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HSSB530: Who’s the more arrogant


Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “Of course it’s not a coincidence.

I’ve specifically come to look for my junior apprentice-nephew.”

“In having concealed my traces earlier, it was because I was worried that Jun’er had already fallen in your hands, with you feigning this entire matter.

In consideration for his safety, I was a little more cautious.”

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “Since I’ve now understood that while his whereabouts are unknown, he is at least out of danger for the time being, I can naturally then set my heart at ease.”

The people of the Blood Dragon Sect all stared at Yan Zhaoge, Shen Shicheng saying slowly, “Since that is so, you are intending to shield your junior apprentice-nephew”

Yan Zhaoge raised the index finger of his right hand, wagging it lightly towards Shen Shicheng and the others, “If my junior apprentice-nephew has really committed a wrong, I will have many rules of my own to discipline him with.”

“However, if someone has framed my junior apprentice-nephew, we will have to properly discuss the issue then.”

A Blood Dragon Sect longtime Elder raged, “The evidence is clear and indubitable.

What is there still to discuss”

Yan Zhaoge secretly felt for the changes in the jade sword whilst saying nonchalantly, “Indubitable From the beginning till now, it has only been your one-sided words.”

As others of the Blood Dragon Sect were going to rebut, Nian Chen raised his hands and stopped them.

Baleful qi surged into the skies from his nine bloodred fingers that formed a claw, causing the space within the entire foreign dimension to tremble.

“My grandson is dead,” Nian Chen glared unforgivingly at Yan Zhaoge, “Dead by your junior apprentice-nephew’s hand!”

Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at Nian Chen, “So Should my junior apprentice-nephew have been a sitting duck, not retaliating at all as he let your grandson beat him to death”

“If you want to fight, I’ll be glad to accompany you.”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was cold, “I’ll be bearing responsibility for my junior apprentice-nephew’s matter.

Him having been pursued murderously by you people for so long, I am not happy about it at all.”

“I am currently busy looking for him.

After having found him, I had originally intended to personally pay a visit to your Blood Dragon Sect.”

“For those mere underlings of yours, I can’t be bothered to deal with them.

It is naturally the two of you that I would be going to find,” Yan Zhaoge looked at Nian Chen and Shen Shicheng, “It is a surprise to have found you here.

Still, I find it to be quite a pleasant surprise.”

Nian Chen roared, “Good! Then I’ll just take care of you first!”

He raised his hands, the bloodred nine-fingered glove on his hands flying off his palms and into the air whereupon it landed on the massive claw formed of the Blood Dragon Avatar that hovered above him.

The sharp-tipped nine-fingered glove was inserted into the nine-fingered claw, a violent power shaking the heavens and the earth.

A limitless sea of blood seemed to appear before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, innumerable long dragons travelling within as they were bathed in a bloodred light.

The authority of true dragons, mixed with a terrifying and dense baleful qi, created immense, unimaginable pressure.

A dense blood qi virtually tinted the entire foreign dimension crimson.

It resembled numerous dragons thrashing in rage, wanting to slaughter all living lifeforms they saw.

The power of the Sacred Artifact, the Nine Dragon Fingers, currently shook the heavens and the earth as Nian Chen’s Blood Dragon Avatar extended its claw, clawing out towards Yan Zhaoge!

Yan Zhaoge felt slightly suffocated, feeling as though the heavens and earth before him had suddenly shrunk greatly, everything collapsing and pressuring down towards him.

The dense blood sea roiled unceasingly, innumerable dragons of blood stirring up the winds and tides as they lunged towards Yan Zhaoge simultaneously!

Nian Chen’s voice resounded from all directions at this moment, entering Yan Zhaoge’s ears, “Youngster, you are too arrogant! You think that just having killed a Fang Kan, you can act rampant and unbridled within the Vast Ocean World”

“There are many people with the ability to kill Fang Kan.

Having ignored you, it is because everyone is wary of one another, not wanting to leave themselves vulnerable in the process!”

“Do you think we are really afraid of you Who do you think you are!”

“If it were usually, this old man would still think twice.

But now that this old man’s grandson is dead, this old man does not want to consider anything else.

This old man will only consider this!”

Nian Lei roared like a vicious dragon, “Whoever killed Wei’er, I will decimate his entire clan!”

Yan Zhaoge did not appear flustered in the least as the Northern Ocean Clone beside him stepped forward, expanding its arms before drawing them into a circle.

A great spear seemed to appear within his hands before one hand grabbing its front end and one hand grabbing its back end, the straight spear was curved into a semi-circular shape.

A vast black ocean that flickered with golden light seemed to appear within the air.

Within the great ocean, a dark, massive silhouette bobbed.

Sinking beneath the waters, it transformed into a massive black fish, its body tens of thousands of kilometres long as it was like a continent in itself.

When it surfaced, it transformed into a great green roc, a single flap of its wings bringing it five thousand kilometres up into the air.

As it bobbed, an incomparably terrifying force expanded towards the surroundings, the intermingling black and golden light instantly blocking that surging blood sea and innumerable blood dragons.

Northern Ocean Divine Spear, Roc-Fish Flaps Wings!

The blood dragons rampaged, yet were unable to break through the boundary enveloped by the flapping of the great roc’s wings as it was unable to pass a single step through.

The next moment, the Northern Ocean Clone’s arms jolted simultaneously, the hand holding on to the front end of the spear suddenly seemingly to relax its grip.

The accumulated strength of the great taut spear erupted mightily as it went from semi-circular back to straight once more!

With this, an incomparably massive force erupted, rampantly chopping the blood sea to smithereens!

Infinite blood light shattered, the blood water dispersing with the armoured scales of the numerous blood dragons breaking apart, their bodies greatly tragic as they were smashed into segments.

The all-encompassing sea was split apart in the centre to reveal Nian Chen and his Blood Dragon Avatar.

Yan Zhaoge looked indifferently at Nian Chen, “Whose clan did you say that you wanted to decimate just now”

Fury could no longer be seen within Nian Chen’s gaze, only hatred and a killing intent which had seemingly condensed to take tangible form as it was chilling to the bone.

He said coolly, “That’s why I say that youngsters don’t know the height of the heavens and the thickness of the earth.”

Amidst his words, the Blood Dragon Avatar behind him clawed out once more, the nine streaks of blood quick as flashing lightning as they manoeuvred past Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone, attacking towards Yan Zhaoge himself!

Nian Chen’s voice resembled icicles, “Naïve little kid, did you think that having refined the Northern Ocean Martial Saint Zhuang Kun into your clone, you yourself had become a Martial Saint as well”

“In this old man’s eyes, killing you is no different from pinching a mere ant to death!”

“Your own body is the greatest burden for that powerful clone of yours!”

During a clash, if someone had to protect someone or something else, that person would inevitably lose the initiative, with the attacking side possessing the initiative as well as an immense advantage!

Those nine streaks of bloodred light moved at different speeds, some surrounding and interfering with the Northern Ocean Clone while others assaulted Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “The naïve one is you.

You’re too slow.”

Nian Chen felt a chill within his heart.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s arms jolted before it had charged right in front of Nian Chen and the Blood Dragon Clone in an instant!

Nian Chen was immensely shocked.

The Norther Ocean Divine Spear of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone was the fastest martial art of the Vast Ocean World.

Meanwhile, the martial arts of the Blood Dragon Sect were not renowned for their speed, this being true for their Sacred Artifact, the Nine Dragon Fingers, as well!

The Northern Ocean Clone launched consecutive strikes with its spear towards Nian Chen, enveloping the heavens and covering the earth as they beat down towards him like a tempestuous storm.

His attention split, Nian Chen instead lost the initiative now as he was wildly assaulted by the Northern Ocean Clone.

He calmed his mind, wanting to break apart the combo assaulting him to get back the upper hand.

Who knew that the Northern Ocean Clone would suddenly change its stance, suddenly executing a supreme martial art other than the Northern Ocean Divine Spear, a supreme martial art that Nian Chen had never ever seen before!

A peak martial art of pre-Great Calamity times that had been lost ever since, the Roc-Fish Divine Claw!


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