massive amounts of cold qi in the form of mist, as well as the essence of the Ice Pith Vein.

Yan Zhaoge gazed upwards into the sky, looking at the descending radiance, seemingly looking at the head of a well from its bottom.

“The crater is too big, and would be hard to bury and conceal.

Otherwise, the soil and rocks descending, it might influence the formation here,” Yan Zhaoge sighed regretfully, “Such a great crater is much too conspicuous on the snowy plains.

Luckily, few people are active within the Extreme Northern Lands.

Hopefully, no one will approach this place.”

“It is a little risky, but the risks have to be taken,” Yan Zhaoge came beside the Earth Devouring Burner, sitting down cross-legged, Ah Hu also sitting by the side.

The two patiently watched the Ice Pith Vein and the Earth Devouring Burner before them.

However, Yan Zhaoge was to discover that his luck was sometimes not really good.

Within his right eye, the purplish-green light of thunder flickered slightly.

Raising his head and gazing upwards, Yan Zhaoge was unable to see anything, but with the help of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor, he could vaguely feel someone approaching.

Ah Hu’s expression turned solemn, “Young Master, there’s someone”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Right, and that person’s cultivation base is also not low, probably being at least an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster.”

Gradually, the other party’s figure appeared within Yan Zhaoge’s field of vision.

At the same time, the other party also became able to see Yan Zhaoge.

The person was only curious at first, but after seeing Yan Zhaoge’s appearance, his expression instantly turned rather savage.

A terrifying black storm enshrouded him, gradually gaining the momentum of sweeping through the entire ice cave.

“Following the destruction of Black Nightmare Mountain and the great battle of Broad Creed Mountain earlier, they should have more or less completely died out.

Currently, they still have an expert of the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster realm in existence” Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered slightly as he recognised the other party’s origins, “It seems he was of the batch of remnants reliant on the Sacred Sun Clan.

Not having participated in the battle of Broad Creed Mountain, to think we would encounter him here in the Extreme Northern Lands.”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was heavy as he stayed by the side of the Earth Devouring Burner, looking quietly at the newcomer.

The other party similarly stared at Yan Zhaoge coldly.

But after a while, the black storm around him gradually calmed, before he retreated from the area.

Ah Hu’s expression was not at all relaxed, “Young Master, will he have gone to look for help”

Yan Zhaoge was currently famed far and wide.

First not mentioning his great strength, critical was that the entire world knew that he possessed a Sacred Artifact fragment, its power being extremely ferocious.

While the newcomer was at the fourth stage of the Martial Grandmaster realm, being an early Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster expert, he couldn’t say that he could bear the attack of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment for certain.

It was best that the other party knew what was best for him and left, but with the enmity between Broad Creed Mountain and Black Nightmare Mountain, it was hard to believe that he would let it end just like this.

In these Extreme Northern Lands, there was actually quite the number of Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners currently abound.

If that Black Nightmare Mountain martial practitioner knew of this, these Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners all had the possibility of becoming reinforcements and helpers.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at the Earth Devouring Burner, “A little more time is still needed…”

“Black Nightmare Mountain and the Heavenly Thunder Hall are two different entities.

Wanting to communicate, it would be much harder.

If he moves for reinforcements, going there and back, it should logically take a very long period of time.

After all, having circled around those of the Heavenly Thunder Hall and come here initially, we moved a long way over.”

Yan Zhaoge remained unmoving as he continued to sit, pondering before saying, “Ah Hu, I will continue watching over this place.

You keep vigilant watch over the outside.”

Ah Hu acknowledged and went, a piece of jade which had already become rather dim now appearing within Yan Zhaoge’s hand.


An Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, leading many other Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners, sped off rapidly into the distance.

Lin Zhou followed by his side.

This Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, a middle-aged man, glanced at Lin Zhou somewhat dissatisfiedly, “You should be remaining at the legacy site.

I know that Elder Lin’s death has made you hate Broad Creed Mountain down to the core, but to our clan, it should still be the legacy that is the more important.”

Lin Zhou said mildly, “We have already left behind sufficient forces where the legacy site is.

Wanting to open the legacy site, it still falls on those of Broad Creed Mountain at the end of the day.

Do not consider too much, Elder Zhen.

My head is currently very calm.”

Elder Zhen snorted, no longer speaking, his gaze falling on the old man leading the way at the front, “Someone of Black Nightmare Mountain should be trustworthy.

Still, that Yan Zhaoge-what is he doing not going to the legacy site of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint, instead running off someplace else”

Lin Zhou did not speak, only increasing his pace as they hurried along.

He was unable to speak clearly about some things to other people.

For example, he just always felt that there was something up with Yan Zhaoge.

Although he had not undergone the same thing that he had, his situation being different, he was still different from the common person.

It was just that trying to grasp this was like trying to view flowers within the fog, with him unable to see through it clearly.

Under such a circumstance, without personally making a trip here, Lin Zhou would not feel at ease.

Leading the way at their front, Black Nightmare Mountain’s old Elder, Zheng Shuo, had on a similarly sunken expression.

He did not have much of a relationship with the Heavenly Thunder Hall, but the enemy of the enemy was a friend.

The enmity between them being as deep as an ocean was already insufficient to describe that which lay between Black Nightmare Mountain and Broad Creed Mountain.

Because he had been in secluded cultivation earlier, Zheng Shuo had not been able to make it to the battle of Broad Creed Mountain.

However, he didn’t rejoice at this at all.

Seeing Broad Creed Mountain decimate the Decimating Abyss, repelling the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, he had only felt despondence and anger that could not be easily quelled.

He only wished to be able to see the day Broad Creed Mountain fell in his remaining years in this world.

If he could not see it, having the chance to destroy the most outstanding person of Broad Creed Mountain’s younger generation, he would be able to enter his coffin in peace.


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