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HSSB504: What happened back then


Having slain Fang Zhaohong and the others, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as he smacked his lips, “Sacred Evil Sect Where all out of a sudden”

Having already kept the stone statue, confirming that no further treasures lay within the foreign dimension, Yan Zhaoge looted Fang Zhaohong and the others of their weaponry before leisurely leaving this foreign dimension.

Having exited to the great sea outside, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly.

Raising his head, he saw the barrier that enveloped this region of sea currently in the midst of dispersing.

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “It was precisely that stone statue that was sustaining the barrier.”

At the entrance of the foreign dimension, the remaining Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners were nowhere to be seen.

Yan Zhaoge knew now that other than those three including Yang Chufan who were relatively stronger and had remained to assist Fang Zhaohong, the rest had already first departed.

From this, it could be seen that they had been intending to surround and attack him all along.

The tempering of the junior disciples had been directly cancelled, with them directly leaving lest they get affected by the upcoming battle.

Not having remained behind, they had most likely gone to contact other Spirit Rhino Island experts.

The people of the Evil Shifting Sect had all been killed by him, with the news unable to spread as a result.

Unable to establish contact with Fang Zhaohong and the others, however, those of Spirit Rhino Island should be able to guess what had happened to them.

In this way, even while good and evil were diametrically opposed, they might then leak the news to the Evil Shifting Sect.

Acting in such a foreign environment with no grasp of the lay of the land or the people here, it was best that he be as careful as possible.

Having killed the people of the Evil Shifting Sect, he should actually have killed everyone else as well to prevent the news from leaking.

However, Yan Zhaoge was not inclined towards the meaningless slaughter of innocents at all.

However, with Fang Zhaohong, Yang Chufan and the others having taken the initiative to do harm to him, that was a whole different matter altogether.

Yan Zhaoge naturally felt fully justified in sending them straight down to hell.

As for the trouble that this might bring later…

Yan Zhaoge weighed that Shadow Shrinking Pouch which contained the stone statue, looking ponderingly at it, “Heh, this thing is interesting.”

“Instead, while I already know the overall global situation within the Vast Sea World, I am still not clear on many of its specifics.”

The Bewildering Maze Sea was a danger ground of the Vast Ocean World, its situation somewhat similar to the Eight Extremities World’s Marsh of Illusory Sea.

The only difference was that the Marsh of Illusory Sea, whilst carrying the word ‘sea’, was just a marsh on the mainland.

Meanwhile, the Bewildering Maze Sea was a vast region of ocean from which illusory scenes were born, with it hard to keep directions there as it would be very easy for one to get lost within.

However, there were also various treasures in the Bewildering Maze Sea that drew many Vast Ocean World martial practitioners there.

Meeting some seamen and martial practitioners along the way, Yan Zhaoge would stop once in a while to ask for directions.

Moving and halting, switching directions and turning, really having gone quite a few circles around within, Yan Zhaoge slowly but surely finally made it out of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

Over this period of time, while Fu Enshu had still yet to fully recover from her injuries, she had also gradually awakened.

After giving Fu Enshu a general explanation of things, Yan Zhaoge asked her the question which had been constantly bothering him, “Senior apprentice-aunt Fu, what happened back then How are junior apprentice-sisters Feng and Yin”

While Fu Enshu was still injured, she could still walk on the air by herself, naturally no longer having to reside within Yan Zhaoge’s Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

“The Sacred Sun Clan’s Grand Elder, Meng Feng, suddenly ambushed us.

I was separated from Yunsheng and Liuhua somewhere along the way,” Remembering this, Fu Enshu was filled with righteous fury, “During our clash, I fell at a disadvantage and was forced to push Meng Feng to be swept along together and heavily injured by the wild tides surging due to the sealing of the Flame Devils by the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.”

Meng Feng was a longtime Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan of the same generation as Huang Guanglie and Pan Botai.

He had been the Dawn Lord of the previous first generation of Seven Reigning Suns.

After having stepped into the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster realm, Meng Feng had remained in secluded cultivation as the Sacred Sun Clan’s Grand Elder, no longer dealing with the daily affairs of the clan as his title of Dawn Lord had also been passed down to the next generation.

Not being as high profile as Pan Botai, Meng Feng spent most of his time in secluded cultivation at the Sacred Sun Clan’s World Illuminating Peak, with the remainder spent in the Southern Underground Palace.

He would not venture into the outside world lightly.

With incidents having simultaneously cropped up with the East Sea and the Earth Domain this time, his sudden appearance would not have evoked the suspicion of others.

However, the Sacred Sun Clan’s schemes ran deep.

Having suddenly been ambushed this time, Fu Enshu had suffered a loss at his hands.

While Fu Enshu had already stepped into the late Essence Talisman stage, she was still hard pressed to stand against Meng Feng who was at the Transcending Mortality stage.

However, Fu Enshu had a tough and decisive personality, holding the determination of dragging them both down into death together as she had dragged Meng Feng into being consumed by those wild tides that seemed able to destroy the heavens and decimate the earth.

Beneath the Martial Saint realm, Transcending Mortality reigned supreme.

In the end, Fu Enshu had been saved by Yan Zhaoge while Meng Feng had been ripped apart by that terrifying force.

A Transcending Mortality expert who stood at the peak of the Martial Grandmaster realm had perished just like this.

One could only helplessly say that that was just how it was.

Yan Zhaoge’s brows were knit tight, “Other than Meng Feng, was there still anyone else from the Sacred Sun Clan Junior apprentice-sisters Feng and Yin wouldn’t have been swept into the wild tides caused by the power of the seal, right”

Fu Enshu also felt greatly worried, “While I am unable to determine Yunsheng’s and Liuhua’s situation for sure, logically speaking, the place where we got separated was still a distance away from the boundaries of the wild tides.

If they had retreated to the outskirts in time, they would easily have been able to avoid getting swept in.”

Yan Zhaoge was silent for a moment before he let out a long breath, “It was the two of them that the Sacred Sun Clan was targeting.”

Fu Enshu nodded, “That’s right.

That was what I thought as well, and that was why I had to stop Meng Feng even at cost of death.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Senior apprentice-aunt Fu, did the three of you run into Meng Feng by chance If not, how did the people of the Sacred Sun Clan detect your movements and lock onto your position”

“The Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler was already sent by us into the Nine Underworlds, while Huang Guanglie was in the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

While Meng Feng is a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster, unless you were close to a certain extent, he logically shouldn’t have been able to discover you.”

Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temple, “Due to the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation forming the seal, the surrounding spiritual qi had completely collapsed back then, with chaos all between the heavens and the earth.

Even if you had been very close to him, Meng Feng still probably wouldn’t have been able to find you.”

“Even if he could, how could he have been certain that it was you guys and not some other people whom he had found”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Fu Enshu, “If everything had gone as planned, the other party wouldn’t even have known that our clan’s two Maidens of Extreme Yin had come to the East Sea.

Junior apprentice-sister Yin’s existence should still be a secret; is it that you came to be exposed through junior apprentice-sister Feng”

Fu Enshu sighed, “Liuhua inadvertently ran into someone of the Sacred Sun Clan before.

For some reason, it seems like the other party realised that she was a Maiden of Extreme Yin.”

“As for afterwards,” Fu Enshu shook her head slightly, “With the heavens and earth changing greatly amidst the great battle against the Flame Devils, Liuhua was separated from Yunsheng and I for a while.

She was rescued by a solitary practitioner of the East Sea, managing to successfully rejoin me and Yunsheng with that solitary practitioner’s help.”

“Due to wanting to keep things in the utmost secrecy, I had originally wanted to restrain that solitary practitioner for the time being.

However, amidst the great chaos all around and the Flame Devils attacking from the side, he eventually managed to get away.”

“Not long afterwards, the people of the Sacred Sun Clan came knocking on the door.

During that great battle, I was separated from both Yunsheng and Liuhua.”

Fu Enshu’s gaze turned cold and piercing, “Now that I think about it, the problem must have arisen with that solitary practitioner!”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “Our clan has been growing increasingly stronger in recent years, having already gradually reclaimed our position as the number one Sacred Ground.

That solitary practitioner must not have only just been bought over.

Instead, he must have been a spy of the Sacred Sun Clan since long ago.”

“Junior apprentice-sister Yin is too inexperienced; we cannot blame her entirely on this.”

Fu Enshu’s expression was rather gloomy, “I am only worried now that there might have been yet more Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners other than Meng Feng in the vicinity at the time who would have acted maliciously towards Yunsheng and Liuhua.”

Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes, Feng Yunsheng’s bright, clear smiling face surfacing within his mind.


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