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HSSB74: The Sacred Sun Clan’s scheme


“In having met with danger in the Sealing Dragon Abyss, Elder Qin had been acting together with Uncle Zhao for the express purpose of guarding against the Sacred Sun Clan’s East Rising Lord and the others.”

Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath, looking at the black-bearded middle-aged man before him.

This black-bearded middle aged man was Elder Kong, who had come over from Broad Creed Mountain to assist Elder Qin in the East Heaven Region.

Elder Kong had a refined air about him.

Dressed in a long gown, he resembled an ordinary middle-aged scholar.

Having already become familiar with him back at the clan, Yan Zhaoge knew that this Elder always liked to leave a bit of room for himself in his words.

In saying that Zhao Shicheng had met with danger in the Sealing Dragon Abyss, the actual situation would probably be even worse.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Elder Kong said simply, “Elder Qin and the others are still suppressing the abnormalities within the Sealing Dragon Abyss, thus requiring me to go rescue King Zhao and get him out.”

“That way, I will no longer be able to stay outside and look after you.

Are you willing to enter the Sealing Dragon Abyss along with me”

Yan Zhaoge did not hesitate, promptly answering, “I am willing.”

Elder Kong nodded.

Not wasting any time on words, they moved out immediately.

On their way there, Yan Zhaoge finally came to hear the whole story about what was happening now.

While the abnormalities in the Sealing Dragon Abyss had not yet been completely quelled, there would also no longer be any major changes there.

According to Elder Kong, the source of the large scale abnormalities this time actually lay in Hell.

After Yan Di and the other experts took care of the problem there, the changes to the Sealing Dragon Abyss would naturally dissipate into the wind.

Earlier, the Ghost Hatchet Elder Han Sheng and some others had left behind a seed in the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

When massive upheaval occurred over in Hell as planned, it would induce a chain reaction in the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

Han Sheng’s misdoings having been exposed earlier than planned because of Yan Zhaoge, they had already been partially taken care of.

Today, they would be completely eliminated by the root.

However, in this process, a problem had cropped up.

Zhao Shicheng had drawn upon the power of Jingyang City’s grand formation to assist Elder Qin as well as the people from the Sacred Sun Clan and Infinite Boundless Mountain in suppressing the abnormalities in the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

In the midst of this, the formation being unstable, under the assault of the Sealing Dragon Abyss, there was a backlash, the power of the formation flowing in reverse and numerous chaotic streams of baleful qi rushing into Zhao Shicheng’s body.

The power of the Sealing Dragon Abyss saw this as a gap in their defences, thus counterattacking with all its might, all of its pressure virtually falling on Zhao Shicheng himself.

While Elder Qin and the others managed to suppress this chaotic power in time, Zhao Shicheng still suffered some grave injuries as a result.

What was even harder to deal with was that many chaotic streams of baleful qi entered Zhao Shicheng’s body in the form of a black fog, causing him to lapse into unconsciousness, his body also becoming hard to shift as a result.

The chaotic streams of baleful qi were like a chain, forcibly dragging Zhao Shicheng deeper into the abyss.

The accompanying group of Eastern Tang Kingdom martial practitioners could only barely ensure that Zhao Shicheng was not swallowed up by the abyss, not being able to escort him safely out of the Sealing Dragon Abyss to seek treatment.

In entering the Sealing Dragon Abyss, Elder Kong’s goal was to first break off the attack of the chaotic streams of baleful qi on Zhao Shicheng’s body, then bring him out of that dangerous place before continuing in his attempts to salvage the situation.

But halfway to the Sealing Dragon Abyss, Yan Zhaoge and Elder Kong could no longer proceed.

Before them appeared a white-clothed woman, a golden damask wrapped around her waist, the air that she exuded shocking the surrounding black fog to roil away from her body in all directions, not daring to draw near.

Looking at Elder Kong and Yan Zhaoge, she smiled coldly, “The situation in the Sealing Dragon Abyss has already calmed down.

It should also be time to properly settle things between us.”

“Does your Broad Creed Mountain think that my Sacred Sun Clan is so easy to bully”

Elder Kong frowned, “It was the lot of you who did some tampering, causing an accident to happen with the Eastern Tang’s formation.”

Wagging her fingers, the beautiful woman raised her eyebrows, “Such words cannot be spoken lightly; the abnormalities in the Sealing Dragon Abyss and the abnormalities in Hell by connection are a major issue that concerns the entire Eight Extremities World.”

“Everyone worked together in suppressing it; my Sacred Sun Clan is no exception.

Why then would we drag back your feet from behind”

“As for the King of the Eastern Tang, it can only be said that his luck was bad.”

A coldness gradually surfaced within her eyes, “Of course, a greater possibility is that in not knowing where the trend of the world lies and standing as an enemy of my Sacred Sun Clan, he suffered divine punishment from that heavens.

That might be it.”

Elder Kong’s features were as sunken as water.

He recognised this woman-she was an important Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan.

Although she was not one of the Seven Reigning Suns, her cultivation attainments were not inferior to the East Rising Lord’s.

While Elder Kong was not afraid of her, since she had launched an attack here to hinder his movements, if he wanted to continue moving forward, it would be very difficult indeed.

Every second that was delayed was every second that Zhao Shicheng fell into further danger.

Looking at the current situation, it seemed like the Sacred Sun Clan had long been planning for this.

It didn’t even have to be asked for it to be known that Elder Qin was currently also being pinned down by the East Rising Lord for sure.

Yet the greater concern was the fact that having been rendered unconscious by the earlier turn of events, even whether Zhao Shicheng could make it out of the Sealing Dragon Abyss alive was an unknown.

That Prince Jin, Zhao Shilie outside…

Whether it was Elder Qin or Elder Kong, as long as one of them was outside, Zhao Shilie wouldn’t dare to make such a bold move so easily in the least.

But if it was only Yan Xu…if Zhao Shilie replaced Zhao Shicheng as the one who controlled the grand formation, he would be very hard to deal with.

“Elder Kong, I’ll go find Uncle Zhao,” Yan Zhaoge said in a low voice.

As Elder Kong turned back to glance at him, Yan Zhaoge nodded in confirmation, “I’m going.”

Elder Kong knit his brows slightly, but time waits for no man.

After considering slightly for a while, he could only nod his head in agreement.

He quickly told Yan Zhaoge the position of the Eastern Tang group, before adding, “Remember to be careful yourself as well.”

Yan Zhaoge having consecutively created many miracles, Elder Kong at least had a certain level of confidence in him.

Not wasting time, Yan Zhaoge immediately brought Ah Hu along as he continued forward.

The woman wanted to block them, but was herself obstructed by Elder Kong.

Her willow-shaped eyebrows rose as she laughed coldly, “That should be Yan Di’s son, huh Being able to defeat the late outer aura stage Xiao Shen while himself only in the mid outer aura stage-what a rare feat indeed.

However, do not forget.”

“A genius who dies young, is nothing at all.”

Elder Kong said in a light tone, “Anyone who dies is but a heap of yellow soil.

Martial Scholars; Martial Grandmasters-it is all the same.”

Saying thus, his palms brushed past each other as he unleashed Broad Creed Mountain’s direct lineage martial art, the Golden Curtain Palm of the Eight Extreme Arts, towards the enemy.

His opponent similarly displayed one of the Sacred Sun Clan’s peak martial arts to meet his attack.

The fight that erupted between two longtime Martial Grandmasters caused the entire Sealing Abyss to quake to the point that it looked extremely unstable.

Walking in a canyon within the abyss, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu could feel obvious tremors coming not just from behind them but also from other directions.

Evidently, with the clash between Elder Qin and the East Rising Lord as their head, the experts from Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan who had entered the Sealing Dragon Abyss had engaged in a large-scale battle.

With the root of the problem having been eliminated over in Hell, the abnormalities in the Sealing Dragon Abyss had been quelled.

Finally free of concerns, the two sides no longer held themselves back as all hell broke loose.

Traversing the Sealing Dragon Abyss, Yan Zhaoge could only feel that the entire world was spinning, around them seeming as though it might collapse at any moment.

Ah Hu was also treading step by cautious step as he followed closely by Yan Zhaoge’s side, “Young Master, this is the other side wanting to resolve the problem through its root ah.”

“Having eaten a disadvantage previously in Jingyang City, they want to climb back up from whenever they fell.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed coldly, “Their appetite is huge indeed; their goal is not only killing or maiming me, or perhaps tearing down our clan’s face as revenge for junior apprentice-sister Feng’s matter.”

“They want the Eastern Tang, wresting over a stronghold in the East Heaven Region and permanently taking a step into the Heaven Domain from there.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a relaxed breath, “As the head of a kingdom, in putting himself at risk in coming here this time, Uncle Zhao would definitely have paid much heed to his own safety.”

“Elder Qin specially moving together with him this time was precisely to prevent the Sacred Sun Clan from exacting vengeance on him.”

“But looking at it now, it was not the East Rising Lord’s group who did something-Jingyang City’s grand formation was what went wrong.”

“Being a benevolent ruler, Uncle Zhao’s rule was rather more relaxed.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s encroachment into the Eastern Tang runs deeper than what our clan knows of.”

“As long as it is planning and preparations, as time goes by and they become even more thorough and detailed, it would conversely be easier for some traces to be left behind and thereby detected by an opponent.”

“If the Sacred Sun Clan had continued with their preparations just like that, our clan would actually have found it easier to guard against.”

“However, the abnormalities in the Sealing Dragon Abyss this time coincidentally helped to supplement the areas in which they were previously lacking, causing them to act ahead of time and make their move.”

His gaze distant, Yan Zhaoge said, “And it isn’t only the Sacred Sun Clan; I’m afraid that Infinite Boundless Mountain will want to stick its nose into this matter as well.”


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