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HSSB474: The current strongest of the Eight Extremities World!


Transcending Mortality, Entering Sainthood.

These four simple words seemed like a heavenly gulf.

Even before the Great Calamity, Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood had been a very difficult thing.

Meanwhile, in the current Eight Extremities World of after the Great Calamity, there had only been six Martial Saints in total.

Yan Di, known by the people of the world as Yan Wudi, had never tasted a single defeat at the hands of martial practitioners of the same cultivation level since the start as he had presided over all of his peers.

Even opponents with higher cultivation bases than him had been inferior to him as well.

Close to two years ago, having entered the Transcending Mortality stage, there had no longer been an opponent for him amongst Martial Grandmasters at all.

In the eyes of the world, the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Yan Di could only seek out an opponent amongst Martial Saints.

No one doubted Yan Di’s ability to step into the Martial Saint realm.

In fact, no one even doubted that he would become the youngest ever recorded Martial Saint of the Eight Extremities World following the Great Calamity.

However, even those who thought most highly of him would never have expected that just two short years later, Yan Di would already have traversed that heavenly gulf which countless were unable to cross for their entire lifetimes, Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood!

Old Man Mo, Huang Guanglie, Song Wuliang and An Qinglin all suspected their senses for a time, feeling that they must have seen wrongly.


A heaven-shocking, earth-shaking roar shook the area as all-encompassing flames congregated within the sky.

The Great Flame Devil King unleashed both its claws, the light of fire instantly rampaging across the sky as blazing fire seemed to have burnt through space itself, creating terrifying fissures where it passed.

Enveloped by the flames, the heavens and the earth seemed close to shattering.

The experts of the human race all felt a chill within their hearts as they regained their wits.

Their opponent had already answered their doubts with its actions.

In the eyes of that Great Flame Devil King, of all the human experts present here, it was Yan Di who posed the greatest threat!

Faced with the blazing fire that split the heavens and the earth, Yan Di did not falter as he remained fearless.

He raised the sabre within his hands that flickered with purple light before chopping downwards, the sky above his head sliding with his blow.

A majestic sabre-intent that was immeasurable and without peer collided with the ferocious blazing fire, both beginning to shatter unceasingly together!

The shattered sabre-qi as well as blazing fire within the air turned into numerous hurricanes, sweeping along the flames as terrifying storms of flame were formed, numbering in the thousands as they swirled within the sky.

The Great Flame Devil King trod within the air, lowering its head as it charged towards Yan Di with its two horns facing him!

With that collision, space itself seemed to explode as the numerous flame hurricanes originally swirling about all shattered.

Yan Di had not the time to retract the Heavenly Dragon Sabre in his right hand, but his expression was as per usual as he wielded his left palm like a sabre, chopping out towards that incoming Great Flame Devil King!

This sabre was actually different from the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre that Yan Di had always been using.

The sabre-intent was majestic, bringing along tens of thousands of phenomena.

Its basis was still of Broad Creed Mountain’s direct lineage, the Clear Qi Profound Art and the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre.

However, it was no longer majestic and momentous in the form of the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre.

There was only one clear feeling this sabre gave off.


Other than domineering, it was still domineering!

Presiding over all lower lifeforms, rampaging throughout without reservation!

In that instant in which Yan Di had stepped into the Martial Saint realm, he had flawlessly connected and combined his martial true intent with all which he had previously learned, self-creating this unparalleled, supreme martial art!

Extreme Heaven Domineering Sabre!

It was a sabre that none in this world had ever possessed, currently appearing before the people of this world for the very first time!

It was a domineering sabre attack most fitted to Yan Di, unleashing all of his power perfectly as it connected him with the grand daos of the heavens and the earth!

Substituting palm for sabre, Yan Di chopped down on a horn of that Great Flame Devil King.

The bodies of the two shook in unison!

That Great Flame Devil King howled deafeningly in rage before stumbling backwards in retreat.

One of the horns on its bull’s head had shockingly been hacked off by Yan Di!

Yan Di uttered a low cry as he was sent backwards by the shock as well.

Still, he quickly halted.

He raised the Heavenly Dragon Sabre in his right hand, chopping out with yet another sabre!

As the domineering aura rampaged, as the Extreme Heaven Domineering Sabre which was fearsome beyond compare was executed by Yan Di having just stepped into the Martial Saint realm, the elite high-grade spirit artifact, the Heavenly Dragon Sabre, actually trembled unceasingly as it seemed unable to bear the sabre-intent that was contained within this sabre of Yan Di’s!

With furious howls, the Great Flame Devil King lunged forward once more, the flame patterns on its entire body lighting up dazzlingly.

The boundless flames in the sky above suddenly fell greatly.

However, the strength of the Great Flame Devil King skyrocketed, first condensing rapidly before finally erupting mightily!

The heavens and the earth were instantly enveloped by infinite radiance as even the Martial Saints and the Flame Devil Kings could not see clearly for a moment.

After the radiance had passed, boundless waves of fire and sabre-intent expanded towards their surroundings, virtually sweeping through all between the surrounding heavens and earth as it increased rapidly in radius throughout the entire region.

The entire East Sea was swept through, the torrential qi flow even sweeping through the Water Domain on the mainland.

The regions close to the sea that had originally been experiencing storms suddenly had the wind and the rain swept completely away.

In the air above Jade Sea City on East Dragon Island stood an unyielding Yan Di, sabre in hand.

The eyes of that Great Flame Devil King were bloodshot as it glared at Yan Di.

Just one horn remained on its head, sparks shooting out non-stop from where the other had been broken off.

Its other claw clutching where its horn had been broken off, its gaze that was on Yan Di was filled with killing intent.

Yan Di raised his sabre before his chest, looking at its rather dimmed sabre-light from which a mournful cry vaguely seemed to resound.

He did not appear dismal as he just said softly, “Old friend, it’s been hard on you.”

The human experts and the Flame Devil Kings down below had earlier slowed in their actions, all focused on watching that heaven-shocking, earth-shaking clash.

Old Man Mo sighed emotionally as he murmured, “His strength at the first level of the Martial Saint realm surpasses Heaven Shaker Zhan.

In terms of the martial dao, he has also leapt out of the circle drawn up by him.”

“The same martial art, when cultivated by different people, exhibits differences in strength.

Yan Di’s Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre is stronger than the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre as executed by Yuan Zhengfeng.”

“However, at the end of the day, the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre still belongs to Heaven Shaker Zhan.

It was instead those two sabres just now which belonged to Yan Di himself.”

“The difference in strength between sabre arts aside, the latter two sabre-blows by Yan Di definitely surpass him executing the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre!”

An Qinglin sighed softly, “Other than the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm, the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre and the Limitless Heavenly Sword, Broad Creed Mountain’s fourth supreme martial art has now been born.”

Song Wuliang was silent for a while before he sighed, “In terms of fierceness and how domineering it was, the sabre art that he executed just now can definitely be said to be the number one in the entire history of the Eight Extremities World in post-Great Calamity times!”

“However, only just having entered the Martial Saint realm, I’m afraid that Yan Di still might not be able to defeat that Great Flame Devil King.”

Song Wuliang appeared rather worried, “His sabre arts are too fierce and violent, such that even the Great Flame Devil King was injured by it as soon as it attacked.

Still, if the battle becomes protracted, I fear that things might become disadvantageous for Yan Di.”

Old Man Mo suddenly smiled, “Irregardless of everything else, just based on those two sabre-blows alone, he is the current strongest person of our Eight Extremities World.”

As soon as these words were out, all the human martial practitioners here fell silent.

Huang Guanglie had not said a single word amidst all this as his gaze had been fixated on Yan Di within the sky, not even leaving him for a second.

Yan Di stood straight upright as he pointed his sabre at the Great Flame Devil King before him.

His expression calm, he asked, “Can all of you still go on”

Song Wuliang shook his head, “Even if the answer is no, we must still go on.”

After a temporary pause, Jing Zhong and the other Flame Devil Kings regained their wits as well, numerous devils causing chaos within the sky as blazing fire incinerated the heavens.

Yan Di said quietly, “Then, we battle.”


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