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HSSB479: Placing oneself in peril in order to survive!


Yan Zhaoge knit his brows.

Although apart from his strange eyes, he had not really otherwise changed much in terms of appearance, the ‘East Rising Lord’ before him was already completely different in demeanour.

“The Devil has broken out of the seal” Thoughts flashed at lightning speed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind, “No, not yet…”

Two powerful auras still battered away at the seal within the deep abyss down below as they attempted to break through it.

While the ‘East Rising Lord’ before them appeared very powerful, his strength was still far from comparable to the terrifying power within the deep abyss down below.

“It is a strand of devilish intent which made use of the chance when the seal was shaken to break free of it.

It has possessed the East Rising Lord, who has become equivalent to a clone of his.”

Even while only being a temporarily refined clone, he still possessed extremely great strength.

The Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Hall who had originally been close to the East Rising Lord in strength was sent directly flying by him with a single blow!

As Yan Zhaoge scanned the area, he saw that numerous streams of black qi were still formlessly and noiselessly suffusing the deep abyss.

The martial practitioners within the deep abyss all had stern expressions on their faces, struggle visible within their gazes as they were currently bearing immense pressure.

The ‘East Rising Lord’ laughed loudly, “Such a good world-give it to me!”

A long howl resounded as black light circulating within his eyes, his figure shook as he lunged straight towards the human martial practitioner closest to him.

That was precisely his fellow Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioner.

This martial practitioner barely kept his mind stable as he raised his arms to block.

However, the ‘East Rising Lord’ drew back the corners of his mouth, smiling strangely.

As the black light touched the body of that Sacred Sun Clan Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster, it did not repel him as it instead tainted his body like black ink!

The dense currents of black qi within the deep abyss all converged, surging madly into this Martial Grandmaster’s body.

The next moment, the trembling of this Sacred Sun Clan Elder suddenly stopped.

A strange smile suddenly surfaced on his old face, his expression exactly the same as that of the ‘East Rising Lord!

As the old man raised his head, the whites of his eyes could not be seen as his eye sockets were completely pitch black.

He and the ‘East Rising Lord’ simultaneously opened their mouths to speak, the tones and emotions within their voices completely identical despite the fact that one was young while the other was old, “Give it all to me.”

Two streaks of black light traversed the black abyss, shooting towards the others.

The Sunset Lord and the others hurriedly retreated to avoid them.

However, their opponents were strange and powerful as they were hard pressed to stand against them.

The numerous black chains on which bloodred patterns of light had surfaced shook unceasingly within the air, numerous bloodthirsty, brutal Evil Devils rushing out as they too lunged towards the martial practitioners of the human race.

These Devils cooked up a bloodthirsty killing frenzy as blood rained down within the area.

As the ‘East Rising Lord’ lunged towards Yan Zhaoge, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was solemn as a short stone rod appeared within his hands.

The short stone rod expanded within the air as it instantly transformed into a massive stone pillar which descended from the skies, smashing down towards the head of the ‘East Rising Lord’.

The stone pillar was massive and majestic, a seven-coloured glow flickering unceasingly on its surface.

It was precisely the pillar of the Divine Palace.

Due to Yan Zhaoge’s limited cultivation base, while the pillar of the Divine Palace had a tremendous sealing effect, it would still be insufficient in sealing the crevice to the Nine Underworlds.

However, it had a clear effect as it was used to deal with the ‘East Rising Lord’ who had been possessed by an Evil Devil.

Suppressed by the pillar of the Divine Palace, the black light flickering within the eyes of the ‘East Rising Lord’ instantly dimmed as his movements grew sluggish as well.

Nearby, however, the Evil Devils were currently still running wild.

Those who were ill at ease, their wills having been shaken rather more greatly, all became carriers of the currents of black qi within the deep abyss as they were transformed into clones for that Evil Devil.

Some others had the stubborn intents within their hearts turned into devilish intent, their eyes yellowed and with a bloodred light shooting out from within as they had shockingly fallen directly to the dark side.

Rampantly attacked by these Evil Devils and fallen practitioners, those with firm wills suffered tragic losses.

Of the human martial practitioners here, all of them apart from the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, Yan Zhaoge, were Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters.

Normally, all of them were peak figures of the Eight Extremities World as they presided over countless others.

Now, however, they seemed to truly have stepped into an endless hell!

One Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster after another perished or became clones and accomplices of the Evil Devils.

Those numerous black chains now broke free of the golden streams of light, shooting forward as they beat down on the huge golden sun whilst also attacking towards Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li!

Yuan Zhengfeng frowned, continuing to pressure downwards with one of his palms, bolstering the great golden sun below him.

His other palm formed a sabre, chopping out towards those black chains.

The sabre-light that was majestic as the heavens lit up within the air, hacking apart many of those black chains that flickered with red light.

Shen Li also snorted coldly as he retracted his strength that bolstered the great golden sun, striking out with both his palms as numerous streaks of purple electricity flickered, several bolts of lightning lighting up within the deep abyss that ripped apart the darkness and illuminated the sky above as they chopped down on those black chains.

The two Martial Saint experts were forced to take care of the surrounding Evil Devils and fallen practitioners as well.

As more and more of these foes were slain, the situation finally fell under their control.

It was just that more than half of the Sacred Ground martial practitioners who had entered the Earth Domain this time had died, their casualties having been very great.

Meanwhile, in addition to all these losses, the seal down below had been growing increasingly unstable.

Within the depths of the deep abyss, infinite darkness surged as a terrifying power shockingly began pushing along the huge golden sun in rising upwards once more!

Gazing downwards at the deep abyss from high above the Earth Domain in the Eight Extremities World, the veins that resembled massive spiderwebs surfaced once more, numerous streams of golden and black light densely criss-crossing the area.

The golden streams of light were bright, but this time, the amount of black light was far incomparable to how it had been before.

Within the deep abyss, accompanied by the rising of the huge golden sun and the unceasingly laxing of the seal, the black fog down below grew denser and denser as it then began to roil unceasingly upwards, even surpassing the huge golden sun and surging towards Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li!

Yuan Zhengfeng and Shen Li both struck out towards the black fog with their palms, the sabre-lights formed of the thunder light and the green light resisting the black fog.

“Here, we’ve got to place ourselves in peril in order to survive!” Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply, his gaze resolute as he kept the pillar of the Divine Palace before rushing headlong towards the huge golden sun!

Nearing the huge golden sun, extremely intense blazing heat emanated from within as Yan Zhaoge felt as though his entire person was about to catch ablaze.

While its spirituality had gradually faded over time, the power contained within this huge golden sun was still immensely stunning.

Having earlier had its strength hidden, it had not felt especially obvious in the external world earlier.

As Yan Zhaoge drew closer and closer to the huge golden sun now, he could only feel that it was even more powerful than Huang Guanglie as it resembled the true dazzling sun within the sky.

The closer Yan Zhaoge got, the more he felt as though he was about to melt.

Yan Zhaoge calmed his mind, reaching out and writing numerous profound runes in the air before him.

These runes flickered with a golden light, the true majestic power of the sun also emanating from within.


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