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HSSB768: Difference in martial scriptures


Saying thus, Yan Di retrieved a jade talisman, handing it to Yan Zhaoge.

Receiving the jade talisman, Yan Zhaoge appraised it momentarily before making an inquisitive noise, “It is an ancient artifact.

This means that…”

“Yes, this is the original talisman that Master obtained in the Floating Gate World back then.

It is not something that he produced afterwards,” Understanding what Yan Zhaoge felt to be strange, Yan Di explained it to him.

This jade talisman was precisely the one containing the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture which Yuan Zhengfeng had obtained by a stroke of fortune in the Floating Gate World, having been left there by persons unknown.

The object was the actual, original artifact which recorded the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture, with Yuan Zhengfeng’s personal comprehensions of the scripture not being included within.

It was in exactly the same condition as when Yuan Zhengfeng had gotten his hands on it.

It was just that if such an object was perused by different martial practitioners, as everyone’s true essence as well as martial intent was different, the records of the martial arts within would surely fade with each different person that had used it till they had eventually vanished completely.

One might also say that if different people were to peruse the contents of a jade talisman, they would create a restricted usage limit.

Wanting to keep this Life Creation Heavenly Scripture in Broad Creed Mountain, Yuan Zhengfeng would have to forge a jade talisman of his own.

It was just that with it, Yuan Zhengfeng’s personal interpretation of the scripture would unavoidably be included within the newly produced jade talisman.

Yet, he had intentionally requested Yan Di to send this original jade talisman up to the World beyond Worlds this time, sending it over to Yan Zhaoge.

On one hand, this showed his care.

On the other, he had hopes of him.

Yan Zhaoge’s heart felt warm as he looked at Yan Di, “What about you then”

Yan Di said, “Like you, I used the original jade talisman.

There is also second apprentice-brother apart from that.

Therefore, this talisman has very few times left that it can be used.

Master left it specifically for you.

Even senior apprentice-aunt He and senior apprentice-uncle Zhang used the one which Master personally produced.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I guess second apprentice-uncle should be fine now.”

Yan Di smiled as well, “That’s right.

He is already no longer in any danger.”

Upon learning that it was the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture that Yuan Zhengfeng had obtained, Yan Zhaoge had already known that Fang Zhun would no longer be in any danger.

When he had left the Eight Extremities World, while Fang Zhun had still yet to awaken, he had no longer been in any life-threatening danger.

However, his injuries had been grave then, even more serious than Yuan Zhengfeng’s old injuries that year.

Even with the Heaven Returning Divine Pill, it was unknown if he might be able to wholly recover.

Being able to regain his health and not have his cultivation base reduced would already be extremely fortunate.

Yet, he would likely be like the Yuan Zhengfeng of the past with his progress thus stymied.

Yan Zhaoge had once thought to head to the Floating Life World and request of Su Yun the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture that his mother Xue Chuqing had once imparted to her.

Still, what Su Yun was versed in was just an incomplete version that Xue Chuqing had simply casually taught to her when she had been by her side in the past.

Xiao Ai’s situation was more or less the same.

While their effects had enabled Su Yun and Xiao Ai, they were not suitable for dealing with Fang Zhun’s situation.

Yan Zhaoge had only been able to leave it as that.

Since Yuan Zhengfeng had now obtained the complete Life Creation Heavenly Scripture, all the problems here had hence been resolved as Yan Zhaoge also could finally set his mind at ease.

As Yan Zhaoge infused his true essence within, a bright lustre instantly flickered on the jade talisman.

Then, numerous profound runes surfaced within Yan Zhaoge’s mind, narrating the true intent of creation and fortune along with the ceaseless flowing of fate and life.

“Hmm” While Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change, he inwardly made an inquisitive noise, “Why does this Life Creation Heavenly Scripture feel like the most orthodox, originating from the primordial direct lineage”

This so-called primordial direct lineage referred to personal records of the founder of the Jade Clear lineage, the Lord of Primordial Beginning, from when he set up his altar and expounded on the dao.

While they originated from the same source, the essence of this Heavenly Scripture did not contain the interpretations of later predecessors as it was the closest to the personal understanding of this great dao by the Lord of Primordial Beginning himself.

How to comprehend and cultivate in it still depended on the future martial practitioner.

They might not turn out more powerful for sure.

Still, conveyed in such a way, the essence of a Heavenly Scripture would indisputably be the purest, linked straight to its original source.

The Primordial Heavenly Scriptures that Yan Zhaoge possessed were just like this, their origins already being hard to verify.

As for the likes of the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture that Xue Chuqing cultivated in and the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture that Kang Ping and co cultivated in, they had already previously undergone the unceasing analyses of their predecessors.

Being someone who cultivated in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture that stood at the head of the Ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures, Yan Zhaoge would definitely not be wrong in his discernment here.

He naturally preferred this kind of top-tier martial scripture.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge could not help but wonder, “The person who left behind the supreme martial art in this jade talisman personally listened to the Lord of Primordial Beginning expounding on the dao…”

The strange feeling from when he had heard about Yuan Zhengfeng’s obtaining of the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture and Heart’s Will Incantation Thunder arose within Yan Zhaoge’s mind once more.

This time, he felt like his thoughts were clearer somewhat, the fog before him being a bit less dense.

Yet, his doubts had instead only grown in number.

As Yan Zhaoge pondered, Xiao Ai scooted before him, tugging on his sleeve.

Looking over, Yan Zhaoge saw Xiao Ai chattering away, her words like a gatling gun, “Young Master, Young Master, Lord is just so cool! He’s a different type from you, but you’re both still awesome!”

Seeing how she was staring all wide-eyed, Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile, “Haven’t you seen recorded images of my father before”

Xiao Ai said matter-of-factly, “How can recorded images compare to the actual person How could they display even a-ten thousandth of Lord’s flair”

Her head suddenly drooped again, “It’s a pity that he’s no longer single, just like Young Master.

I can only give him an A grade evaluation rather than an A .”

Yan Zhaoge felt exasperated whilst also amused, “Just like I said, this evaluation benchmark of yours is very illogical and unreasonable.”

“Moreover, the one my father belongs to is my mother.”

Xiao Ai blinked, “No wonder Lady has always missed Lord.

It is only today that Xiao Ai understands for real.”

“Of course Lady is extremely good.

Still, Xiao Ai still believes that it would be perfect if Lord were single.”

Just returning from burying King Xuanmu, as Ah Hu heard this, he could not help but stare, “Wouldn’t there be no Young Master then”

Hearing his words, Feng Yunsheng chuckled.

Yan Zhaoge directly rolled his eyes.

Xiao Ai was rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied as she looked at Yan Di and then at Yan Zhaoge, her face all scrunched up and frowning in concentration as she seemed conflicted to the extreme.

Yan Di shook his head, unable to stop himself from smiling as he waved Xiao Ai over, “Would it be convenient to tell me about things when you were by Chuqing’s side”

Xiao Ai hurriedly said, “Ask away, Lord.”

Yan Zhaoge said solemnly, “Father, I have to head to the Clear Scenic Region without further ado.”

Yan Di nodded, “Do be careful.”

Xiao Ai stayed behind to chat with Yan Di while Yan Zhaoge entered the Myriad Dragon Palace together with Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu.

The true essence of his Northern Ocean Clone surged, the silhouette of a Kunpeng manifesting which swept along the Myriad Dragon Palace, soaring high as it was then far away in an instant.

Speeding through the Virtuous Spirit Region, they arrived at the Desert Mountain Region which had previously been partially developed by the Radiant Light Sect.

The remaining portion of it, however, was connected to the Clear Scenic Region.

When the Endless Magnetic Storms were rather more intense and at their peak, this portion of the Desert Mountain Region that was close to the Clear Scenic Region would be swept through by the storms as well.

While it was currently calmer there right now, a dark storm already loomed over the distant horizon.

As the Clear Scenic Region entered the sights of Yan Zhaoge’s party, the terrifying Endless Magnetic Storms too appeared before their eyes once more.


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