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HSSB382: Let it…explode!


With the matter already having been decided, an Elder of Jade Sea City directly pushed out with his palm, Yan Zhaoge’s figure flying towards the central great hall.

“Please open the door, senior apprentice-brother Yu,” This Elder said, and after a while, a small gap was opened within the formless barrier enveloping the great hall, through which the Elder and Yan Zhaoge entered.

Entering the great hall, Yan Zhaoge saw Jade Sea City’s Grand Elder, Elder Yu, currently controlling the formation.

Beside him, another Grand Elder of Jade Sea City was currently in meditation, his face pale as paper, weakened to the extreme.

That was the Jade Sea City Elder who had been controlling the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation earlier on, whose role had now been taken over by Elder Yu.

If he had not done so in time, this old man would directly have died within the formation, his energy completely depleted by the Flame Devils outside.

Elder Yu’s current condition was also extremely terrible, clearly having suffered heavy injuries.

Having heard the report of the Jade Sea City longtime Elders outside, already knowing the gist of the situation, he nodded slightly towards Yan Zhaoge, not having the leisure to speak.

Yan Zhaoge also cared not about pleasantries as he walked towards the back of the great hall.

There, a water screen appeared.

It was jade green in colour and not transparent, the scenes within not visible from the outside, but a bright golden light penetrated outwards through it.

This was where Jade Sea City’s City Lord, Song Wuliang, was currently in seclusion forging the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head and looked at that Jade Sea City longtime Elder who had entered alongside him.

The latter walked into the jade green water screen, and he followed closely behind him.

Entering the water screen, Yan Zhaoge halted, completely enveloped by jade green streams of water.

That Jade Sea City longtime Elder similarly halted, extending his hand and writing a few lines of characters within the air.

The characters seemed to have been inscribed within the water, transforming into a faint stream of light and disappearing after a while.

The next moment, Yan Zhaoge felt a powerful will emanating over from up ahead.

It did not have to be asked for it to be known that that was the Jade Sea Martial Saint Song Wuliang.

While Song Wuliang was unable to move, he was not completely oblivious to everything that was happening outside.

Yan Zhaoge was not clear on his exact thoughts, but the City Lord did not show any signs of objection.

Yan Zhaoge immediately nodded, drifting over.

Looking from the outside, above the central great hall of Jade Sea City’s inner city, a thick jade green water pillar arose, combining with the top of the great dome of Jade Sea City overhead.

Yan Zhaoge’s figure appeared within the water pillar.

He raised his head to look at the scattered spirit patterns overhead that were on the brink of collapse, next lowering his head to look at Jade Sea City below.

Then, Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply, his gaze calm and also sunken.

In the central great hall below, Elder Yu controlled the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation, then sent this news over to Yuan Zhengfeng and An Qinglin who were currently in a great battle with the Flame Devils on the sea’s surface as the grand formation circulated.

While Yuan Zhengfeng was unclear on the reason, amidst his battle with the Flame Devils, he found some time to drop a few streams of clear qi down below.

The small black and yellow specks of light that resembled corn bobbed up and down, resembling numerous stars of the milky way amidst the clear qi.

The Flame Devil King did not understand his actions, but still moved to obstruct them.

Yuan Zhengfeng wielded streams of clear qi, illusory and real.

Amidst his battle with the Flame Devil King, a stream of clear qi finally peacefully landed within the great sea.

Within the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation, suspended within the water pillar, Yan Zhaoge stared closely overhead.

When the aura of the agglomerated essence of the power of the Clear Qi Robe landed, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up.

The clear qi entangled around the jade green water pillar, merging within as it drifted about.

At the same time as this, according to their earlier agreement, Elder Yu promptly circulated the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation in reverse!

The massive East Dragon Island that seemed like a mainland shuddered in its entirety once more, next rising upwards to the sea’s surface!

The all-encompassing screens of water that enveloped East Dragon Island all around also began converging at its centre up above.

Countless spirit patterns, numerous spirit arrays, collapsed one by one as immense destructive power was revealed.

All the jade water agglomerated in the air above Jade Sea City’s central grand hall, forming a massive sphere of water.

At this moment, Jade Sea City on East Dragon Island saw the light of day once more, the dazzling fiery glow of fire appearing before the eyes of all as an all-encompassing sea of flames and a terrifying power enveloped the entire sky.

If not for the protection of Yuan Zhengfeng and An Qinglin, East Dragon Island would immediately have been reduced to a land of burnt soil.

That massive sphere of water began shrinking, the great amount of jade water descending straight downwards through that water pillar, surging madly towards Jade Sea City’s central great hall.

Located within the water pillar, Yan Zhaoge also bore immense pressure.

His expression did not change as he suddenly took out a single object.

It was his Internal Crystal Furnace!

Just the aura of the Clear Qi Robe and the spiritual force gathered from circulating the grand formation in reverse alone were insufficient to reverse this perilous situation.

Otherwise, with the people of Jade Sea City possessing the courage and resolve to go all out as they broke off all paths behind them, they might also have been able to think of a similar plan.

However, just these two forces alone, that from a Sacred Artifact and circulating the grand formation in reverse, were still insufficient to seal the deal.

Yan Zhaoge had instructed of three matters.

The first matter had been him entering the core of the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation, the reason for this being his Internal Crystal Furnace!

Following the unflagging efforts of Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain in analysing and raising its abilities, the current Internal Crystal Furnace had improved greatly from before.

As a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster, if Yan Zhaoge wanted to interfere with the forging of a Sacred Artifact just relying on his Internal Crystal Furnace, it would still be insufficient somewhat.

However, Yan Zhaoge had already been prepared for this.

“Open!” Yan Zhaoge patted the Internal Crystal Furnace, its lid opening as the aura of the Clear Qi Robe entered within.

As its lid closed, the Internal Crystal Furnace shuddered mightily.

“Let it…” Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply before roaring, “EXPLODE!”

Accompanied by his hands clapping on the Internal Crystal Furnace together, the massive furnace descended like a meteor, shooting straight towards Jade Sea City’s central great hall down below!

Not having reached the great hall, this bright meteor exploded mightily!

Powerful radiance emanated, combining with the power of the grand formation infused from circulating in reverse, surging together into the central great hall where Song Wuliang was currently in seclusion.

Instantly, the entire East Dragon Island shuddered intensely once more.

Incomparably bright golden light surged into the skies from Jade Sea City’s central great hall.

The next moment, a terrifying tsunami which was not inferior to the one from when the grand formation had been damaged earlier arose with East Dragon Island at its centre.

It was just that this time, the great tides that surged to the heavens were not spreading outwards in all directions, instead converging towards Jade Sea City on East Dragon Island from all directions!

Innumerable frenzied tides enveloped and submerged East Dragon Island once more, but were very quickly absorbed by the golden pillar of light arisen from the Jade Sea City’s central great hall.

In an instant, the golden pillar of light gradually transformed into a jade green sword-light!

The seven seas birthed light, an infinite, boundless majestic sword-intent thereby being born!

Within Jade Sea City, as Elder Yu and the others saw this, they were all overjoyed, “A Sacred Artifact belonging to our Jade Sea City, the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword, success!”

The entire clan’s long-time dream had finally been fulfilled.

Thinking of the great disaster which had very nearly extinguished them just now, everyone felt greatly emotional as their joy even almost brought tears to their eyes.

Within the sky, as the Flame Devils felt the changes down below, their expressions all changed greatly.

Some wanted to retreat just like this, some wanted to ignore Yuan Zhengfeng and An Qinglin and forcibly assault Jade Sea City, while some attacked Yuan Zhengfeng’s group with even greater ferocity, wanting to battle to the death.

In Jade Sea City below, the all-encompassing jade green sword-light was suddenly retracted, seemingly having vanished.

However, the terrifying sword-intent instantly shot into the skies, madly attacking the Flame Devils up above.

Having already been freed up, Yan Zhaoge stood within the air with his hands behind his back, looking leisurely at this scene.

The people of Jade Sea City below were all looking at him.

After a short silence, regardless of their seniority or age, all of them bowed towards Yan Zhaoge.


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