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HSSB63: No longer in the early outer aura stage


Having forced the East Rising Lord into retreat, Elder Qin nodded in thanks towards the Eastern Tang royal palace far away.

“Many thanks, King Zhao, my Broad Creed Mountain will remember this favour.”

“If the Sacred Sun Clan comes back to find trouble with the Eastern Tang later, my Broad Creed Mountain will bear the burden for you.”

The voice of Zhao Shicheng, the King of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, resounded from far away.

“Elder Qin is too polite—Broad Creed Mountain is the true owner of the Heaven Domain.”

Although Zhao Shicheng was not there to see it, Yan Zhaoge got up and bowed in his direction from within the mansion.

“I have caused trouble for Uncle.”

Elder Qin and Yan Xu returned within the mansion, getting seated once more.

“It was only the East Rising Lord who came here.

This shows that the Sacred Sun Clan has not yet reached the point of thinking about this as an extremely urgent matter that they must deal with.”

Yan Xu said slowly, “What they are concerned about now is the matter of one of their disciples betraying them and fleeing, and then our Broad Creed Mountain taking that disciple in.”

“They don’t realize that they’re losing a Maiden of Extreme Yin, and moreover, it’s even to Broad Creed Mountain.”

As he said this, Yan Xu’s gaze line of vision was directed at Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng.

Yan Zhaoge nodded his head.

Yan Xu’s analysis was indeed not wrong, happening to coincide perfectly with his own.

Feng Yunsheng had already gone through the various diagnostics and examinations of many peak Sacred Sun Clan experts, with all of them arriving at the conclusion that her Extreme Yin Physique was completely crippled for good.

Otherwise, the incident of two years ago would not have happened.

Furthermore, Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain would also not have been able to pick up a Maiden of Extreme Yin who had slipped through their net like they were doing now.

Elder Qin said, “This is a good thing for our clan.”

This way, the Sacred Sun Clan’s retaliatory actions would not be excessively intense.

While they didn’t fear the Sacred Sun Clan, Broad Creed Mountain would also not want to start a war between the two sides when it wasn’t necessary.

A confrontation between two Sacred Grounds would inevitably result in a scene that no one would be able to control.

While the Sacred Sun Clan held the position of strength, Broad Creed Mountain would naturally be happy to continue working on bolstering its own strength in peace before it truly obtained the power to contend with the Sacred Sun Clan head-on.

Therefore, when Yan Xu had gone out, while his attitude had been rather tough and he had not held back with his attacks, he had also stubbornly not admitted that their side had taken in Feng Yunsheng, thus leaving some face for the Sacred Sun Clan and leaving it a pedestal to step down from.

Even Elder Qin, who had adopted an even more tough and unyielding stance, also silently agreed with this.

With them having reached a consensus on this, Yan Zhaoge naturally hadn’t spoiled things for his clan’s Elders.

The Sacred Sun Clan disciple Feng Muge, naturally wouldn’t have any more interactions with himself and Broad Creed Mountain.

However, the vagrant Maiden of Extreme Yin Feng Yunsheng… now that was a different matter altogether.

You say they look exactly the same

Under the vastness of the heavens and the earth, many wonders abound; it would also not be the first time that there are people who so strikingly resemble each other.

So beautiful, and yet also looking exactly the same

That’s also not impossible, isn’t it Maybe they are even twin sisters who were separated at birth…

At the end of the day, if you want people there’s none; if you want a fight there’s some.

I’ll give you a pedestal; if you get down from it, everyone will be safe just like that.

If you don’t, well, we’ll just do it the hard way then.

Yan Xu said, “In the last Extreme Yin Bout, Meng Wan failed and lost the Extreme Yin Crown, which fell into the hands of Jade Sea City, which is on bad terms with the Sacred Sun Clan while on rather good terms with us.”

“Their Clan Chief went into secluded meditation and has not emerged for a long time.

If it’s not an extremely major issue, the Sacred Sun Clan also won’t want to fight all-out with our clan at present.”

Elder Qin looked towards Feng Yunsheng, “The crux of this matter lies with this Little Friend Feng.”

“All things considered, you should not continue staying in the Eastern Tang, in the East Heaven Region.”

“After the people dispatched from the main headquarters of the clan arrive, they will escort you back to Broad Creed Mountain.”

Elder Qin now turned to look at Yan Zhaoge.

“Zhaoge, you go with her as well.

Having encountered a setback this time, the Sacred Sun Clan will very likely target you after this.”

“After returning to the clan, you can just focus on helping this Little Friend regain her Extreme Yin Physique.”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “Thank you for your concern, Elder.

However, I am preparing to continue staying in the Eastern Tang for a period of time.

There are still some things that require my preparations.”

“Just escort Junior Sister Feng back to the clan as quickly as possible—I will return as soon as I have finished the matter at hand.”

“In this period of time, I will try to keep indoors as much as possible, as well as act in a low profile manner, not giving the Sacred Sun Clan a chance to make a move.”

Elder Qin knit his brows slightly.

“What other matters are there that you still have to handle”

Before Yan Zhaoge could reply, Yan Xu said slowly from the side, “Indeed, there are some matters that require his clarification.”

As Elder Qin directed his gaze over, Yan Xu said, “Our clan’s disciple Lin Yushao was killed in the Eastern Tang, and she was killed by our clan’s direct lineage martial art, the Tu**a Palm.”

“Lin Yushao, this name…if this old man doesn’t remember wrongly, Zhaoge…” Elder Qin’s tone did not fluctuate as his gaze fell on Yan Zhaoge once more.

His expression steady, Yan Zhaoge nodded.

“It was this disciple who brought her back to the Mountain, and guided her into our clan.”

“Like Ye Jing, she also hailed from the East Heaven Region’s Eastern Tang Kingdom.”

“In the past, we were lovers.” As he said this, Yan Zhaoge choked up a little.

Yan Zhaoge naturally felt some sadness and pity within his heart at the harm that befell Lin Yushao.

After all, it was a human life.

Regardless of who had been right or wrong, it had at the very least not been to the extent that a life had to be claimed.

Strictly speaking, though, the two had never even spoken a single word, his only understanding of her having come from looking through the memories of his body’s original owner, which had been like watching a movie being projected.

Putting aside the memories of his body’s original owner, Yan Zhaoge had never even met Lin Yushao in person before.

If he said that he was inconsolable over this incident, who would believe it

However, in the eyes of others, the two were lovers.

Thus, Yan Zhaoge could only put on a sad expression on his face, slowly saying, “While in the Luliao Mountains, I had already received news of this.”

“It was only that I had an important task on hand back then, and could only complete it first before caring about my own personal matters.”

“Now that the matter about Junior Sister Feng is temporarily at an end, I request to personally investigate and hunt down the true culprit, to put at ease junior apprentice-sister Lin’s soul in heaven.”

Yan Xu looked at Yan Zhaoge, saying indifferently, “As this old man sees it, you’d do better to avoid suspicion.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Yan Xu, who did not mind it one bit as he said, “Over at Overlooking Abyss City, there are many rumours flying about which are unfavourable to you.”

Elder Qin frowned, “What rumours”

Yan Xu answered, “It is rumoured that Yan Zhaoge came to walk closer and closer with a young female disciple, Sikong Qing, in the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

They now share a close relationship.”

“It was having heard this piece of news that Lin Yushao felt insecure and quickly hurried over to the Eastern Tang.”

Before he had finished all that he had to say, Elder Qin had already understood what was being implied by his words.

“These rumours lack substance.

They are completely insufficient.”

“While Lin Yushao was from Eastern Tang, she did not have any enemies here,” Yan Xu said.

“And what she died to was our clan’s direct lineage martial art, the Tu**a palm.”

He looked towards Yan Zhaoge.

“This old man checked it personally—the culprit should have had a cultivation of the early outer aura Martial Scholar realm.”

“The Blood Recollection Ceremony is something that can only be used in situations where both parties that were involved are still alive.”

“If both people communicate beforehand in order to tell the same story, the ritual’s effect will still appear normal.

Therefore, you, your men, and this Little Friend Feng here are all not suitable witnesses.”

“Now, with Lin Yushao being dead, there is no one to confirm the facts.”

Yan Xu swivelled his head to look at Elder Qin.

“It’s still too early to say anything for sure right now, but this old man believes that Yan Zhaoge should at least avoid suspicion for the moment.”

Hearing his words, Elder Qin slowly nodded.

Yan Zhaoge, however, sniggered.

Elder Qin frowned.

“Zhaoge, be mindful of your surroundings.”

Yan Zhaoge retracted his smile and nodded—the very picture of earnestness.

“Regarding the early outer aura Martial Scholar realm… I’m no longer in it.”

Having spoken, he externalised his aura, materialising a weapon with his qi to hover in the air around his body.

Yan Xu shot up from his seat, nearly knocking over his chair in the process.

Yan Zhaoge had not made a move all along, keeping his aura-qi within this body such that it was only now that Yan Xu realised that he had actually already stepped into the mid outer aura Martial Scholar realm.

“But… how is that possible!” Eyes wide, Yan Xu was flabbergasted to the point of nearly being unable to speak.

“He only just broke through from the inner aura stage to the outer aura stage right under this old man’s very eyes not that long ago!”


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