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HSSB477: The situation reverses


Bolstered by the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, Yan Di and the others advanced.

The power of the grand formation remained in the form of a world of white light as it advanced unceasingly, clashing with the world that had already transformed into a sea of flames.

The boundaries of the two worlds jostled unceasingly against each other.

The flames of devilish qi that were enveloped by the white light instantly turned slow and sluggish before shattering unceasingly beneath the attacks of Yan Di and the others.

The Flame Devils howled continuously in fury, yet were still continuously forced into retreat by Yan Di and the others.

In this world of flames, the Flame Devils instead held the territorial advantage as their strength increased greatly.

However, this territorial advantage of the Flame Devils was unceasingly being broken wherever the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation went.

Like flowing water extinguishing fire, the white light unceasingly purified the devilish fire as the heavens and earth of the Eight Extremities World which had earlier been assimilated by it regained their original form.

To the Flame Devils, time seemed to come to a halt wherever the white light touched.

Meanwhile, for Yan Di and the others, enveloped as they were by the white light, both their attacks and defence had grown increasingly formidable as the Flame Devils were beat back to the point of being unable to lift their heads.

That Great Flame Devil King howled furiously as it retreated alongside its host of Flame Devils all the way to the entrance of the dimensional passageway through which the Eight Extremities World and the Flame Devil World were connected.

As Yan Di and the others capitalised on their advantage and continued pursuing them, they then saw that the entrance of the dimensional passageway was currently coloured completely crimson.

The passageway had already been completely filled by fearsome lava which surged unceasingly out through its entrance, flowing into the Eight Extremities World.

Examining it carefully, that was no ordinary lava.

Those were innumerable crimson runes congregated together that had manifested in the form of lava.

Infinite, boundless heat emanated from amidst the congregated runes as they surged into the Eight Extremities World, changing the scenery of the surrounding heavens and earth.

An air of destruction and disaster filled the area, causing the very heavens and earth to tremble.

Having retreated to the dimensional passageway, the Flame Devils halted as they renewed their morale and strength, no longer retreating.

This place was already no different to them than from in their Flame Devil World.

While the Great Flame Devil King was temperamental and enraged, it did not blindly launch attacks towards Yan Di and the others, instead beginning to focus all its strength on drawing upon the devilish flames of the Flame Devil World to seep through and assimilate with the heavens and earth of the Eight Extremities World.

As the flames surged madly, the Flame Devils borrowed their strength and attempted to launch a counterattack, burying the human martial practitioners before them whom they were fearful of amidst a boundless sea of blazing fire.

Yan DI remained fearless as he continued advancing with the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation all the way to the entrance of the dimensional passageway, engaging in a world-shaking battle with the Flame Devil race!

At this moment, the two sides were already completely in the heat of things, battling to the death as they fought for every inch of soil beneath them.

As the Flame Devil Kings were repelled by Yan Di and the others, the situation on the great sea was finally safely alleviated.

The other martial experts of the human race began engaging in an all-out counterattack, pursuing and slaughtering all those Flame Devils who had split up from the main group of invaders and gone off to act separately.

A great amount of Flame Devils were slaughtered, while others who managed to retreat into the Outer East Sea made use of the territorial advantage provided to them by the all-encompassing flowing fire there to resist the human martial practitioners coming after them in hot pursuit.

The fierce combat between the two races reached their peak.

The martial practitioners of the human race dared not let down their guards so long as the Great Flame Devil King still existed in these worlds.

If they did not manage to clean up the devilish fire that had tainted the Eight Extremities World, it would bring endless harm to their world.

Before the threat of the Flame Devils had been completely gotten rid of, the fate of the Eight Extremities World would still be hard to predict.

Around the entrance of the dimensional passageway, the experts of the human race engaged in heated battle with many Flame Devil experts.

This battle was still far from ending.

Fortunately, however, the most dangerous phase was already successfully past.

The human martial practitioners now had it much better than before.

The situation on the East Sea having already reversed, when Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li had resolved the crisis at the Earth Domain and come to reinforce them on the East Sea, the situation then would only be even more beneficial towards their Eight Extremities World.

Meanwhile, in the central, deepest part of the Earth Domain’s deep abyss, Yuan Zhengfeng, Shen Li and the others were currently suppressing the abnormalities stemming from the Nine Underworlds with all their might.

Observing from outside the Earth Domain, the veins of glowing light which had earlier enveloped all of the vast heavens and earth there like a spiderweb were currently already no longer in existence.

In the deep abyss down below, amidst the dense baleful qi, streams of golden and black light were still moving about unceasingly.

However, under the seal’s suppression, the two travelled downwards as they clashed.

Even within the deep abyss, the huge golden sun still brightly illuminated the world all around.

That extreme darkness below unceasingly rushed at the huge golden sun.

Yuan Zhengfeng currently stood firmly in the air above the huge golden sun, his hands meeting before his chest as they formed a palm-seal together.

While he did not look like he had struck out with his palms, as he stood ramrod straight with both his feet firmly rooted within the air, his entire person resembled a massive hand descended from the heavens as it clapped down on the huge golden sun, helping to support its seal.

Draped over Yuan Zhengfeng, the Clear Qi Robe that was swarthy with its sleeves wide seemed to cause the surrounding space to distort as it contained infinite profundities, turning the surrounding heavens and earth into clothes.

Countless streams of clear qi fluttered along with the Clear Qi Robe, extending far off into the distance.

Specks of radiance that resembled bits of corn drifted around Yuan Zhengfeng’s body.

The specks of radiance were half black and half yellow, not bright whilst also not dim.

However, amidst their concept of vastness and broadness like the heavens, they contained a heaviness that seemed extremely hard to bear.

Yuan Zhengfeng supported the seal from the front, bolstering the huge golden sun with his own power as well as that of the Clear Qi Robe.

Meanwhile, in the area around him and the huge golden sun, a green streak of electricity was bright at times whilst dark at others as it flickered unceasingly, circulating about rapidly.

That green silhouette of flickering electricity continuously moved and halted, quick as electricity in its movements as others were hard pressed to clearly see them.

When it halted, what appeared was the figure of a bald old man, precisely the Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall Shen Li.

Yuan Zhengfeng assisted from the front while Shen Li unceasingly traversed the area around the huge golden sun, striking out with a palm every step he took.

The sharp sword-intent and sabre-intent crossed, surrounding and shrouding the huge golden sun together as they helped to resist and sweep away the encroachment of the devilish qi below.

Amidst the darkness, countless runes condensed of black light extended upwards in the form of numerous chains, clashing and entangling with the golden light emitted by the huge sun.

Innumerable Evil Devils were birthed from the black chains as they attempted to interfere in the sealing process.

The Martial Grandmaster experts of the various clans who had entered the Earth Domain together with them were unceasingly exterminating these Evil Devils.

Accompanied by the continuous descent of the huge golden sun, as it gradually arrived at the depths of the deep abyss, they who were clashing with the Evil Devils were all able to feel the rate of their spawning gradually decreasing.

However, the spawned Evil Devils had become increasingly more powerful.

The power of the seal gradually grew stronger as the struggling of the Evil Devils below gradually weakened.

However, at the same time, the closer they were to the deep abyss down below, the closer they also were to the Nine Underworlds.

Yan Zhaoge and the other Martial Grandmasters all felt rather uncomfortable as the negative emotions they were feeling grew heavier and heavier under the influence of the Nine Underworld’s aura.

They stabilised their minds as much as possible, resisting the encroaching influence of the Nine Underworlds.

Seeing that success was right at hand, they all felt joy within their hearts.

Now, however, an extremely powerful aura suddenly erupted from amidst the great darkness down below!

The huge golden sun mightily shuddered.

At the same time, an icy cold feeling of terror weighed down upon each and every single one of their hearts once more.


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