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HSSB71: Hidden undercurrents surging


In the following days, most of Yan Zhaoge’s time was spent staying in Jingyang City.

Part of his time was spent working on his martial skills as well as improving his cultivation.

Meanwhile, he also gathered the required materials and forged a new Internal Crystal Furnace.

The Internal Crystal Furnace having been successfully forged, Yan Zhaoge placed the seed of Li Yan True Fire within it, before beginning to test it out continuously.

Having gained the seed of Li Yan True Fire, the efficacy of the Internal Crystal Furnace increased as expected.

And having been nourished and cultivated by the Internal Crystal Furnace, the seed of Li Yan True Fire also gradually looked to be growing stronger.

Using the same technique, Yan Zhaoge used the aura-qi within his body to guide the flame essence held within the Li Yan True Fire fire seed into his body, to aid in his cultivation alongside the ice essence of the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul.

As time passed and the ice and the fire, intermingled, Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi began growing increasingly dense and refined at a swift rate as he progressed steadily towards the late outer aura stage.

Other than that, Yan Zhaoge would also make a trip to the Pill Pavilion whenever he had the time.

There, under his guidance, a batch of alchemists with the Eastern Tang’s First Prince, Zhao Yuan, at their head, were constantly at work improving the Pill Pavilion’s production methods.

The quality of Pill Pavilion products increased unceasingly, while the cost of their materials as well as their selling price remained basically unchanged.

Gradually, the Pill Pavilion was no longer being constrained within the Eastern Tang Kingdom.

Rather, it was rapidly expanding towards the rest of the East Heaven Region as well as territories of the Fire and Mountain Domains which were situated nearby, growing more and more powerful by the day.

The Eastern Tang’s Pill Pavilion was like a ferocious dragon crossing the seas as it began snatching up dominant positions in foreign markets, the channels of trade through which it profited growing more and more stable.

Its products being of the most superior quality yet still inexpensive, this quality to price ratio being something that would cause peoples’ hair to stand on end, outside of the Eastern Tang, even if the local alchemist community wanted to join hands to suppress this foreign dragon, it still looked like it would be very tough indeed.

“Your vision must be precise, your control over your aura-qi stable.”

Within the Pill Pavilion, seated at the head of the table, Yan Zhaoge was saying, “At present, this technique can still only be used by Martial Scholars.

Luckily, as the background of the Pill Pavilion runs deep, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.”

Mr Wang as well as Zhao Yuan both nodded.

Yan Zhaoge stood up, dusting off his clothes, “That’s all for today.

I will still be remaining in the Eastern Tang for quite a period of time; if there is anything, we can talk about it next time.”

The people of the Pill Pavilion hurriedly rose together in a gesture of respect as Yan Zhaoge left the room.

Outside the Pill Pavilion, walking on the road, Ah Hu said quietly from behind Yan Zhaoge, “Young Master, there’s been word from Jade Sea City, expressing their thanks to you and Broad Creed Mountain for your reminder.”

Yan Zhaoge glanced back at him, “Oh, their Maiden of Extreme Yin really went to Hell”

The Earth Domain was located in between the Fire and Water Domains, one west, one east.

As the Water Domain where Jade Sea City sat supreme was connected to the Earth Domain, the Sacred Ground’s martial practitioners were often moving about the outskirts of the Earth Domain.

Ah Hu answered, “It was during an investigative mission.

She almost ended up accidentally entering the region where Miss Feng’s Extreme Yin Physique was crippled.”

“Having investigated afterwards, it was as if her group had been intentionally led there.”

“Luckily, having reached the outskirts, Jade Sea City’s clan headquarters received your, Young Master’s, warning, in that grave instant where the horse was about to plunge off the cliff.”

“While their Maiden of Extreme Yin did sustain some injuries, it was still nothing much, not to the extent of Miss Feng.”

Ah Hu laughed, “Young Master, Jade Sea City really owes you a huge favour this time.”

“As I see it, the person who led Jade Sea City’s Maiden of Extreme Yin there was most likely of the Sacred Sun Clan.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “If the Sacred Sun Clan had been allowed just a little more time, they could have made much more thorough arrangements, completely putting Jade Sea City down without leaving any traces of their misdoings behind.”

“I’m afraid that hearing that junior apprentice-sister Feng had been brought away by me, they had known that the information was going to be leaked.

Therefore, they were forced to act beforehand, trying to seize a valuable chance during that brief window of opportunity.”

Ah Hu said, “Right, Young Master.

I saw that Zhao Hao just now.”

As Yan Zhaoge had a share of the Pill Pavilion and Zhao Hao had just tried to tear down Yan Zhaoge and Zhao Yuan’s faces earlier, having returned to Jingyang City, Zhao Hao seldom came to the Pill Pavilion anymore.

Zhao Hao was also not that completely stupid-his cooperation with the Pill Pavilion with regard to the Smoke Cloud Powder did not break off.

Not only that; he also provided the Pill Pavilion with a new pill formula for a type of spirit medicine, working together on propagating it.

Over this period of time, Zhao Hao’s performance had been getting more and more outstanding, having already caused his position in the eyes of the people of the Eastern Tang Kingdom to rise.

No one would previously have thought that a black horse like that would actually suddenly domineeringly appear in the fight for the position of Crown Prince between the First Prince Zhao Yuan and the Third Prince Zhao Sheng.

Zhao Hao’s outstanding performance would inevitably draw many focused gazes.

According to what Yan Zhaoge knew, Yan Xu had previously met with Zhao Hao in private, but had achieved no progress with him, at least on the surface.

Whether it was Yan Zhaoge or Yan Xu, both of them were of Broad Creed Mountain, while it was obvious that Gao Zhe, the Pill Fire Divine Sword of before, and Zhao Hao, the Eastern Tang’s current Sixteenth Prince, were hostile to Broad Creed Mountain from the start.

“Over this period of time, Zhao Hao has had contact with Infinite Boundless Mountain; they seem to be walking very closely together,” Ah Hu reported to Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge snapped his fingers, “As expected.”

As the Eastern Tang Kingdom lay within the territory of the Heaven Domain, Broad Creed Mountain naturally had the most control here.

Like a ferocious dragon crossing the seas, the Sacred Sun Clan’s encroachment on the Eastern Tang was also very deep.

In comparison, the Sacred Ground who sat supreme over the Mountain Domain, Infinite Boundless Mountain, was much more low-profile in the Eastern Tang.

However, if one thought that Infinite Boundless Mountain was a benevolent entity, that might not actually be the case.

Like the Sacred Sun Clan, the Infinite Boundless Mountain was similarly encroaching on the Eastern Tang Kingdom, just that they lacked a good opportunity to do so more successfully.

And for Zhao Hao, while he would not choose Broad Creed Mountain, he also could not choose the Sacred Sun Clan, which already had Prince Jin, Zhao Shilie.

After all, Zhao Shilie was a Martial Grandmaster.

While Zhao Hao displayed a shocking potential, it was still unknown when he could catch up to him.

Under such circumstances, it would naturally be impossible for the Sacred Sun Clan to forsake Zhao Shilie for him, Zhao Hao.

If he was willing to be Zhao Shilie’s assistant, the Sacred Sun Clan would actually be willing.

However, Zhao Hao was obviously unwilling to be under someone else.

What he wanted was the Eastern Tang throne, to have his words hold the greatest weight, taking much of the country’s resources to aid him in his cultivation so that he would quickly reach his past peak once again, maybe even surpassing that.

Zhao Shicheng was already putting in effort in rearing him, but he obviously wanted much more.

Under such circumstances, Zhao Hao and Infinite Boundless Mountain naturally clicked instantly.

“His thoughts have already deviated from Uncle Zhao’s.

Without us even having to say anything, Uncle Zhao will naturally handle it.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Even if Infinite Boundless Mountain wants to stand by the conflict between our Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan and reap some benefits from the side, it also won’t be that easy.”

“Continue watching closely.

If there is anything, report it back quickly.”

Hearing his words, Ah Hu nodded, “Yes Young Master.”



Within the Jin mansion, Zhao Shilie had a grave expression on his face as he looked at the golden-robed Elder before him, “So, it will be happening soon”

The golden-robed Elder replied, “It might not be so soon.

You just need to make your preparations and wait quietly for the time to come.”

Zhao Shilie asked, “The abnormalities in the Sealing Dragon Abyss are no trivial matter.

Now that we are surer that they were artificially induced, if the matter truly has a connection with Hell…”

The golden-robed Elder said, “No matter; my Sacred Sun Clan has already especially dispatched experts to the outskirts of Hell to maintain surveillance over the area.”

“The East Rising Lord and I will be here as well, and will also be paying attention to the Sealing Dragon Abyss at all times.

If a major incident really takes place, we will deal with it as necessary.”

“However, the good opportunity that the changes in the Sealing Dragon Abyss have created should also be grasped.”

The golden-robed Elder stood with his hands behind his back, “Crisis, crisis, how does one define crisis Where danger and opportunity coexist-that is crisis.

Only seeing the opportunity and diving in recklessly greedy for reward or only seeing the danger and standing there uselessly without moving forward; both are the actions of a fool.”

Zhao Shilie was also not a timid person who shrunk back from everything.

Seeing that the Sacred Sun Clan had already set in place preparations with regard to the Sealing Dragon Abyss as well as Hell, he was relieved.

He fell silent for a moment, before asking, “Still, if we really want to kill Yan Zhaoge…”

The golden-robed Elder said mildly, “Isn’t there still that Zhao Hao and Infinite Boundless Mountain”


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