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HSSB669: Squaring off


Staring at Yan Zhaoge, Nong Yuxuan spoke after a while, “I didn’t think that you would have a Heaven Spying Orb.

It was my miscalculation.”

“Still, that’s also fine.

As long as I can lure you out, my target has already been achieved.”

Nong Yuxuan stepped into the air, striding towards Yan Zhaoge, “As compared to this, everything else is inconsequential.”

Those of the North Sea Sword Pavilion and the Dim Darkness Sect all roared, “What are you doing”

The other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners all followed Nong Yuxuan who said, “Elder Qi, how this matter will be dealt with and whether it will be reported to your sect’s Pavilion Lord Gu can be talked about later on.

Please leave for now.

My Radiant Light Sect has some matters to handle.”

“As compared to the so-called credit, as compared to debts of gratitude, capturing or killing this person is actually the most important thing to me.”

He stared fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge.

Elder Qi and the others were greatly enraged, “You even intend to commit murder in front of us”

As they spoke, a powerful aura suddenly appeared over the distant horizon, instantly getting near.

Feeling that powerful aura, Elder Qi and the others all felt momentarily suffocated, “…Seeing Divinity Martial Saint! You actually called for a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint to act just for the sake of dealing with a Martial Grandmaster!”

Everyone instinctively felt that it was not just some simple enmity which existed between Yan Zhaoge and the Radiant Light Sect.

There were even deeper issues underlying this.

Thus, the Radiant Light Sect was adamant on suppressing the North Sea Sword Pavilion and the Dim Darkness Sect based on strength now, not minding destroying their relationship with them just so that they could take Yan Zhaoge down.

It was currently a crucial moment in the battle against the Grand Xuan Dynasty, with the Radiant Light Sect’s own headquarters currently facing threat as well.

Every single one of their peak experts was very important as they had to concentrate their full forces as much as possible.

Even so, the Radiant Light Sect had still unexpectedly dispatched a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, appearing as though they were set on succeeding in this venture no matter what, despite all else.

Nong Yuxuan strode towards Yan Zhaoge, “From the moment you couldn’t hold back and came to the Heavenly Inheritance Region, your fate had already been decided, that of death!”

That Dim Darkness Sect Elder snorted coldly, “Good, with our major foe right before us, in order to stand against the Grand Xuan Dynasty, we all wish that we can use our experts above the third level of the Martial Saint realm as if they were two rather than one.

At such a time, you people actually are still in the mood to come over and act dominant here!”

A Radiant Light Sect Elder chortled, “Shut up obediently, hound without a home.

Otherwise, we will take care of you Dim Darkness Sect people who deceived their Masters and ended their ancestors along with him as well.”

“Without an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint or a high-grade Sacred Artifact, you people have merely been surviving up till now with the help of your concealed main altar.

Otherwise, our sect would long since have trampled down your Dim Darkness Sect.”

“Now that your main altar has fallen, what is there still worth mentioning about you Our anti-Xuan forces depend on our sect, on the North Sea Sword Pavilion, and even the Copper Men Island has a final basis for reliance.

Meanwhile, you Dim Darkness Sect are merely here to fill in the numbers!”

That Dim Darkness Sect Elder was greatly enraged, “Preposterous!”

Now, however, a powerful aura had already enveloped the heavens and the earth.

The bright golden sun illuminated overhead with infinite brightness as a blazing hot entity that caused one to feel trapped in a furnace, with all white and blurry before their eyes as they were unable to see anything.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows.

This fourth level Martial Saint of the early Seeing Divinity stage was clearly an old acquaintance.

While strictly speaking, they had only truly met once before, Yan Zhaoge had already been greatly familiar with this enemy before him since long ago.

This Seeing Divinity Martial Saint who was domineeringly reigning over the Heavenly Inheritance Region was clearly the Purple Sun Martial Saint Zhang Chao of the Eight Extremities World, a past Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan who had ascended to this World beyond Worlds after his cultivation base had surpassed the third level of this Martial Saint realm.

Elder Qi’s expression was stern, “Starlight Nong, you overstep your bounds.

The Heavenly Inheritance Region is our sect’s territory at the end of the day.”

With that said, there was no further need for words.

Elder Qi directly patted his scabbard beside him, a broadsword flying out and landing in his hands.

With just a thought on his part, streaks of sword-light arose in all directions in the vast region of sea above the Heavenly Inheritance Region.

As the sword-lights intermingled, they swiftly formed a massive formation.

The cold, biting sword-light suffused the surrounding area, stirring the deep sea down below even as it shot straight into the clouds up above.

Now, the sword domain that resembled the Grinding Hut Region was temporarily transported to this location.

While its scale and might were much lower as compared to the true Grinding Hut Region sword domain, controlled by Elder Qi, it still manifested shocking power and might.

The vast oceanic waves that swept through the heavens and the earth merged with the terrifying, indestructible sword-qi, forming a world of the sword together.

The great golden sun descended from the air, streaks of golden light clashing unceasingly with the sword-qi of the sword domain.

The sword domain was shaking as great winds and rains seemed to surge within.

The great golden sun was also disintegrating bit by bit.

However, Zhang Chao showed no intention of stopping at all as each punch of his was faster and heavier than the previous.

Zhang Chao often did not dodge even the vast, mighty sword-lights unleashed by Elder Qi with the help of the sword domain.

Instead, he met attack with attack, trading injury for injury as he really went all out in his blows.

Nong Yuxuan and the other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners went directly for Yan Zhaoge within the sword domain.

Their attacks interfered with the circulation of the sword domain, messing up the formation.

Beneath both external and internal influences, the sword domain of the Heavenly Inheritance Region shook.

As the power of the sword domain deteriorated, it was no longer so easy for Elder Qi to deal with Zhang Chao.

While the sword dao of the North Sea Sword Pavilion was momentous and majestic as well as intricate to the extreme, as one of the greatest experts in the entire history of the Eight Extremities World, Zhang Chao possessed outstanding strength as well.

Even if they were clashing at the same cultivation level, it was still uncertain whether Elder Qi might definitely be able to defeat Zhang Chao.

Now that he possessed superior strength, victory was not something that could be decided so simply.

Elder Qi’s expression was severe as he sent out a sword-light, sweeping towards Yan Zhaoge.

Seeing that he had no ill intentions, Yan Zhaoge did not resist, letting himself be swept along by the sword-light.

Then, Yan Zhaoge’s figure vanished amidst the grand formation, flowing along with its light along with the guidance of the sword-qi as he was actually about to be sent directly out of this Region.

Outside the sword domain, Zhang Chao wanted to pursue him, but the grand formation instantly counterattacked at this moment.

Elder Qi merged with his sword, shooting into the air with his sword targeting Zhang Chao straight on, blocking his path.

However, within the grand formation, Nong Yuxuan and the others were not entangling with the martial practitioners of the Dim Darkness Sect and the North Sea Sword Pavilion.

With Nong Yuxuan opening the path, they were actually barging straight out of the area.

As Nong Yuxuan was proficient in formations, he was shockingly even more at ease than Yue Baoqi and the other North Sea Sword Pavilion martial practitioners now.

Elder Qi saw Nong Yuxuan carrying a magnetic compass whose needle shook unceasingly, pointing out a direction for him.

Zhang Chao was instead not in a rush now as he switched to suppressing Elder Qi and the others, allowing Nong Yuxuan’s group to pursue Yan Zhaoge without interference.

While Yan Zhaoge had been sent far away by Elder Qi’s sword-light, he did not relax, “It will not be that easy.”

Indeed, just as he thought this, powerful light lit up in the distance once more, illuminating the heavens and the earth.

Outside of the Heavenly Inheritance Region, the Radiant Light Sect shockingly had another fourth level Martial Saint, an expert of the early Seeing Divinity stage, specifically lying in wait!

This time, it was a longtime Elder of the Radiant Light Sect’s direct lineage, the Lord of the Sun Moon Hall Elder Chen Song.

Behind him, Nong Yuxuan’s group was also ferociously catching up to him.

“Hearing news that I was the one who broke the formation, it would have been fine if you had tolerated it.

Since you failed to do so and dared to appear, you are destined to die today,” Nong Yuxuan stared at Yan Zhaoge, “From that very first moment that you appeared in the Heavenly Inheritance Region, all means of escape were already no longer available to you.”


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