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HSSB589: I want to kill you, so what if you’re unresigned


Yan Zhaoge looked at Chang Zheng, his gaze calm yet cold.

Seeing this, Chang Zheng’s heart involuntarily jolted.

“You wanted to find something, right You thought that it was with Yunsheng,” Yan Zhaoge now asked Feng Yunsheng, “Did you obtain something at the East Sea Right, it should have been destroyed afterwards.”

Hearing his words, Feng Yunsheng’s eyes suddenly lit up, “An orb! I was unable to determine its use, so I just brought it back to the Mountain.”

“After having returned, I had not paid any attention to it.

On the night before Hong Jiaqi’s appearance, the orb suddenly shattered.”

Hearing Feng Yunsheng’s words, Chang Zheng’s pupils abruptly retracted.

His body seemed about to move, but he forcibly kept it in check.

Yan Zhaoge said slowly, “That is a rare treasure, the Heaven Spying Orb.

It has the use of long-range surveillance, also possessing the function of recording the scenes of the time.”

“These are split into mother and child orbs.

The child orbs can only perform surveillance.

However, everything they see will be visible to the possessor of the mother orb, in which a record can be made of it as well.”

Yan Zhaoge sent Chang Zheng a deep glance, “The scenes within the Heaven Spying Orb can be damaged, but they are hard to falsify or alter.

It can truly be considered iron-clad proof.”

As Yan Zhaoge said this, an orb appeared on his palm.

Seeing that orb, Chang Zheng gradually lowered his gaze.

Feng Yunsheng stared at that orb, “It’s like mine, but a little bigger.”

As Yan Zhaoge lightly tapped the Heaven Spying Orb, a scene was instantly projected from within.

It was shockingly that of Chang Zheng ambushing Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Grand Elder, Li Jingtu, at the East Sea back then, in an attempt to obtain the Heaven Cleaving Axe.

Feng Yunsheng, Fu Enshu and Elder Qin were greatly shocked.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “This is what Chang Zheng wanted to conceal.”

“After slaying the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Jie, I obtained this treasure.

It was precisely because I looked at this recording that I immediately returned to the Mountain.”

“Back then, I still hadn’t known the exact situation regarding Yunsheng over here.

Thus, I was more worried that Chang Zheng had been threatened by the Sacred Sun Clan, perhaps having tampered with things here.”

“After having returned and understood how things played out, only then did I realise that Chang Zheng probably still didn’t know whose hands the Heaven Spying Orb were in.”

He wielded the Heaven Spying Orb, three slots instantly surfacing, one of them flickering with light while the other two were dim and lustreless.

“Generally speaking, Heaven Spying Orbs have one child orb to one mother orb.

However, this unique orb of Huang Jie’s is one of a kind with three child orbs to one mother orb, one of the child orbs having recorded the scenes at the time and been discovered and destroyed by Chang Zheng afterwards.

The second instead remained in Huang Jie’s possession.”

A slightly smaller orb appeared in Yan Zhaoge’s hand.

Chang Zheng came to a realisation as he raised his head.

Not being a fool, after having looked at the child and mother orbs that Yan Zhaoge was holding and hearing him mention that this Heaven Spying Orb had three child orbs to a single mother orb, he gradually understood what it all meant.

Yan Zhaoge continued, “The third orb ended up with Yunsheng.

Chang Zheng was misdirected by Huang Jie, thus coming to believe that the child orb Yunsheng had was the Heaven Spying Orb itself.”

“The reason that he framed Yunsheng along with Yin Liuhua and Hong Jiaqi was in order to find this Heaven Spying Orb from her, thus avoiding his secret being exposed.”

“Sadly, ever since the start, Huang Jie had destroyed that child orb via remote control of the mother orb.

With that, it was destined that Chang Zheng would never be able to find it.”

Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at Chang Zheng, “Chang Zheng, you don’t have to pat your chest so hard.

You indeed aren’t in cahoots with the Sacred Sun Clan.

Instead, you are merely Huang Jie’s wooden puppet who was led around on a string to dance when he wanted it and sing when he wanted it.”

At this moment, Chang Zheng could only feel as if the entire world was spinning around him as a chill permeated his entire body.

He was actually an arrogant person as well.

The truth of the matter had really had too strong an impact on him.

Infinite scenes seemed to appear before Chang Zheng’s eyes.

What awaited him was not merely the collapse of his reputation.

There would also be countless people mockingly pointing him as a fool.

He shivered in his entirety.

Recovering, Chang Zheng inhaled deeply before rebutting, “That’s right, I was the one who killed Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Li Jingtu.

However, I was not aware of the matter of the Heaven Spying Orb that you speak of!”

“In having killed Li Jingtu, harmed our ally and tried to acquire the Heaven Cleaving Axe, I was momentarily bewitched.

Still, I only ever did so in order to improve the strength of our clan!”

“In the matter of Feng Yunsheng and Yin Liuhua, I handled things incorrectly, but I definitely held no selfish desires in doing so.

I didn’t even know about the existence of the Heaven Spying Orb, much less frame Feng Yunsheng in order to find it!”

Chang Zheng pointed at Yan Zhaoge, “All of what you have said are mere speculations.

You have no real proof!”

“Currently, you are truly different from how you were in the past.

Still, you are merely doing so in order to vent your fury for Feng Yunsheng now.

I’m won’t accept it…”

Before he had finished speaking, he suddenly felt dizzy.

Yan Zhaoge coldly looked at Chang Zheng who was pointing towards him, unstable in his emotions.

He grabbed Chang Zheng’s hand in one shot, directly breaking hand, bones and wrist all in one go!

Chang Zheng was about to continue as his mind cleared up amidst the intense pain, but Yan Zhaoge now chuckled, “Having already understood how this matter came to be, it is already sufficient.

There is no need for you to accept it.”

Yan Zhaoge exerted force with his palm, Chang Zheng’s body breaking unceasingly apart beginning from his fingers and next through his arm and towards his shoulder.

Fresh blood splattered all about his arm with the raw flesh visible as the very skin was ripped open, cold white bones having shattered greatly as they pierced distortedly out of the flesh and blood.

Chang Zheng felt a vast force that could not be resisted suppressing his entire body bit by gradual bit through the medium of his fingers!

All breaking together, as if grinded apart by a millstone!

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “I want to kill you.

So what if you’re unresigned”

When the warping of Chang Zheng’s flesh and blood had reached his shoulder, Yan Zhaoge let go.

However, before Chang Zheng could sigh in relief, his feet as well as his other palm that had not been caught by Yan Zhaoge began breaking apart all at once, blood and flesh indistinct from the other as the destruction continued spreading upwards through those limbs as well.

A struggling Chang Zheng roared in rage, “You don’t have the authority to kill me! Even if I am no longer the First Seat of the Disciplinary Hall, there are still only the Chief or the newly chosen First Seat of the Disciplinary Hall who will be able to indict and punish me!”

“Chief not being here, all the higher echelon longtime Elders will have to decide together on how to deal with me.

Before that, you can only imprison me at most.

You cannot kill me!”

“You cannot!!”

He wanted to struggle, yet discovered that Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone was standing behind him, with a hand placed on his back that prevented him from moving.

Yan Zhaoge looked indifferently at Chang Zheng, “There’s indeed one thing that you said right.

I am indeed feeling truly angry right now, even angrier than when I was killing the people of the Radiant Light Sect and the Sacred Sun Clan.”

“When I was at the front risking my life to take care of all those external enemies one after another, there was already someone of our own stabbing me in the back.

If I don’t kill you, who should I kill”

Gazing down upon Chang Zheng, Yan Zhaoge said slowly, “You don’t have to speak so loudly.

Today, even if you howl so loud that you can be heard in the Flame Devil World, there will still not be a person that can protect you.”

Chang Zheng roared unrelentingly in rage like a cornered beast.

The Northern Ocean Clone continued exerting strength.

Chang Zheng’s limbs were all mangled apart before the four forces all congregated at his central core.

Finally, he was crushed into a bloody pulp!


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