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HSSB569: Ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, late Essence Talisman stage


Within the air, Yan Zhaoge landed on that great palace, saying calmly, “This Yan does not have the intention of taking it all for myself.

Still, the two of you should not think of wanting to compete with me.”

“The two of you should also have felt that as we collect the dragon corpses, this dragon tomb is growing more and more unstable as there is even the possibility of it collapsing at any time.”

“You should all just display your best abilities.  There is not much time left.”

Looking at the Northern Ocean Clone garbed in the Imperious Cold Martial Armour and the palace beneath Yan Zhaoge’s feet that resembled a strange devouring beast, Lin Shi and Liu Shuo both sighed.

All of them were people with discerning vision.

There were strong and weak dragons amongst the ones present in the deep abyss.

Wanting to collect the dragon corpses, they should naturally look for the best ones.

Lin Shi and Liu Shuo had previously occupied the centre of the deep abyss which contained the most powerful true dragon corpses.

However, that place had now been unceremoniously occupied by Yan Zhaoge.

Being unable to swiftly break through the obstruction of the Northern Ocean Clone, with the current situation indeed being like Yan Zhaoge had said with time being limited, the two of them could only helplessly stay far away from Yan Zhaoge, attempting to collect some of the dragon corpses in the outer layer that were slightly weaker.

Yan Zhaoge smiled.

Looking downwards, he saw the palace beneath his feet being filled with the essence qi of countless dragons, growing more and more tangible in form as it became more and more powerful as well.

There being so many true dragon corpses here, it was definitely impossible to refine all of them within a short period of time as they were merely collected and sealed away.

However, a portion of them was also being unceasingly refined by the palace.

“This palace will temporarily be named the Myriad Dragon Palace,” Yan Zhaoge laughed as he felt a large amount of essence qi flowing unceasingly into his body from the Myriad Dragon Palace via the Yongquan acupoint at the bottom of his feet.

The remnant essence qi and blood of the ice dragon within his body was stimulated once more.

In his past half year back at Changli Mountain waiting for the dragon gate to open, Yan Zhaoge had spent his time in diligent cultivation.

Stimulated again now, his true martial intent as well as qi and blood which had been tempered to the point of perfection in recent days synchronised and connected completely.

Numerous essence talismans surfaced above his head, condensing into many profound spirit arrays which stacked onto one another as they gradually came together as one!

Seeing this scene, everyone felt numbed whilst also shocked.

“…Talisman Formation Heavenly Altar!” Fu Enshu murmured to herself, “Ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, late Essence Talisman stage!”

While she had been shocked by Yan Zhaoge to the point of near numbness, looking at this youth who had merely been a Martial Scholar a few years ago currently being at the same cultivation level as her, Fu Enshu’s mind still drifted away blankly somewhat.

Meanwhile, looking at the formation of that existence which seemed like a pagoda whilst also an altar, the people of the Vast Ocean World were all rendered speechless.

After a while, Lin Shi and the others recovered, sighing secretly to themselves as they completely discarded all thoughts of trying to compete with Yan Zhaoge.

In this one year in the Vast Ocean World, Yan Zhaoge had risen from the sixth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, the late Essence Spirit stage to the ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, the late Essence Talisman stage.

All the martial practitioners of the Vast Ocean World had witnessed this, the shock herein being inexpressible in words.

In the entire history of the Vast Ocean World, when had such a figure ever appeared

Even though due to the chaotic spacetime in the dragon tomb, Yan Zhaoge had actually spent more than a year in the Vast Ocean World in actuality, this terrifying speed still left everyone feeling lost for words.

Gao Tianzhong whispered, “Amongst the great sects, their most outstanding descendants, their geniuses amongst geniuses, monsters amongst monsters, would already have been able to gloriously leave their name in the historical annals just having been able to reach the ninth level of the Martial Scholar realm, the late Xiantian stage, at such an age!”

Martial Grandmasters like Gao Tianzhong and Liu Shuo aside, even the Chief of Water Crystal Palace Lin Shi who was a Martial Saint lost all thoughts of competing with Yan Zhaoge.

They were just not on the same level.

This was the sole thought within Lin Shi’s mind at this moment.

How incomparably firm was the will of a Martial Saint, and how difficult it would be to shake.

However, such a thought having currently arisen within Lin Shi’s mind, his emotions were not fluctuating in the least as they were exceptionally calm.

It was as if he was admitting something akin to the rising of the sun and the descending of the moon as well as the leaving of winter and the coming of spring, such totally natural matters.

He felt that it was actually somewhat abnormal for him to be facing this reality like it was something that could not be any more normal.

However, looking at the current Yan Zhaoge, no other thoughts could arise within his mind.

Looking at the Essence Talisman Heavenly Altar above his head, Yan Zhaoge said softly to himself, “One step forward.”

He looked calmly at the swiftly decreasing true dragon corpses in the ancient, cold abyss before him, pondering on why so many dragons had been buried here.

As the dragon corpses within decreased, the glow of stars gradually lit up within the deep abyss.

“The numerous stars congregate, dragons enter the sea…” Witnessing the numerous specks of starlight, Yan Zhaoge analysed them carefully as a realisation gradually formed within his mind, “It is indeed a formation diagram, seemingly stemming from the principle of the myriad stars killing formation from pre-Great Calamity times.”

The numerous stars congregate referred to this formation diagram.

Dragons enter the sea referred to the great horde of dragons who had sacrificed themselves, relying on this formation diagram to form some kind of seal.

The ancient, cold abyss was the location.

Then, the final reverse scale shocks moon had to refer to the target of the sealing!

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was distant, “Reverse scale shocks moon…only dragons have reverse scales, and the seal here was completed by dragons as well.

Could it have been an internal conflict amongst dragons”

What caused Yan Zhaoge to take greater notice was the fact that the existence that had been sealed here seemed to have left the place a long time ago!

The other party had fled, leaving the empty seal behind where it was.

If he had not noticed this, Yan Zhaoge would really not have dared to collect all these dragon corpses on such a grand scale.

“Who exactly was it Or, what” Yan Zhaoge pondered whilst also analysing that grand formation that was established upon starlight, achieving some comprehension of it.

Accompanied by the collection of the dragon corpses, the seal gradually collapsed as heat vaguely leaked out from behind it.

The frost within the ancient, cold abyss dissipated as everyone actually felt it to be swelteringly hot.

Yan Zhaoge thought, “That is just a remnant aura.

It is no wonder that the ancient, cold abyss was chosen for the location of the seal, borrowing the geography here to assist with the sealing.”

A faraway dragon roar resounded, seemingly traversing infinite spacetime as it was violent and tyrannical, wild and unbridled like blazing fire.

A red light vaguely flickered within Yan Zhaoge’s mind as an extremely powerful existence seemed to be observing him.

This should be the remnant aura left behind by the sealed being.

However, just this sliver of aura alone felt like it had a will of its own.

“Extreme…Yang…Seal I’d not seen it for a long time.

To think that we would meet again under such circumstances…”

That aura quickly disappeared.

Immediately afterwards, Yan Zhaoge and the others clearly felt the sweltering heat fade as the ancient, cold abyss began to grow even colder than it had been before!

This harsh coldness that set in at an extreme speed was such that even a Martial Saint might gradually become unable to bear it!

“Right, the sealed being has disappeared and the seal has collapsed.

This is the original state of the ancient, cold abyss.

Otherwise, how could it have assisted in the sealing of such a powerful existence” Yan Zhaoge called Fu Enshu over, entering the Myriad Dragon Palace together.

Meanwhile, after having collected as many of the dragon corpses as possible, unable to bear the rapidly intensifying coldness within the ancient, cold abyss and the increasingly unstable environment of the dragon tomb, Lin Shi and the others all hurriedly began to flee the area.

Gao Tianzhong swivelled his head to look at the Myriad Dragon Palace, Yan Zhaoge’s voice resounding beside his ear, “I will ask Chief Gao to continue taking care of my senior apprentice-brother and my senior apprentice-nephew.

This Yan will remember it well.

Let us meet again in the future.”

“No need to be polite, Mister Yan.

All of Changli Mountain welcomes Mister Yan to come again at any time.” Knowing that Yan Zhaoge came from someplace other than the Vast Ocean World and was intending to return from the dragon tomb now, Gao Tianzhong and the other higher echelons of Changli Mountain all solemnly bowed in farewell to him before quickly turning to leave the ancient, cold abyss.

Inside the Myriad Dragon Palace, looking at Fu Enshu, Yan Zhaoge said slowly, “The dimensional passageway entrance is in an intersection point of space and time up above.”

“We should be on our way.”


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