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HSSB430: Flying away house and all


Looking at Gao Fang, Yan Zhaoge asked, “Having been founded just some ten over years ago, that is to say that this current Chief of the Snow Crane Sect is their founder How much do you know about this person Is there a portrait”

Gao Fang shook his head, “There are portraits circulating about, but we definitely don’t have any on hand now.

I just know that it is a woman.

Her husband is a demonic blood cultivator, but seems to be weaker than her.”

On the other side, the middle-aged scholar said, “I heard that she was the maid of some expert in the past, and can be considered half a disciple of that expert.

That expert is extremely mysterious, having already not appeared in this world for many years.

It seems like the Chief of the Snow Crane Sect only learnt from that expert for a time, yet had her foundation properly established by such.”

“The Chief of the Snow Crane Sect does not forbid one to speak of this, instead feeling greatly honoured by it.

The more this is so, the more everyone feels curious regarding that expert behind her.

Still, there is little information on that person.”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes for a moment, “Is this expert male or female”

“It is said that she is a woman.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “How strong is she”

Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar opened their mouths, yet paused as they appeared a little embarrassed, “Actually, no one has much understanding on that.

We can only predict this based on the current strength of the Chief of the Snow Crane Sect.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “How long has it been since she last appeared”

“Around…thirty years,” Gao Fang thought for a while before answering.

Yan Zhaoge continued asking, “Has she never appeared again after that”

The middle-aged scholar answered, “At the very least, I haven’t heard of it.”

Yan Zhaoge was silent for a moment before he smiled, “The final question.

How is the relationship of the Blood Cloud Clan with Green Dragon Mountain and the Snow Crane Sect”

The face of Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar both stiffened.

Before they could answer, intense fluctuations of demonic power emanated from outside!

The Crimson Feather Grand Halberd Battle Formation of the Crimson Halberd Corps was circulated to the maximum in that instant, more powerful demonic power than this also pulsing and surging at the same time.

Looking at Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar, Yan Zhaoge could not help but laugh, “It’s fine, you don’t have to answer.

I already know it now.”

While Yan Zhaoge had already denied being from the Snow Crane Sect, Rong Zhi clearly still believed that he was related to it.

Yan Zhaoge felt that from a certain perspective, the other party’s guess wasn’t actually completely wrong.

He swivelled his head to look at Xu Fei and the others, telling them, “We have gained some unexpected clues, but it has come together with some trouble as well.”

Before his words had fallen, violent demonic power was already mightily smashing at the roof of the big hall.

A massive Crimson Eyed Golden Eagle flew high in the sky, its feathers that were formed of light turning crimson as it clawed viciously at the roof of the big hall, wanting to rip it completely apart.

The Ziyu Kingdom’s Crown Prince stood with his hands behind his back, watching on without any change in his expression.

However, his gaze had already turned somewhat solemn, “The reputation of the Furan Kingdom’s Crimson Halberd Corps is well deserved indeed.”

“Manifesting the silhouette of a demonic beast is a characteristic of semi-demonised practitioners.

However, these members of the Crimson Halberd Corps, not awakening the power of their bloodline, have still manifested the silhouette of the Crimson Eyed Golden Eagle through their unique battle formation, even having the look of mutation as it has a uniqueness of its own.”

The Ziyu Kingdom’s Crown Prince felt a chill in his heart, “Adding on Liang Han as their Grand Commander, this power is already no longer completely simply an accumulation of numbers.

Instead, their strength has intrinsically risen.”

Looking at the hall beneath the claws of the golden eagle, he thought, “You can be considered as not having died for nothing, at least having allowed this one to get a glimpse of the true power of the Furan Kingdom’s Crimson Halberd Corps…”

Then, he abruptly stared wide-eyed as a black storm suddenly arose about that solitary hall, enveloping it.

Separated from the hall by the black hurricane, the massive eagle was totally unable to get close to it.

Also, its claws were unceasingly sliced by the black hurricane, accumulating many scars, nearing the point of breaking apart!

The Ziyu Kingdom’s Crown Prince was stunned.

Liang Han’s eyeballs appeared on the point of imploding.

The face of the Furan Kingdom’s Crown Prince darkened.

Even the Elder of the Blood Cloud Clan, Rong Zhi, frowned at this.

Within the hall, Ah Hu asked, “Young Master, is there still a need for us to remain in the Furan Kingdom”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “Most likely not.

Our time is limited; let’s leave this place first.”

“Great, Young Master.

Sit well, guys,” Ah Hu grinned before he spread the Immortal Crane Wings behind his back, a rain of light expanding outwards.

The aura-qi of his entire body surged together, a terrifying black hurricane enveloping the entire house before uprooting it by its very foundations!

High within the hurricane, the silhouette of an immortal crane could be seen as it spread its wings wide, a hurricane birthed by its flapping as it sped directly off into the distance.

Within the house, Yan Zhaoge pointed at Ah Hu, smiling, “This guy, you’re really too much.

Flying like this, it’s slow and takes up much energy as well.”

Those outside the house were rendered staring and tongue-tied as Elder Rong, his brows knit tightly, said, “Could it be that this old man saw wrongly, and they are actually semi-demonised practitioners But I couldn’t feel any demonic power fluctuations ah.”

While thinking, his movements were not slow at all as he struck out with his palm.

Along with this palm, patterns of light flickered about Elder Rong’s body which instantly condensed into a massive tiger’s claw, clawing towards the black hurricane in mid-air.

Liang Han’s face was even more livid as flames of fury within his gaze, he drew upon the power of the Crimson Feather Grand Halberd Battle Formation, the massive eagle spreading its wings wide as it soared straight up into the skies.

Within the black hurricane, another heavy, vigorous aura-qi suddenly surged into existence.

The aura-qi condensed into a massive palm, colliding with Elder Rong’s tiger’s claw in mid-air.

Just having come into contact with it, Elder Rong felt as if a huge mountain was weighing down on him as the power of his demonic bloodline felt hard pressed to contend with it amidst their clash.

That power was simple but momentous, heavy and boundless, heavy as the great earth as well as unyielding and tall like a great mountain as it seemed eternally unshakable.

In virtually but a mere instant, the tiger’s claw formed of those patterns of light was shattered directly by that massive palm.

Elder Rong was shocked by this.

Fortunately, that palm did not counterattack, striking towards that massive eagle assaulting over from the other side after having shattered his tiger’s claw.

A mighty boom resounded as countless crimson feathers shattered, transforming into an all-encompassing rain of light that scattered all about the land below.

The massive eagle let out a piercing howl of rage, struggling unceasingly.

Liang Han and the Crimson Halberd Corps with him were all shaken, blood spurting out of their mouths.

Having barely held on, the massive eagle flapped its wings, not retreating in the face of death as it lunged towards the black hurricane once more.

That massive palm struck over once more, able to split mountains and terminate rivers as it completely smashed the massive eagle back down onto the ground!

Liang Han and the others were unable to hold on any longer, yet another mouthful of blood spurting out of their mouths as other than their Grand Commander Liang Han who was the strongest, everyone else all collapsed to the ground and fainted.

Liang Han was also no longer able to sustain himself as he fell onto the ground on one knee.

Within the hall, Xu Fei retracted his Great Heaven Earth Palm, sitting back down.

Gao Fang and the middle-aged scholar looked at Ah Hu and Xu Fei with dazed expressions on their faces.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, looking like he was thinking about something.

The citizens of Kanghe City witnessed a strange sight this very day, that of a black wind sweeping along a house as it flew through the air out of the city.

Now, powerful energy fluctuations emanated from the faraway Furan Palace.

“Who dares to cause trouble in my Furan Kingdom” An authoritative voice resounded, and the next moment, countless patterns of light enveloped the entire capital city with the royal palace as their centre.

Then, a massive silhouette appeared in the sky above Kanghe City, virtually encompassing half of the entire sky.

A three-headed horse galloped madly towards Yan Zhaoge and the others!


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