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HSSB600: Old Man Mo’s gift


A violent force ripped through Huang Guanglie’s body.

Infinite radiance emanated from Huang Guanglie’s body before being extinguished, as if the sun had lost its glow and dimmed forever, also resembling the final ember of the candle finally being extinguished.

It appeared extremely broad and heroic, yet simply inconsequential.

The East Coming Martial Saint Huang Guanglie who had once reigned over the Eight Extremities World for many years, presiding over all living lifeforms, perished over the East Sea this very day.

The one who killed him was someone two generations below who hadn’t even yet turned thirty.

As Jade Sea City’s City Lord Song Wuliang watched this scene, whilst feeling joyful, he also felt rather at a loss.

His Jade Sea City had always been irrevocable enemies with the Sacred Sun Clan.

Just a few years ago, their relationship had been even worse than that between Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan.

It had truly been to the point where neither could live with the continued existence of the other.

Having fought for so many years, Jade Sea City had still been losing out overall.

However, Song Wuliang and those of Jade Sea City had all stubbornly persisted.

Regardless of the Sacred Sun Clan’s dominance, they had always determinedly fought it out with them to the end.

In the process of doing so, Jade Sea City had also accomplished many grand feats that were highly acclaimed within the Eight Extremities World.

Song Wuliang was of the same generation as Yan Di, Fang Zhun, Huang Xu and Lin Tianfeng.

While he was older and had begun cultivation earlier than them, at the end of the day, he had still been the first of their generation to Transcend Mortality and enter Sainthood, becoming a Martial Saint.

Jade Sea City’s Chen Suting had once been the greatest obstacle to the Sacred Sun Clan obtaining the Extreme Yin Crown.

They had even once plucked a tooth off the tiger, winning the Second Extreme Yin Bout and taking the Extreme Yin Crown back to the Water Domain.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall, Turbid Wave Pavilion and Jade Sea City had been competing in and planning for the forging of their own Sacred Artifacts as well.

Finally, Jade Sea City had been the first to succeed, successfully forging the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword.

If not for the invasion of the Flame Devils, this would have caused the Sacred Sun Clan-Heavenly Thunder Hall alliance to face danger even earlier on.

Jade Sae City’s City Lord Song Wuliang included, all of them would have fought against the Sacred Sun Clan with all their might, unceasingly breaking through their limits and attaining greater heights.

At this moment, however, suddenly learning that the Sacred Sun Clan had already been destroyed, with their final peak expert, Huang Guanglie who had always been like a major enemy to his clan, dying right before his eyes without being able to put up much of a struggle at all, even a Martial Saint expert like Song Wuliang was unable to recover from the shock for a time.

The goal which his clan had been working towards all along had suddenly vanished before it had truly come to fruition, as if everything that had come to pass earlier had been but a fleeting dream.

Now that the bubble was broken, having awoken from that dream, on some level, the impact it had on Song Wuliang and the other Jade Sea City martial practitioners might be not much less than the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall having been destroyed.

Meanwhile, the one who had caused all of this was standing right before Song Wuliang.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge’s outrageously young yet completely calm face, Song Wuliang’s mind wavered somewhat.

After confirming Huang Guanglie’s death and making sure that the Seal of the East Sea beneath them was properly intact, Song Wuliang exchanged greetings with Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di before taking his leave.

He had to return to Jade Sea City, holding a meeting with their longtime Elders to properly analyse their stance in the Eight Extremities World in the days ahead.

Their ally of the past was already no longer an ally.

Yet, they could only feel helpless even thinking about competing with them.

There seemed to be few choices left open to them.

However, there was still a need to ponder upon and decide specifically on how they should be acting from here on out.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di also basically understood that Song Wuliang should be in great inner turmoil right now.

They naturally did not ask him to stay behind.

Moreover, the father and son were also extremely overjoyed at being reunited.

This was especially the case when Yan Zhaoge had opened a dimensional passageway with the Lofty Prestige Mirror to escape into in order to avoid the aftershocks of the formation of the seal that day.

While Yan Di had seen this, he could not have known what had elapsed afterwards.

He had not been able to know whether Yan Zhaoge had safely avoided taking damage from the seal’s power, had not been able to know whether Yan Zhaoge had successfully entered another world, had not been able to know if he would have been safe there and when he would ever be able to return to the Eight Extremities World.

Yan Di had been greatly concerned about this.

It was just that currently seeing Yan Zhaoge having returned safely and with a great increment in his strength, he could not easily voice these worries.

He just sighed in relief, looking happily at his son, “It’s good that you are safe.”

Yan Zhaoge, on the other hand, was different from usual as he began to ramble, virtually narrating all the matters both major and minor that had come to pass during his time in the Vast Ocean World as well as all his experiences after having returned to the Eight Extremities World.

Without Yan Di needing to bring up his many doubts, Yan Zhaoge had already clearly explained all of it.

During this time, there were several times when he arrogantly showed off, seeking praise.

At this, the reassured Yan Di instead put a damper on his party.

His son being sufficiently brilliant, Yan Di was joyful to the extreme, yet abstained with the praise, spending more time finding fault as he just hoped that his son could be even more excellent.

After hearing that Fu Enshu was similarly safe and sound with Yan Zhaoge having found Xu Fei and Shi Jun as well, Yan Di was even more reassured.

As for the trouble the Radiant Light Sect might bring later, Yan Di cared not about it, “We’ll block soldiers with generals and we’ll block water with earth if they come.

We should be more prepared.

If they come again, we’ll simply just battle it out with them.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It is precisely so.”

Swivelling his head over, he saw Old Man Mo standing quietly within the air, not yet having left.

Only after having seen Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di reunite, sharing in the feelings of their separation, did Old Man Mo smile, “If the two of you are free, why don’t you come to this old man’s Verdant Pill Island as guests.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di exchanged glances, both able to tell that Old Man Mo’s words had some deeper intentions to them.

Old Man Mo had always been free and transcendental from this world as he never interfered in the internal conflicts of the human race.

While Broad Creed Mountain had currently gained dominance over the entire Eight Extremities World, claiming a hegemonic position, there was no need for Old Man Mo to suck up to them.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di also had no intention of waging war against and conquering Verdant Pill Island.

Old Man Mo having given an unprecedented warm invitation now, Yan Zhaoge immediately felt that there must be something more to it.

“Your clan has always given its utmost in supporting your kinsmen of the Eight Extremities World, never fearing sacrifices in the battles against the Flame Devils and the Nine Underworlds.

This has been so ever since the time of Heaven Shaker Zhan, and this old man has always admired this.”

Old Man Mo seemed to understand their doubts as he smiled, “This old man heard Little Friend Yan mention just now that the Sacred Sun Clan’s backer in the World beyond Worlds is the Radiant Light Sect And all their experts who descended into the Eight Extremities World this time were slain by Little Friend Yan”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I have ridiculed myself.”

Old Man Mo shook his head, “This old man is not doubting Little Friend Yan’s words.

Instead, I am feeling gratitude.”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered, thinking of a possibility as he focused on Old Man Mo, “Could it be that… “

Old Man Mo smiled, saying slowly, “This old man is from the World beyond Worlds.

Still, so many years having passed, I feel more like a native of the Eight Extremities World.”

The old man sighed lightly, “The reason for this old man hiding is actually to conceal myself and avoid danger.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di realised, “Because of the Radiant Light Sect.”

Old Man Mo said, “That’s right.”

He looked at the two of them, “Your futures are both limitless.

The Eight Extremities World is only your starting point.

I believe that you will definitely go to the World beyond Worlds in the future.

You having entered a conflict with the Radiant Light Sect now, this old man has some things as well as words that might be of some help to you.”


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