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HSSB469: Pincered from two sides


Looking down below, Yan Zhaoge and the others saw the exploding golden light rise rapidly upwards.

Meanwhile, even further downwards could be seen a great amount of roiling black fog which seemed to possess a life of its own.

As the golden light neared, everyone was able to clearly feel the vigorous, surging force contained within.

However, as the black fog approached, all of them were able to more clearly feel that terrifying aura of the Nine Underworlds as well.

All here were peak experts of the Eight Extremities World.

However, at this moment, their hearts all fell into disarray with a violent, temperamental intent that was hard to suppress surging within.

This was already no longer the negative emotions within a martial practitioner’s soul acting up.

Rather than that, it was like someone was forcibly trampling over their hearts, unearthing the darkest corner that existed within before amplifying it unbridled to be exposed for all to see.

Yuan Zhengfeng, Huang Guanglie, Shen Li and An Qinglin roared loudly in unison.

With their combined forces, streams of light suffused the darkness as they suppressed the Nine Underworlds baleful qi together.

With them bearing the bulk of the pressure, it was instantly much easier for everyone else as they unleashed their power after having stabilised their minds, helping to suppress the black fog together.

As the black fog’s upwards momentum slowed, the emotion of fury immediately emanated from the depths of the abyss, shaking everyone’s hearts.

Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply, “It is different from when the descent of the Great Nine Underworlds Door failed and it was forced to close!”

Back when the Devilish Domain Grand Formations were broken, preventing the descent of the Great Nine Underworlds Door, furiousness would also emanate from within the great door.

However, while being incomparably majestic, that emotion had appeared illusory as well, as if the Nine Underworlds itself possessed fury at having been stopped.

While the current fury from the deep abyss down below was not so majestic, it felt much more real.

The upward momentum of the golden light and the black fog slowed before they fell into a stalemate within the deep abyss.

As they fell silent, a round object now distinctly appeared before their eyes.

As Yan Zhaoge looked over, it was like a true sun that was incomparably dazzling as well as blazing hot had appeared before his eyes.

Innumerable golden runes formed numerous streams of light that resembled chains yet also ribbons as they intermingled within the air, flying all around.

Below, infinite darkness faced off against the large golden sun.

Countless dark chains extended from within the darkness which entangled with the golden chains up above, clashing unceasingly.

There seemed to be lines of blood on the surface of all these black chains, riddled densely with dark red streams of light which flowed in an endless stream.

As the vast, majestic forces clashed unceasingly in mid-air, the entire space where the large golden sun and the dense dark fog met distorted completely, disordered beyond compare.

Yan Zhaoge could vaguely feel that the actual size of the huge golden sun might be much greater that what he was currently seeing before him.

However, it was appearing like how it was now due to spatial distortions.

Meeting this terrifying domain, even Yuan Zhengfeng and Huang Guanglie had clear looks of wariness appear within their gazes.

The numerous golden streams of light and the numerous black chains clashed as they expanded unceasingly outwards in all directions.

Accompanied by their rise within the deep abyss, the entire Earth Domain was gradually illuminated!

If one was currently looking down from high within the sky from outside the deep abyss, they would see the Earth Domain that was comparable in size to the Heaven Domain lighting up in its entirety.

The dense golden threads of gold and black riddled the vast earth all around like spiderwebs, shocking to the eye!

“Let’s move,” Yuan Zhengfeng said, “If we let the Nine Underworlds truly connect with our Eight Extremities World, all of us will face the fate of destruction.

That is not a place that is comparable to the Flame Devil World.”

Everyone here nodded quietly to his words.

The Nine Underworlds had already existed in pre-Great Calamity times.

It had stood in clear opposition with the great thousand worlds back then, being the darkest and most vile place in the universe.

This was unlike the Flame Devil World, the Floating Life World, the Vast Ocean World as well as the Eight Extremities World, which were all fragments of the previous great thousand heavens and earth of back then.

The Nine Underworlds were the Nine Underworlds.

When had anyone ever called it the Nine Underworlds World

Just its name itself already differentiated it from the Flame Devil World.

After staring at that large golden sun for a long time, Huang Guanglie and the other Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners all sighed before shifting away their gazes.

Everyone moved, unceasingly bolstering that huge golden sun with their collective strength.

Clear qi, sunlight, thunderbolts, clouds.

Countless sigils manifested into different phenomena which turned into countless runes.

These formed a formation within the air which continually suppressed the black fog in place.

Over this past period of time, other than Fang Zhun and the various other higher echelon Elders of the Sacred Grounds who had been stationed here to watch over the area, Yuan Zhengfeng, Huang Guanglie and the other bigwigs had often come to the Earth Domain as well.

With danger looming, all of their former reservations were flung aside as the experts unceasingly observed and projected the current situation of the Earth Domain, their understanding of it growing deeper and deeper.

With external enemies before them, the bigwigs temporarily joined hands and combined their information as they discussed and tried to come up with some possible solutions together.

Yan Zhaoge did not make a move, instead continuing to observe and analyse things intently.

The current method of Yuan Zhengfeng and the others still prioritised stability.

They wished to continue relying on that massive golden sun as the core of the seal as they reinforced it.

It was just that not being the original owners of the seal, they found it much more difficult to reinforce it.

Even so, the situation had already fallen under control, the black fog unable to continue rising as the huge golden sun even began to sink down once more, suppressing the black fog along with it.

That fury and resentment within the deep abyss grew denser and denser.

A soundless roar resounded by all their ears, as if clamping their hearts deep within.

On the numerous black chains that extended through the darkness, the dense bloodred patterns of light suddenly turned bright and dazzling.

Then, numerous streams of blood qi surged from the black chains which transformed into numerous Evil Devils, shooting over towards Yan Zhaoge and the others!

Yuan Zhengfeng, Huang Guanglie and the other two Martial Saint experts did not move as they continued reinforcing the seal in earnest.

The Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters of the various clans who had come with them sprung into action, expanding in a heated battle with the numerous Evil Devils manifested of devilish qi.

These Evil Devils were extremely powerful as one could not help but feel shocked at their strength.

Just merely devils manifested of devilish qi already possessed such great strength.

Then, what sort of existence must the source of the devilish qi that was attempting to escape from the deep abyss down below be

Also, how many such existences were there in the Nine Underworlds Just thinking about it alone was sufficient to make everybody tremble in fear.

Now, someone suddenly approached from the deep abyss up above.

Raising their heads and gazing upwards, they saw that it was a longtime Elder of Jade Sea City who had come.

His expression livid, he reported in a heavy tone, “Trouble over at the East Sea! The Flame Devils have assaulted yet again!”

“Several Flame Devil Kings equivalent to human experts at the second level of the Martial Saint realm have passed through the dimensional passageway and arrived within the Inner East Sea!”

Everyone felt a chill instantly shoot up their spines and straight to the top of their heads.

Currently, on the East Sea, blazing fire was once again surging into the heavens as many Flame Devils, led by a great many powerful Flame Devil Kings, were killing their way into the Eight Extremities World.

The foremost defensive lines of the human race were instantly wiped out!


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