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HSSB719: One loss after another


The lamp light of the Dim Radiant Lamp was extinguished as it traversed space, heading towards the Dim Radiant Wheel like a tired bird returning to its familiar nest.

The Dim Radiant Wheel ceased to rotate once more.

One of the twelve slots of the wheel that was dark as an abyss suddenly emitted streaks of light.

Swept along by that light, the Dim Radiant Lamp entered this hole as it then vanished.

The next moment, the light dissipated, the Dim Radiant Wheel beginning to rotate once more.

Yet, another, more frightening aura suffused the area, shocking the surrounding heavens and earth.

Luo Zhiyuan forcibly stabilised his emotions that had very nearly run amok.

Gazing at Yan Zhaoge and the Dim Radiant Wheel, he roared heavily, “The Dim Radiant Lamp is simply merged together with this treasure.

As long as we obtain it, it is all the same in the end!”

Amidst his low roar, Luo Zhiyuan struck out simultaneously with his hands, chopping forward.

The sun and moon that rose and fell as they circulated above his head instantly transformed into two streaks of terrifying sabre-light, one on the left and the other on the right as they descended towards Yan Zhaoge and the Dim Radiant Wheel together!

Where the sabre-light passed, all existences amidst space seemed to be purified and cleansed by the immeasurable radiance such that not even ashes or dregs of them remained.

The tyrannical, vigorous nature of the Radiant Light Sabre was displayed by Luo Zhiyuan to the point of perfection.

Apart from a world of dense white radiance, there was nothing else that could be seen before the eyes of Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Luo Zhiyuan’s gaze was icy cold, “While it may be an Immortal Artifact, it is still incomplete at the end of the day, merely being in its embryonic form!”

Also, with it still being ownerless, Luo Zhiyuan believed that with his power, he should still be able to deal with it temporarily with the help of a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

“Hurry!” Without Luo Zhiyuan having to urge them, Guo Song and the others had already shot towards Yan Zhaoge’s group once more.

Feeling the changes in the Dim Radiant Wheel, Yan Zhaoge smiled as he released the Northern Ocean Clone, telling Feng Yunsheng and Xiao Ai smilingly, “We can slowly split the treasures later.”

Amidst his words, the Northern Ocean Clone descended, directly uprooting and storing the entire mountain of treasures.

The Northern Ocean Clone extended his other hand and collected another mountain of treasures.

He ignored Guo Song and the others who were already descending upon him.

Guo Song snorted coldly, “Come, let this old man see if you really have the ability to flee from a mid Seeing Divinity Martial Saint!”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “You should be concerned about yourself first.”

After the Dim Radiant Wheel up above had absorbed the Dim Radiant Lamp, it was rotating at an increasingly higher speed.

Accompanied by this, the foreign dimension that they were in began to distort as well.

With the Dim Radiant Wheel as the centre, a massive vortex was seemingly formed which unceasingly swept all within the surroundings within.

Luo Zhiyuan’s Radiant Light Sabre was broken, a golden sun and a silvery moon reappearing.

The Sun Moon Wheels attempted to lock down the Dim Radiant Wheel under Luo Zhiyuan’s control.

Yet, as the silver and golden radiance came into contact with the Dim Radiant Wheel, the black wheel which had already been shocking before suddenly erupted with an even more shocking aura!

A figure appeared with the Dim Radiant Wheel as its centre.

He was garbed in black clothes and a white robe with black hair and white brows, his figure tall and his features authoritative.

It was shockingly the Dim Radiant Emperor, Yin Tianxia!

“Disperse your various ways,” The words seemed to traverse millennia, resounding in their ears.

Beneath the dumbfounded gazes of Luo Zhiyuan, Guo Song and the others, unprecedented bright radiance was emitted from the illusory figure of the Dim Radiant Emperor, domineeringly sweeping through the surrounding area.

The Sun Moon Wheels were directly jolted flying!

The foreign dimension began to collapse!

A stone door that flickered with a seven-coloured radiance appeared amidst space, its surface mottled and discoloured.

After the stone layer on its exterior had shattered and fallen off, the bright, smooth light of jade shook as a huge door of white jade appeared before everyone’s eyes.

The door of white jade grew amidst the air, quickly becoming more than ten times larger than the original stone door.

The tall door seemed not to be for people to pass through, instead being open for the divinities that existed above the nine heavens.

Now, a light dragon suddenly shot out from it, similarly flickering with a seven-coloured radiance.

“From the looks of it, this wasn’t left for you guys!” Yan Zhaoge laughed even as the Northern Ocean Clone had finished sweeping away the treasures as he brought along Feng Yunsheng, Xiao Ai, Ah Hu and also Pan-Pan in flying into the air.

The seven-coloured light dragon lowered its head and opened its mouth, swallowing all of them with a single gulp before flying back to the door of white jade.

Now, a layer of seven-coloured radiance shockingly surfaced on the Dim Radiant Wheel as well.

Luo Zhiyuan was stunned, “That stone door created this foreign dimension along with that ritual.

It was a part of the ritual right from the start, and that Yan Zhaoge refined it first”

The Dim Radiant Wheel broke free of the Dim Radiant Emperor’s projection, descending within the door of white jade along with the seven-coloured light dragon.

The door of white jade mightily closed.

Yet, the seven-coloured radiance still flickered unceasingly, the roars of dragons intermittently resounding amidst its glow.

Accompanied by the roars of dragons, a massive, majestic palace appeared which began gradually merging with that door of white jade amidst the seven-coloured radiance!

At the end, the door of white jade shockingly became the door of the palace.

The seven-coloured radiance faded completely, with just the silhouettes of multiple dragons coiling above the palace.

Within the palace, Yan Zhaoge was seated in the meditative position while the Dim Radiant Wheel had ceased to rotate, showing no signs of movement at all as it landed quietly within the depths of space of the Myriad Dragon Palace.

However, dim light that was neither bright nor dark appeared on the surface of the Myriad Dragon Palace, protecting the palace in gradually concealing itself amidst the darkness of space.

Those of the Radiant Light Sect were unresigned as they wanted to pursue and obstruct them.

Yet, the silhouette of the Dim Radiant Emperor within the air shook mightily and exploded, transforming into a rain of light.

Where the rain of light passed, the foreign dimension which had already been collapsing originally was extinguished completely!

Violent, chaotic flows of space swept through the area, actually causing the entire Dim Radiant Mausoleum to begin collapsing as well!

The tangible mausoleum and the illusory space intermingled and changed unceasingly, leading to a storm that seemed able to destroy the heavens and exterminate the earth as it even extended towards space even further beyond the mausoleum, terminating all that it encountered!

Those of the Radiant Light Sect stared wide-eyed, “Could it be that this Dim Radiant Mausoleum was not for the Emperor himself at all, instead existing for the purpose of forging that mighty treasure”

Now that the ritual had come to an end, the Dim Radiant Mausoleum too had completed its mission.

It was just that at this moment, things were tough for Luo Zhiyuan and the others.

The terrifying chaotic flows of space were even more terrifying, even more violent than ever before!

Even Luo Zhiyuan who was at the peak of the late Seeing Divinity stage found it hard to protect himself, having to rely on the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Sun Moon Wheels for such.

The other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners were scattered all around, only able to struggle amidst the shocking waves and tides.

The Sun Moon Wheels which had separated earlier had currently been jolted into two different directions.

Luo Zhiyuan barely managed to grab the sun wheel, yet could only watch on helplessly as the moon wheel was swept elsewhere, disappearing amidst the chaotic flows of space.

He wanted to pursue it, but amidst the terrifying chaotic flows of space, he was only able to barely hold on as he was swept along by the flowing currents.

The moon wheel that had finally been repaired recently after being damaged for many years, before having even gotten warm in his hand, was lost once more!

This time, even where to find it was a question without an answer.

It was really well and truly lost.

The Dim Radiant Wheel, gone.

The Dim Radiant Lamp, gone.

Even the Sun Moon Wheels which had been his originally was not spared.

Luo Zhiyuan’s irrepressible howl of rage resounded amidst space.


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