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HSSB671: Twelve breaths of time


Without bystanders present to sufficiently satisfy his ego, Yan Zhaoge did feel rather regretful.

However, there were quite a few secrets he intended to make use of this time.

In consideration for the long term, it was indeed more fitting his intentions to have no third party present for this battle.

The Myriad Dragon Palace appeared in the air above Yan Zhaoge’s head, the great gate mightily opening as a figure appeared from within.

Garbed in white clothes and a black-bordered blue robe similar to Yan Zhaoge’s, her hair tied back simply behind her in a ponytail.

Feng Yunsheng had already unsheathed her black sabre.

Seeing that black sabre which emitted no light at all, divine light erupted mightily within Nong Yuxuan’s eyes, “There was really a remnant shell of the Rahu Sabre!”

It was precisely because of this sabre that he had met with a setback back during the Dim Sun Cold Moon Ritual as Nong Yuxuan’s gaze currently contained rage as well as fervour, “Good! Very good! Having obtained this sabre, I will be able to reproduce the past glory and might of the Rahu Sabre more completely.”

“The Moon Star of Extreme Yin, the Sun Star of Extreme Yang and the Rahu Star of the Eclipse-all three supreme treasures will hence come under my sect’s possession!”

Terrifying black fire and devilish qi surged to the heavens about Nong Yuxuan’s body.

However, golden sunlight also lit up on his body, flickering interchangeably with that brutal Dim Glorious Sabre Qi.

The power of the sun and the power of the eclipse clashed, extinguishing each other.

However, in this process, they instead produced even more terrifying power.

At this moment, Nong Yuxuan was even more powerful than Cheng Song and Zhang Chao who were early Seeing Divinity Martial Saints, at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Nong Yuxuan’s gaze was icy cold, “Now, even while you have the mortal shell of the Rahu Sabre, it will not be able to affect me in the slightest.”

Amidst his words, Nong Yuxuan’s figure flickered, shooting directly towards Yan Zhaoge.

The other Radiant Light Sect experts who accompanied him now charged over as well.

Yan Zhaoge exhaled lightly, sending via sound transmission, “Yunsheng, twelve breaths of time.

Remember it well.”

Feng Yunsheng nodded before her pupils abruptly changed.

Dim blue radiance was emitted from within as Feng Yunsheng’s pupils instantly turned blue, emanating an aura that was tough whilst also icy cold.

There seemed to be two cold dim moons rising within her eyes, illuminating the heavens and the earth.

Numerous subtle, profound dim blue patterns of light appeared on the blade of the jet-black Cold Sun Divine Sabre, filling every inch off it as well as the sabre’s hilt.

A power that was sharp and vigorous whilst also vast and brutal suddenly manifested, leaving everyone shocked.

Nong Yuxuan gazed rather astonishedly at the Cold Sun Divine Sabre that Feng Yunsheng wielded.

As Feng Yunsheng had attained the Martial Grandmaster realm, this sabre had automatically grown into a low-grade spirit artifact as well.

Its usual look was fine, but the aura and might it currently emanated were far from comparable to that of any spirit artifact.

Of the final products of the ritual, more than eighty percent of the power of cold sun had been absorbed by Feng Yunsheng and this sabre.

It had yet to be completely refined, remaining in a slumbering state most of the time to be slowly absorbed and refined.

However, due to the unique nature of Feng Yunsheng and the Cold Sun Divine Sabre, after having merged with the small amount of Dim Glorious Sabre Qi that this sabre nourished, an unexpected change with the strange power of cold sun which surpassed everyone’s predictions had appeared!

Feng Yunsheng was expressionless, her eyes that resembled two cold suns all chilly as they seemed to have lost all human emotions.

She raised her sabre, striding forth!

The first breath.

As Feng Yunsheng brandished her sabre, the dim blue radiance enveloped the heavens and the earth, an ice-blue cold sun seemingly hanging high overhead, illuminating the world all around.

The incoming Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners simultaneously felt a cold, desolate feeling.

The tough, violent sabre broke the heavens and split the earth apart, with all actually fearing to directly meet its blade!

The Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners all had stunned looks on their faces.

As they knew that Yan Zhaoge possessed domineering power, all the Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners who were participating in this battle were at least Martial Saint experts, and all had Sacred Artifacts as well.

Most of them were experts of the second level of the Martial Saint realm, one of them even being the same as Nong Yuxuan who was an expert of the late Merging Avatar stage.

However, against this glorious sabre before them that seemed able to cleave through the heavens and split the earth apart, all of them had no choice but to temporarily avoid its might.

Nong Yuxuan snorted coldly, striding forward as he struck forth simultaneously with the radiance of the great golden sun in his left hand and the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi in his right.

The explosive power immediately restricted Feng Yunsheng’s sabre, even counterattacking as well.

The second breath.

Feng Yunsheng’s gaze was tranquil and without ripples.

She ignored everyone else, still targeting Nong Yuxuan before her.

Even though he was even more terrifying as well as powerful now that he had refined the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi.

Even though the Cold Sun Divine Sabre was now unable to suppress him.

Even though she was currently still unable to stand against him, the terrifying sunlight and black fire before her sweeping over towards her like a frenzied tide.

Feng Yunsheng’s sabre-wielding arm did not shake in the slightest, her footsteps also not being the least bit hesitant as she continued moving in great strides, brandishing her sabre.

Behind her, Yan Zhaoge simultaneously punched as well.

As he punched, infinite light, warmth and power instantly converged towards his fist.

A great golden seal appeared in mid-air, enveloping the horizon as it illuminated the surrounding area all round.

The actual sun seemed to descend in these heavens and earth of the World beyond World’s Royal Reed Sea.

It was precisely the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yang Seal!

A year already having passed, the Extreme Yang Seal appeared in this world once more.

With just a thought on Yan Zhaoge’s part, the great golden seal resembled the plummeting of the great sun as it descended straight towards Nong Yuxuan!

Seeing that the Extreme Yang Seal was indeed on Yan Zhaoge, Nong Yuxuan first felt joyful before he then felt surprised.

Yan Zhaoge had only used the Northern Ocean Clone to clash with Cheng Song, not having used the Extreme Yang Seal at all before this.

On what basis was it that he appeared so confident

The third breath.

Nong Yuxuan had no time to think as the brilliant sun struck down towards him, causing even the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi around him to be extinguished somewhat.

Nong Yuxuan dared not take this lightly as he released all the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi that he could currently freely wield out of his body, forming a heaven-concealing sabre that slid across the sky.

The terrifying sabre that seemed able to extinguish the sun and slay the moon clashed with that great, glorious sun.

There were neither sound nor aftershocks as the sunlight just dimmed unceasingly, the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi being extinguished-non-stop.

Soundlessly and without prior warning, the surrounding heavens and earth were all shattering simultaneously.

Feng Yunsheng did not halt in her footsteps, her sabre devouring the surrounding world all round like a dragon as the dim blue sabre-light viciously continued chopping down towards Nong Yuxuan!

Nong Yuxuan smiled coldly, blocking the Extreme Yang Seal with the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi before chasing after Feng Yunsheng with the sun and moon on his palms!

The circulating sun and moon clashed with that brutal power of reversed sun, causing the very space to distort.

Without the Dim Glorious Sabre Qi, Nong Yuxuan’s power returned to his original level of the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

Even so, however, he was still an elite amongst Martial Saints of the same cultivation level!

Feng Yunsheng’s gaze was focused as she instantly released thousands of continuous sabres, the dim blue sunlight enveloping the heavens and the earth.

The fourth breath, the fifth, the sixth…

Time rapidly passed.

Feng Yunsheng’s sabres were like dragons, tyrannical and domineering, swift and fierce as no hesitation could be seen in them at all.

Meanwhile, after Yan Zhaoge had unleashed the power of the Extreme Yang Seal to restrict Nong Yuxuan’s Dim Glorious Sabre Qi, he no longer minded Nong Yuxuan.

He walked towards the other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners.

The current Yan Zhaoge wielded no other treasures, holding only a rainbow sword within his hand.

He walked alone with just his sword between the heavens and the earth, radiance circulating above his head which condensed into his true martial avatar.

At this moment, his true martial avatar was a long sword that hovered amidst the horizon.

The sword-qi surged, brutal and solitary.

No spiritual light appeared, no spirit patterns.

There was only destruction, solitude, slaughter, eternity.


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