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HSSB548: Beat him when he’s down


Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, everyone was taken aback, trying to identify the direction they were hurrying in before their hearts jolted slightly, “Heading this way from the Star Shifting Sea…”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “The Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng is a comparatively rational doing person.

As compared to his personal tastes, it is more of the benefits that he considers in doing what he does.”

“At the very least, when his power remains insufficient for him to act rampantly in the Vast Ocean World as he likes, his actions are all predicated upon what is most beneficial to him.”

“While I sowed enmity with him, even with the Blood Dragon Sect’s Nian Chen and Nine Dragon Fingers fighting in the forefront, he still didn’t choose to move against me, because he didn’t have sufficient confidence of leaving me behind,” Yan Zhaoge said as he gazed into the distance, “Therefore, he did not come over to the Star Shifting Sea.”

With Lin Qiancheng’s personality, there must definitely be something which had attracted him for him to have cooperated with the Blood Dragon Sect and Soul Shocking Island.

However, first not speaking of how the forces of Good had been left seemingly vulnerable due to their conflict with Yan Zhaoge, they were still not something that could be so easily destroyed.

Even if the forces of Evil could successfully sweep through them, in what way would Lin Qiancheng benefit

Being able to obtain the Floating Sinking Sword or the Nine Dragon Fingers would naturally be best.

However, Lin Qiancheng would have to compete with the Dragon Slayer Sect and Soul Shocking Sect

over them as well.

How might he have been able to guarantee a victory over the number one expert of the Vast Ocean World, ‘Slaying Seven Seas’ Zhao Zhong, as well as Liu Shuo with the Soul Shocking Box in hand

The first problem Lin Qiancheng would have to deal with was that his period of weakness would soon be upon him once more.

At that time, it would already be very good if he wasn’t taken advantage of.

With the forces of Good having been swept through, there would definitely be an ultimate showdown of heroes amongst the Six Evil Sects following that.

In such a scenario, how might Lin Qiancheng suppress all those around him, attaining the peak

At the end of the day, there was a very high possibility that this Chief of the Sacred Evil Sect would just end up paving the path for another’s success whilst himself being compromised in the process.

“Since that is so, while the attack on the forces of Good this time would definitely be beneficial towards the forces of Evil, it wouldn’t be of much benefit towards Lin Qiancheng himself.

In that case, it would have been better for him to come over to the vicinity of the Star Shifting Sea and join hands with Nian Chen in assaulting me.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Since he gave up on this chance, it means that in having joined hands with the other experts on the side of Evil, it was only just a means with which to conceal his true target.”

“At any moment, at any time, improving himself would be the most important and the most pressing concern.”

“If there was a heaven-defying piece of fortune which Lin Qiancheng understood and others grasped less well, he would definitely think of a way to obtain this fortune, increasing his own strength.”

At this point, the others gradually came to a realisation, “Bewildering Maze Sea!”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That’s right, it is precisely the Bewildering Maze Sea.

Last time, his plans were spoilt by Chief Yan of Myriad Sword Pool and I.

This time, with Nian Chen finding trouble with me and Water Crystal Palace along with Myriad Sword Pool in a great battle against the Dragon Slayer Sect and Soul Shocking Island, there is really no one who can interfere with him.”

“Now would be the most suitable time for him to head to the Bewildering Mist Sea for the obtaining of treasures.

It would be simple with the hopes of it being great as well.

Having obtained the treasures and obtained the corresponding practical benefits, his strength would rise and such an accumulation over time would be advantageous to him in battling against others in the future.”

While Yan Zhaoge’s expression was very calm, ripples arose in the hearts of everyone else.

The Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng was likely going to fail this time.

Not only had Yan Zhaoge directly determined Lin Qiancheng’s movements, after having taken care of Nian Chen and the others, he had immediately began hurrying over to the Bewildering Mist Sea without rest.

At the same time, the previous battle between him and Nian Chen had not taken up too much time.

This was related to Yan Zhaoge’s personal style.

He was tyrannical and domineering in his actions.

Even faced against opponents whose strength was similar to his, he would also generally decide it within a short period of time, determining who lived and who died.

Victory and defeat would generally be determined in an instant.

Once the momentum of victory had been established, he would immediately break through the opponent’s defences, seldom ending up in protracted battle.

While it appeared casual, only he himself could clearly know how dangerous it was.

Therefore, in acting against someone, Yan Zhaoge would almost always leave the opponent injured if not dead.

This kind of martial arts style was not stable enough.

However, when faced against inferior opponents, it would be more clean and straightforward as the opponent would easily be suppressed.

It was not that Yan Zhaoge could not fight patiently in an intricate manner.

However, his personality was such that he did not like that kind of gradual, stable battle, therefore seldom employing such.

When Yan Zhaoge’s group neared the Bewildering Maze Sea, some martial practitioners around the area reflected how abnormalities had appeared within it.

At this point, everyone simultaneously sighed in relief.

Yan Zhaoge’s judgement had been right.

“This somehow feels like the qi of true dragons” Looking at the multiple layers of bewildering mist of the Bewildering Maze Sea, Yan Zhaoge saw that they were roiling unceasingly, some of the clouds gradually turning ethereal as they emanated a majestic air of authority.

The essence qi of the ice dragon in the acupoints of Yan Zhaoge’s body that had not been completely refined seemed to have been simulated at this moment, vaguely being drawn by the existence ahead of them.

“This Yan will enter deep within.

You can surround the outskirts of the area.

The matter this day might be a decisive one for Lin Qiancheng.

The underlings of his Sacred Evil Sect that seldom appear in the outside world may all be coming out into the open this time.”

The other martial practitioners of Good who had accompanied Yan Zhaoge here agreed deeply with this.

Yan Zhaoge looked at Xu Fei and Shi Jun who both nodded towards him.

He then brought along the Northern Ocean Clone in directly entering the mist of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

The bewildering mist ahead of Yan Zhaoge was even denser than the first time he had come to the Bewildering Mist Sea upon his arrival in the Vast Ocean World.

Entering its depths, the mist grew thicker and thicker, the roars of dragons vaguely resounding from within.

As Yan Zhaoge proceeded ahead, he could only feel as though countless true dragons lay amidst the dense mist ahead.

“Hmmm, could it be that the fortune this Lin Qiancheng is searching for is the legendary burial ground of numerous dragons entering the sea” Yan Zhaoge guessed as he saw this.

The memory fragment of the beam of the Divine Palace had recorded how that black-clothed man had not returned upon his departure, his whereabouts unknown.

It was unclear whether he had returned to the World beyond Worlds due to some urgent matter or if he had met his end here in the Vast Ocean World.

However, Yan Zhaoge had previously feigned nonchalance in asking the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners about this.

They had generally reflected that they had not heard of that man before.

It was only to be expected that the black-clothed man had concealed himself in doing what he had set out to do.

If he had died in the Vast Ocean World, he should have died in some mysterious land that others were unable to easily reach rather than in some area of the outside world.

This burial ground of numerous dragons entering the sea was the most possible location for this.

In the Vast Ocean World, from a material perspective, Yan Zhaoge was the most interested in this legendary place.

Progressing onwards, the Northern Ocean Clone’s gaze abruptly flashed before it brought Yan Zhaoge along in directly shooting away.

The mist was instantly ripped apart, the space completely empty within.

However, the Northern Ocean World directly punched out towards the air.

The mist there distorted abruptly, seemingly being dyed by a layer of ink before it transformed into a black shadow.

It was shockingly the Evil Saint, Lin Qiancheng!

The Northern Ocean Clone’s fist had yet to make contact when Lin Qiancheng’s figure swayed slightly, the wind swooshing by.

Yan Zhaoge said quietly, “Today is the eleventh of this month.

You are currently amidst your period of weakness.

We are foe rather than friend, so I’ll be politely kicking you when you’re down.

Thank you, thank you.”


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