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HSSB550: Claiming his life when he is enfeebled


The roars of dragons reverberated unceasingly within the deep abyss.

However, they were no longer majestic and stately, authoritative and vigorous, instead being filled with a violent killing intent.

The nine one-eyed black dragons locked down the surrounding space together, unceasingly devouring all life force within the deep abyss apart from the death qi.

Their massive dragon bodies whose length could be calculated in miles were drawn taut as this moment, their tails leaning against the massive gate down below as they pulled with all their might.

As the nine dragons opened the gate, the great gate shook unceasingly.

When the radiance was no longer too dazzling to look at, gazing over carefully, it was clearly apparent that that great gate was formed of bright white bones, all looking to be dragon bones.

Absorbing the life essence of living beings, the dragon gate that was dense with death qi seemed to have been given a new lease of life as it gradually showed signs of opening.

However, wanting to completely open this massive dragon gate would require copious amounts of life essence.

Yan Zhaoge could feel that the life essence of his Northern Ocean Clone was currently flowing away unceasingly.

Lin Qiancheng’s entire body had transformed into a faint shadow amidst the dense darkness of the deep abyss, virtually being unable to detect.

His voice seemed to resound from every single corner, “I believed that there would definitely be some smart guy who was able to determine that I had come to the Bewildering Maze Sea, attempting to locate the dragon tomb.”

“However, your intelligence sent you where I would have you.

The one who arrived first would help me to open the dragon tomb.”

As Lin Qiancheng spoke, he circulated his Illusory Shadow Demonic Art to the maximum, avoiding the attacks of the nine black dragons.

Yan Zhaoge knew full well that Lin Qiancheng’s words were not meant to wax triumphant over him.

Instead, he was deliberately trying to enrage him.

If he and the Northern Ocean Clone did not retain a stable mentality, even attempting to attack him, their life essence would be more easily devoured by the black dragons within the deep abyss as it led to an acceleration towards their deaths.

Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly, not speaking.

He got the Northern Ocean Clone to guard himself internally, preventing his life force from flowing out of his body.

Meanwhile, he himself drifted over to that clump of black shadows that Lin Qiancheng had transformed into.

Lin Qiancheng said mildly, “If it was that clone of the Northern Ocean Martial Saint Zhuang Kun that you refined, perhaps you would still pose a threat to me.”

“Even if I am in a weakened state, even if you are heaven-defyingly talented, it is still much too early for you to think about doing anything to me.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “Less of this nonsense.

If my Northern Ocean Clone moved to attack you now, he would first be unable to guard his own life force, being sucked dry by this Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens ritual.”

Lin Qiancheng said, “You are indeed no ordinary youth.

Still, so what”

“Making a move yourself, you will similarly have your life force devoured by the ritual.

Meanwhile, I having completely transformed into an illusory form, you will not be able to damage me.”

“As time passes, it will still be that Martial Saint clone of yours that becomes a sacrifice at the end of the day, helping me to open the dragon gate.”

“Without that Martial Saint clone, when no longer being affected by the Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens, it will not be likely that you can escape from me after the ritual has ended.”

Lin Qiancheng’s tone was composed and confident, “Ever since you chased me in here, all of this had already been decided.”

“The burial grounds of numerous dragons entering the sea-how great of a fortune this must be.

Do you know how many dead dragons are buried there”

“Ten Hundred I tell you, far from it!”

“Believe me, having been able to personally witness this grand opening of the dragon gate should already be the greatest pride of your entire life.”

“Although, your life will be ending with this.”

Yan Zhaoge was neither troubled nor flustered, the corners of his mouth arching slightly upwards as a cold smile was revealed on his face, “It is the same thing for us.

Let us revel in it together then.”

“Don’t you want to infuriate me into making a move, seeing me just literally asking to be buried beneath these Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens”

Yan Zhaoge approached the vicinity of the black shadow, raising his palm, “As you wish, I’m coming.”

Accompanied by Yan Zhaoge’s approach and the raising of his palm, his life force grew more and more unstable, being increasingly devoured by those nine one-eyed black dragons.

Yan Zhaoge’s skin even began gradually losing its lustre, turning ashen as there were signs of him becoming old and shrivelled with even his originally black hair beginning to look withered.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change in the least.

Accompanied by the raising of his right palm into the form of a fist seal, everything seemed to fall silent for just that instant.

A feeling of danger suddenly arose within Lin Qiancheng’s heart.

Yan Zhaoge’s right fist seal came downwards from above his head, directed straight at that illusory form that Lin Qiancheng had transformed into!

The feeling of danger within Lin Qiancheng’s heart grew.

Logically speaking, even if Yan Zhaoge’s strength far surpassed those of the same cultivation level, with him, Lin Qiancheng, being a Martial Saint, also executing the Illusory Shadow Demonic Art with all his might as he looked only to defend himself rather than to injure others, Yan Zhaoge should not be able to do anything to him.

However, Lin Qiancheng felt as though a great crisis was looming overhead.

That feeling was like the heavens and earth before him had arrived at the end of the world together, all objects heading into joint destruction to be completely decimated!

The heavens and earth before Lin Qiancheng’s eyes seemed to be collapsing and overturning, everything becoming chaotic.

It was as though all things were circulating in reverse.

Numerous spirit talismans congregated above Yan Zhaoge’s head, transforming into a massive spirit array which manifested Yan Zhaoge’s fist-intent as it circulated.

As Lin Qiancheng looked over, that fist-intent had formed an illusory world of light, but everything within that world of light shockingly seemed to be circulating in reverse!

Cyclic Heavenly Seal!

This palm of Yan Zhaoge’s prioritised concept rather than force.

It was not that momentous force of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal which could overturn the heavens and the earth that he employed but the profundities of its concept, the essence of the reversal of two extremes.

Lin Qiancheng’s Illusory Shadow Demonic Art currently posed no external threat at all as he was completely focused on projecting its concept and miraculous variations with which to resist the Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens.

Currently being interrupted by Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Seal, the illusory form that Lin Qiancheng had transformed into suddenly became bright at times whilst dim at others.

As the two extremes circulated in reverse, Lin Qiancheng’s figure actually began gradually regaining its clarity, returning from illusory to real!

Within the black shadows, Lin Qiancheng’s face gradually became visible.

Having always been composed earlier, he was currently greatly shocked as he had not thought that Yan Zhaoge might actually have a way to break through his Illusory Shadow Demonic Art.

Looking at Lin Qiancheng, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “You being a Martial Saint, if not for the shortcomings of the Illusory Shadow Demonic Art itself having caused you to become extremely weak, it would also not have been so easy for me to drag you out of that state of non-being.”

“Still, it was you yourself who chose to come to the Bewildering Maze Sea today.

Don’t blame me for claiming your life when you’re enfeebled then.”

Lin Qiancheng discovered to his great shock that beneath the influence of Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Seal, the illusory form that he had transformed into had been broken apart as he gradually regained his original form.

The essence qi of lifeforms that he had stolen and transformed into a true essence of dark demonic qi had always been very compatible with the death qi within the deep abyss.

At this moment, life force actually radiated from it once more.

This drew the attention of those nine one-eyed black dragons even more than the Northern Ocean Clone did.

The main target of the Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens instantly shifted from Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone to Lin Qiancheng!

Greatly enraged, Lin Qiancheng drew on his strength and struck out with a palm towards Yan Zhaoge, wanting to repel his Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

However, Yan Zhaoge did not even try to avoid it.

Instead, whilst not changing the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, he brought the Earth Devouring Burner forth with his other hand, dissipating the force of Lin Qiancheng’s demonic palm.

Lin Qiancheng’s heart sunk as this attack of his caused his strength to become even more unstable, being unceasingly absorbed by the Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Come, Evil Saint! Let us personally witness this grand event together!”


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