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HSSB451: Someone different from others


Looking at He Ying, Yan Zhaoge’s mind drifted away as for just that one moment, his thoughts flew off to who knows where.

Numerous images surfaced unceasingly, as though they represented the not-so-distant future.

Old Devil Yan, this world’s temporary Great Demon King, ruled over the heavens with the utmost authority, tyrannical and arrogant, performing all possible wickedness, doing completely as he liked.

He abducted a beautiful young disciple of the Blood Cloud Clan, He Ning.

A youth who had a relationship of mutual love with He Ning vowed to defeat Old Devil Yan, rescuing his abducted lover.

The youth had been totally useless in the past.

Now however, due to some fortuitous encounter, he gained the destiny of heaven as he figuratively transformed into a dragon overnight.

While he was still very weak, his rate of growth was rapid.

He had secret scriptures on his left, divine weapons on his right.

Immortal pills hung by his waist, an old grandpa hidden by his chest.

The youth rose to power, finally successfully defeating Old Devil Yan and rescuing the distressed beauty.

His thoughts having momentarily taken a totally random turn for a time, Yan Zhaoge only recovered after a while, his gaze a little strange as he appraised He Ning all over.

Feeling Yan Zhaoge’s gaze on her, while it did not appear any lascivious at all, He Ning still felt extremely uneasy.

Seeing this, the expressions of Luo Jinghao and the others all turned strange as well.

Staring at a young miss like this, it was hard for one not to think that you did not have any strange designs on her.

As he looked at He Ning, Yan Zhaoge actually very much wanted to ask, “Miss, do you have any close male childhood friend who, having been totally useless in the past, is currently on the rise to power”

Still, he quickly shook his head and laughed.

Recalling some people and matters now, Yan Zhaoge was already no longer concerned about them.

Even if similar situations truly occurred, Yan Zhaoge would just do as he would do, remaining incomparably composed.

His earlier thoughts had merely been a sudden twitch of the brain as some entertaining notions had momentarily surfaced for a time.

He smiled, waving his hands, “You can go rest now.

There’s nothing for you for the time being.”

He Ning felt completely mystified.

Still, having no choice but to do what he said, she took her leave.

Looking at Luo Jinghao and the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “You have performed pretty well in your errand.”

The two both bowed, “You are polite.”

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge was increasingly giving them a feeling of indiscernibility.

While the two dared not say anything else, they felt blazingly heated inside.

After the Blue Bird had arrived at the Jade Ridge Snowy Mountains, it had taken up residence there.

Whilst completely shattering the hopes of those of the Blood Cloud Clan, this also left the two Chiefs completely certain that Yan Zhaoge truly had the ability to purify the bloodline of demonic beasts.

Otherwise, even if the Blue Bird was unable to defeat Yan Zhaoge, why would it take the initiative to stay on so servilely like this

The Green Scaly Dragon bloodline of Green Dragon Mountain belonged to a mixed breed of dragon descended from the true dragons, while the Suanni bloodline of the Thunder Rumbling Clan was similarly impure.

If they could purify their demonic bloodlines, it would be extremely significant towards the legacies of their clans.

Not only would their current strength rise as a result, it would also have a far-reaching impact, benefiting their future descendants.

Luo Jinghao and the other martial practitioners of Green Dragon Mountain felt especially heated at this, because they knew for certain that even if Yan Zhaoge did not have the ability to strengthen the bloodline of the Green Scaly Dragon, he himself already possessed the power of essence blood of a true dragon.

Yan Zhaoge was clear on what they were thinking, but he did not mind this.

He had also gained a deeper understanding of the cultivation of demonic bloodline cultivators these past days.

“Purifying the bloodline is not simply a desire that appeared in people of this era,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Long before the Great Calamity, there had already been people hypothesising on this.”

“After all, many spirit beasts of pure blood find it rather hard to birth offspring.”

Yan Zhaoge’s voice was casual, but it was like an imperial decree of the highest order to the ears of Luo Jinghao and the others.

Their gazes instantly turned earnest, not even daring to breath loudly as they just looked at Yan Zhaoge nervously and expectantly.

Yan Zhaoge continued, “Before the Great Calamity, there was an ancient technique known as the Spirit Cleansing Strengthening Technique which could purify the bloodline of demonic beasts, raising their strength.”

He glanced at Luo Jinghao and the others, “I have indeed inadvertently obtained this technique.”

Luo Jinghao and the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan simultaneously stopped their breathing.

Having heard the words ‘Spirit Cleansing Strengthening Technique, they had already understood.

Restarting their footsteps after the Great Calamity, the demonic bloodline cultivators of the Floating Life World had found it very hard to progress, only proceeding forward with great, painstaking difficulty.

The legacies from before the Great Calamity were few, and those suited to demonic bloodline cultivators were even fewer, but they had still worked hard in unearthing the various legacies, searching for what would be useful to them.

Amongst them, the famed name of the Cleansing Spirit Strengthening Technique had naturally attracted their attention.

This was because the effects of that technique of legend on the cultivation of them demonic bloodline cultivators would truly be much too significant.

Sadly, following the Great Calamity, the Cleansing Spirit Strengthening Technique had been lost, merely its legend left behind.

The martial practitioners of the Floating Life World could only feel great sorrow at this.

The Cleansing Spirit Strengthening technique wouldn’t absolutely guarantee success, and the extent of strengthening would also depend on the specific situation.

Even so, it already left the very saliva about to drip out of the mouths of Luo Jinghao and the others.

“If demonic bloodline cultivators want to refine the demonic blood into their bodies, they must first have sufficient of the primordial blood to use.

Afterwards, guided by a secret technique, the new blood will change, with the new blood and old blood merging afterwards.”

“If they are demonic beasts, they can just attempt it directly.”

At this point, Yan Zhaoge stopped revealing anything, instead saying, “As for how the old blood and new blood is to merge, you can analyse and draw out the process for yourselves.”

Luo Jinghao and the others felt an insufferable itch in their hearts, but they could only leave for now.

After they had left, Xu Fei said, “We are set to return to the Eight Extremities World eventually.

From the looks of it, Zhaoge, your intention is to raise the Snow Crane Sect up.

If this Cleansing Spirit Strengthening Technique is provided to the demonic bloodline cultivators here, however, it might instead be disadvantageous to them.”

“Even with the Dragon Bone Chain, the Snow Crane Sect still bears the risk of falling to multiple enemies.

Green Dragon Mountain might even be the one who wants most to see harm befall them.”

Xu Fei knit his brows slightly, “Are you thinking of handing the Spirit Cleansing Strengthening Technique over to Chief Su to keep charge of, thereby restricting the demonic bloodline cultivators However, you must beware the possibility of them instead becoming a public enemy as a result, suffering a joint attack by the demonic bloodline cultivators.”

“With the benefits presented by the Spirit Cleansing Strengthening Technique really being too great, some might think to risk it all as a result.

There might even come the scenario of old enemies temporary setting aside their enmities, working together in concert.”

Xu Fei was rather worried, “Ten years later, the dimensional passageway that connects our two worlds with the descent of the Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow might not open.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Your considerations are not unfounded, senior apprentice-brother Xu.

Still, do not underestimate Aunt Yun.

Her ability to maintain a stable and healthy relationship with the demonic bloodline cultivators is grasped very well.”

“While we will have to leave soon just like that, I won’t leave behind a rotten pile for Aunt Yun to work with.”

Xu Fei nodded, “It is good that you have thought about this.”

Swivelling his head over, Yan Zhaoge suddenly discovered that Feng Yunsheng was currently in a bit of a daze she looked at him.

Seeing him look over, Feng Yunsheng retracted her gaze rather embarrassedly.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, asking, “What, are there flowers growing on my face”

Feng Yunsheng shook her head, hesitating for a moment.

Then, rather than speaking, she sent over a sound transmission via aura-qi.

Her voice resounded by Yan Zhaoge’s ear, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan, it may be a little impolite of me to say this, but looking at you, I sometimes get a very special feeling.”

“It feels as if you are inconsistent with your surroundings.

Even if voices have erupted madly all around, you will still be conversing happily with others.

Still, you always seem to have a feeling of estrangement and incongruity about you, as if you are placed within two different worlds, being different from us, being different from each and every other person.”


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