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HSSB756: The Grand Xuan Dynasty invades the Eight Extremities World


Hearing Luo Zhiyuan’s words, Gu Hong’s expression immediately changed.

Gongsun Wu’s expression turned rather unnatural as well as he heard this.

Luo Zhiyuan snorted coldly, not saying anything else and not even glancing back as he then fled into the distance.

Within the wound of the sky, in order to secure the lives of him and those of his sect, Luo Zhiyuan had had no choice but to enter a life and death struggle against Madame Kang, having thus ended up forcing her into death in the end.

If not for such irreconcilable enmity, facing such a large scale invasion by the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the Radiant Light Sect might also then have thought of surrendering and pledging their allegiance.

Now, however, there was no way that this could work out.

Luo Zhiyuan felt furious to the point of near insanity.

His hatred towards Yan Zhaoge was no lesser than that towards the Grand Xuan Dynasty which had destroyed his Sun Moon Peak in the slightest.

If he was able to bring misfortune to Yan Zhaoge like this, he would naturally be very happy to do so.

Kang Ping said coldly, “We will naturally do so.

Still, Luo Zhiyuan, don’t you think of running either!”

Despite his hatred, Luo Zhiyuan dared not slow down at all as he continued fleeing into the distance.

He was fleeing in the direction of the Clear Scenic Region.

The Endless Magnetic Storms that raged amidst the seas of the Clear Scenic Region had served as a natural barrier for the Radiant Light Sect whilst also like a cliff or a deep abyss.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had only been able to surround the Virtuous Spirit Region in a watertight manner for the other three directions, having been unable to do so for just that of the Clear Scenic Region alone.

Luo Zhiyuan and the others fleeing in the direction of the Clear Scenic Region after the Sun Moon Peak fell was in line with what the Grand Xuan Dynasty wanted.

They would be able to make use of the Endless Magnetic Storms to obstruct their footsteps as well as inflict more injuries on them.

This was something Luo Zhiyuan, Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu naturally understood.

Most fortunately for them, the Endless Magnetic Storms on the sea of the Clear Scenic Region just happened to be comparatively less intense at the current moment.

They did still have a chance in using this route.

Even as the Endless Magnetic Storms hindered their path, they would also obstruct their pursuers from the Grand Xuan Dynasty, gifting them a chance to possibly escape by the skin of their teeth.

When the Sun Moon Peak had been surrounded, Luo Zhiyuan and the others had already decided upon this path of retreat.

Looking at their departing figures, Kang Ping directly began his pursuit.

“King Xuan, could I trouble you to lead men to that wound of the sky We will pursue Luo Zhiyuan, Gu Hong and the others,” Kang Ping said even as he was already moving.

Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng moved as well, pursuing their enemy over to the Clear Scenic Region along with Kang Ping.

King Xuanmu nodded, “Alright, this King will head over to the wound of the sky.

You lot should be careful of the Endless Magnetic Storms as well.”

With his imperial decree, a great many Grand Xuan Dynasty experts accompanied Kang Ping’s trio in their pursuit.

With the alterations of the Radiant Light Sect, this wound of the sky was not usually open as it would heal on its own.

It would only open after being stimulated by some secret techniques.

Otherwise, it would remain concealed amidst space for a long period of time, no trace of it being visible.

Still, being at the peak of the late Seeing Divinity stage, King Xuanmu had a good grasp of the variations of space.

After having determined the direction and ascertained the target, searching for it throughout, he quickly found the wound of the sky that Luo Zhiyuan had spoken of.

He gazed at the empty space before him for a moment before stabbing out with his King Xuan Spear, boundless flames agglomerating at its tip.

Beneath his spear, a crevice suddenly opened amidst space, unceasingly expanding towards the surroundings.

Within the crevice flickered unspeakable radiance, numerous layers of space stacked atop one another to form the terrifying power of dimensions.

As Yan Zhaoge gazed at the Virtuous Spirit Region, he had been able to see the radiance originally illuminating the surrounding area dim before shattering completely.

Streaks of light had then fled in the direction of the Clear Scenic Region.

Yan Zhaoge knew that they should be Luo Zhiyuan, Gu Hong and the others.

The Radiant Light Sect not having decided to slaughter their way into the Eight Extremities World, instead continuing to move about in the World beyond Worlds, although breaking through their enemy’s encirclement in the Clear Scenic Region seemed dangerous, it was actually quite a good choice with the Endless Magnetic Storms currently being in a state of relative weakness.

Yan Zhaoge felt that he might also have made the same decision had he been in their shoes.

What he was feeling interested in were the Radiant Light Sect’s future intentions if they managed to successfully break through their encirclement and shake off the pursuit of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

Still, upon noticing that the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s troops had clearly split up, Yan Zhaoge realised then that something was wrong.

One side was pursuing Luo Zhiyuan and the others in the direction of the Clear Scenic Region, while the other was heading towards the north of where the Sun Moon Peak had once stood.

Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted slightly, “That is…very possibly where the wound of the sky leading to the Eight Extremities World is located!”

“While the Radiant Light Sect cannot go down themselves, they have still thought to bring me trouble, getting the Grand Xuan Dynasty who have also enmity with me to descend to the Eight Extremities World and act against Broad Creed Mountain.”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression turned rather strange.

The Radiant Light Sect might not have had time to introduce the Eight Extremities World in detail to the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty was likely unclear on the current situation of the Eight Extremities World.

If they sent a bunch of people down under such circumstances, they would likely be in for a real treat.

Unless their quantity surpassed a certain point, they would not be able to do anything at all to Yan Di who remained there.

If Yuan Zhengfeng was already back in the Eight Extremities World, even less had to be said then.

The sole problem would be if too many peak experts descended.

That way, even if their cultivation bases were all suppressed to the third level of the Martial Saint realm, if they collectively exerted great might which overturned the heavens and the earth, the Eight Extremities World itself might not be able to stand the destructive power resulting from the clash between the opposing sides.

The Eight Extremities World was much more fragile than the World beyond Worlds.

Thinking of this, Yan Zhaoge temporarily gave up on going to the Clear Scenic Region.

However much the Endless Magnetic Storms were currently in a comparatively mild state, the Clear Scenic Region was still a danger ground of the Royal Reed Sea that promised an extreme possibility of dying.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty and Luo Zhiyuan’s group would be a long time working their way around within.

Yan Zhaoge too set off, heading north of where the Sun Moon Peak had once stood.

As he travelled, Yan Zhaoge still carefully concealed his tracks as he looked at that fiery light heading towards the north.

That person leading the group over to the wound of the sky was likely the current king of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, King Xuanmu.

While this person’s cultivation base was lower than Kang Ping’s, he was still an expert of the peak of the late Seeing Divinity stage.

More importantly, he was accompanied by the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the King Xuan Spear.

This treasure was one that had been forged by his ancestor, King Xuanwen, passed down along the ages as it was a hundred percent compatible with the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s heirloom martial arts.

Therefore, while King Xuanmu who had yet to reach the Immortal Bridge stage was unable to exert the power of this high-grade Sacred Artifact to the maximum, he was still able to contend against a seventh level Martial Saint of the early Immortal Bridge stage as he combined forces with the spear.

While an opponent such as this would still be easier to deal with then Kang Ping somewhat, he was still extremely powerful.

It might be a different story if he descended into the Eight Extremities World.

In the World beyond Worlds, however, Yan Zhaoge still had to be careful of him.

If he ended up being discovered by him here, Yan Zhaoge believed that he would definitely become his immediate target.

Gazing far into the distance, he saw King Xuanmu’s group stop, King Xuanmu stabbing out with his spear as the wound of the sky was thus reopened.

Without the slightest pause, King Xuanmu gave a command, several Seeing Divinity Martial Saints behind him now entering the spatial crevice together!


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