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HSSB376: The matador Yan Zhaoge


Other than the great amount of Flame Devils congregated over at East Dragon Island where Jade Sea City was, where a Flame Devil King was currently leading them in attacking Jade Sea City, there was still many other Flame Devils active in the region of the East Sea near where Jade Sea City was.

At this moment, Jade Sea City had been forced to retract its defensive lines and pour all its efforts into defending East Dragon Island.

They could only allow these Flame Devils to move freely for the time being.

The cultivation bases of these Flame Devils were relatively low, with even Great Flame Devils being rare.

However, there were also many Flame Devils at the level of power of Martial Grandmasters.

After Jade Sea City had retracted its defensive lines, these Flame Devils were no longer restricted as they began wantonly causing damage all over the place.

On the surface of the sea, three Flame Devils shot through the sky, speeding off into the distance.

Long tails of flame could be seen behind them.

Wherever they passed, the earth was filled with flowing fire.

Of these three Flame Devils, two were humanoid, while the last resembled a great roc.

On their bodies, other than the blazing hot aura of flames, a strong smell of blood could also be detected.

“Just enacted a slaughter Flame Devils are truly walking disasters,” Now, a voice suddenly resounded from beneath them.

The three Flame Devils were all shocked, just wanting to lower their heads to look downwards when the great sea below them suddenly surged with tides, a pillar of water shooting up into the skies.

The water pillar, containing powerful aura-qi, enveloped the three of them.

These Flame Devils had just wanted to struggle out of it when a speck of red light suddenly flickered before their eyes.

An extremely terrifying aura that resembled tribulations and disaster emanated from the great sea below, causing these three Flame Devils to feel numbness permeating through their bodies and even their very souls.

Strictly speaking, that aura was not all that powerful in terms of power level, perhaps even seeming a little weak.

However, for the three Flame Devils, their feeling now was even more terrifying, even more shocking than when faced against their Flame Devil Kings or the Martial Saints of humans.

This was a trembling that was engraved within their very souls and bloodlines, rather inexplicable, yet still truly existing.

Just at that moment when these three Flame Devils were dazed, trapped within three pillars of water, Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu and Pan-Pan rushed out.

Pan-Pan roared, clapping out with his palms.

The humanoid Flame Devil facing him struggled with all his might, his two arms expanding outwards to block the incoming blow, yet couldn’t stand against Pan-Pan’s immense power as he was caught in between his two massive paws.

Looking at the Flame Devil which had already been caught within his paws, Pan-Pan opened his mouth and roared once more.

Then, from his mouth, numerous black streams of water spurted out, forming a water dragon, instantly piercing through the chest of that Flame Devil.

On the other side, Ah Hu was facing off against that Flame Devil in the form of a great roc.

Ah Hu spread out his hands, a black hurricane condensing into existences that resembled the claws of a tiger, purple streams of light flickering on the tips of the claws, resembling sharp blades.

He clawed out, that Flame Devil in the form of a great roc also being rendered unable to move.

Ah Hu ripped mightily outwards with his claws, directly ripping off the two wings of flame of this Flame Devil!

Next, Ah Hu raised his leg and kicked out, cold qi overflowing from within that terrifying Black Nightmare Storm as it actually transformed into a unique storm of ice and snow, resembling a heavy hammer as it smashed down mightily on the Flame Devil’s vitals at its chest.

The fiery light exploded mightily, finally dimming and being extinguished within the storm of extreme coldness.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge was facing off against the most powerful of these three Flame Devils, a Flame Devil who was equivalent to the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmasters of humans.

While he was being suppressed by the ring of the Flame Devil Emperor, this Flame Devil was not going to stay there waiting to die as faced with Yan Zhaoge’s attack, he did not retreat, instead advancing, attacking on his own initiative as he wanted to kill his way out of this place.

Usually, Yan Zhaoge might be of the mind to exchange a few moves with him.

However, at this moment, not saying a word, he directly pulled back the bowstring of Heaven Shocker, notched with a Devil Shattering Ice Talisman.

Purple thunderbolts roared as a golden streak of light shot mightily out, resembling a long rainbow streaking past the sun, yet also overflowing with coldness and gloominess.

The golden light that was mixed with thunderbolts directly shattered the body of that Flame Devil, yet did not turn into flowing fire, instantly forming several golden crystals which fell towards the surface of the sea down below.

Having instantly killed these three Flame Devils, Yan Zhaoge kept the ring of the Flame Devil Emperor, next taking out the nine ice shards with a practised movement.

Ah Hu and Pan-Pan were also no longer surprised this time as they crowded by Yan Zhaoge’s side familiarly, next waiting for the ice ball to form, enveloping them as well as Yan Zhaoge.

The ice ball fell into the sea, moving alongside the tides once more, drifting far away alongside the hidden undercurrents at the depths of the sea.

Within the ice ball, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu had on calm expressions.

After a moment, Yan Zhaoge extended his right hand, unfurling his fingers, next furling up his thumb to his palm, next his index finger, middle finger, ring finger and finally little finger.

Ah Hu performed exactly the same motion as him.

Even Pan-Pan extended his furry paw, counting down the time with it.

As Yan Zhaoge’s fingers were finally clenched into a fist once more, in the distance far behind them, violent fluctuations of power were instantly transmitted over.

The tides of the sea noticeably intensified, pushing the ice ball forth at an even more rapid speed, getting it further away more quickly.

In the place where they had just slain the three Flame Devils, the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang was currently enraged as thunder.

Cheng Huang resembled an enraged bull that had seen a red piece of cloth.

Similar incidents had already happened several times.

Yan Zhaoge resembled a matador, leading this Flame Devil King fruitlessly running circles about the sea.

To Yan Zhaoge, doing so was a method, and not the goal.

The goal was to keep the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang from returning to Jade Sea City, instead continuing in his attempts to track him.

Therefore, every time, having thrown the other party some distance back, Yan Zhaoge would be like when he had killed the three Flame Devils just now, keeping the nine ice shards and emerging from the ice ball before searching for some scattered Flame Devils in the vicinity to get rid of.

Faced with Flame Devils with comparatively weaker cultivation bases, the dark red ring had a clear restrictive effect on them.

Other than that, the Devil Shattering Ice Talisman was also extraordinarily useful against Flame Devils, and Yan Zhaoge also possessed the high-grade spirit artifact Heaven Shocker.

Therefore, as long as they were not Great Flame Devils that were equivalent to the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters of humans, other Flame Devils having encountered Yan Zhaoge, they would all be beaten up to the point of wanting to wail for their parents.

Yan Zhaoge did not rashly advance hungry for achievements.

After having revealed their trail on his own accord at a certain location, he would immediately conceal their tracks once more, beginning yet another trip into the depths of the sea.

Afterwards, chasing closely after them, the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang would basically arrive in the fastest time possible.

However, sadly, after a few tries, Yan Zhaoge’s understanding of Cheng Huang’s speed had increased more and more, with him becoming more and more precise in terms of calculating the time.

And it was just that Yan Zhaoge’s stealthy travel method had its speed decided by the hidden undercurrents at the bottom of the sea.

Meanwhile, the strength of the sea’s hidden undercurrents, other than that which was caused by the Flame Devil King Cheng Huang, was also decided by other factors related to their environment.

While Cheng Huang was still unable to understand how Yan Zhaoge had been escaping, even if he was aware of this, it would also be very hard for him to accurately calculate Yan Zhaoge’s speed.

Therefore, the result was that an exalted Flame Devil King, Cheng Huang, was eternally unable to catch hold of a single Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster of the human race.

He could only repeatedly eat dust behind Yan Zhaoge time and time again.

Having just found a clue with great difficulty, he would arrive to a great mess, only dead or wounded fellow Flame Devils being present at the scene.

While that accursed human seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth, disappearing without a trace once more, with it impossible to find him no matter how he tried!

This Flame Devil King was enraged as thunder, his despondence and rage increasing as time went by.

Meanwhile, entering the depths of the sea, exterminating devils and leading Cheng Huang around in circles had now become something like Yan Zhaoge’s usual routine.


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