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HSSB777: You are unlucky


Hearing Zhang Chao mention Yan Zhaoge, the expressions of Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan both changed.

Kang Jinyuan’s expression turned gloomier, a cold light unceasingly flickering within his eyes.

As he looked at Zhang Chao, Kang Maosheng instantly thought of many things.

The Extreme Yang Seal and the Extreme Yin Crown had both been discovered in the Eight Extremities World, while Zhang Chao, Meng Wan and Tang Yonghao also hailed from that world like Yan Zhaoge.

Everything else aside, their understanding towards Yan Zhaoge could be deeper than theirs, than everyone else in the Royal Reed Sea.

This was especially significant with the entire Grand Xuan Dynasty having constantly been concerned about whether Yan Zhaoge was related to the Exalted Solar Luminary due to the Extreme Yang Seal.

Looking at Zhang Chao, Kang Maosheng slowly said, “This Kang is unable to make a decision on this matter.

I will thereafter lead you to my father.

You should talk with him in person regarding this.”

Zhang Chao nodded, “I will be troubling you then.”

He paused momentarily before continuing, “Your father is truly powerful.

The Radiant Light Sect will be hard pressed the escape the fate of extermination this time.”

“Still, the Endless Magnetic Storms are rampant here, and the Chief of the Radiant Light Sect Luo Zhiyuan is also accompanied by the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Sun Moon Wheels.

In the off chance that he escapes amidst all the chaos, I may have a way to assist those of the Grand Xuan Dynasty in locating his whereabouts afterwards.”

The gazes of Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan both lit up in unison.

“If there really arises such a need, that would naturally be good,” Kang Maosheng said, his gaze falling on Meng Wan and the Extreme Yin Crown which she wore as he pondered on in silence.

Zhang Chao glanced at Meng Wan as well, “This Extreme Yin Crown is rather unique.

It can only be wielded by maidens who bear the Extreme Yin Physique.”

Kang Maosheng realised with a start, “So that’s how it is.

No wonder…”

It was no wonder that the Radiant Light Sect had not effectively utilised this treasure themselves, instead still having allowed Meng Wan to wield it.

Looking at Zhang Chao, he said, “Since that is so, this Extreme Yin Crown would naturally still…”

Partway through his words, Kang Maosheng suddenly halted as a sense of foreboding arose within his heart.

He abruptly swivelled his head, gazing towards the side.

“There is no need for you to worry about the Extreme Yin Crown,” At the same time, a voice suddenly resounded by their ears.

Yan Zhaoge’s figure appeared before Zhang Chao, Kang Maosheng, Meng Wan and the others.

Inside this palace formed of the Taotie’s deteriorated flesh and blood, Yan Zhaoge resembled an elegant, refined young master in his white clothes and blue robe.

Beside him stood a maiden who similarly appeared in the garb of a Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioner.

It was precisely Feng Yunsheng.

The gaze of Meng Wan who had previously remained calm and composed instantly grew focused.

Feng Yunsheng met her gaze.

Despite these circumstances, the two instead smiled at each other.

Seeing Zhang Chao, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “While it has been delayed for a few years due to the Radiant Light Sect, the Extreme Yin Crown ultimately belongs to my Broad Creed Mountain.

Outsiders will not be interfering in this fight this time.”

His gaze shifted from Zhang Chao to Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan.

Kang Jinyuan’s gaze was filled with fury and hatred as it seemed like he wanted to fling himself straight at him, only preventing himself from doing so by sheer force of will.

Kang Maosheng’s gaze was similarly icy cold, his dark, heavy expression turning even sterner.

His birth mother having died early, he had virtually taken Madame Kang as his own mother.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at them before his gaze returned again to Zhang Chao as he felt somewhat emotional.

The Radiant Light Sect seemed about to be overturned.

With this, it was only expected that Zhang Chao who relied on them would want to change his allegiance.

There were as many experts as there were clouds in the Grand Xuan Dynasty which possessed a high status in the Royal Reed Sea.

Also, the Radiant Light Sect and Grand Xuan Dynasty shared a common enemy in the form of Yan Zhaoge.

While irreconcilable enmity already existed between the Radiant Light Sect and the Grand Xuan Dynasty, no tensions existed at all between Zhang Chao himself and the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

It was just that having still been closely following the Radiant Light Sect just a moment ago, it would inevitably feel rather strange now that they were immediately afterwards ingratiating themselves with the Grand Xuan Dynasty which had directly brought about the Radiant Light Sect’s demise.

Looking at Tan Yonghao’s expression, one could tell how conflicted he was about this decision as he was really unable to approve of it.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was not taken aback in the least by Zhang Chao’s actions.

He had long since known that Zhang Chao who had formerly been known as the Sacred Sun Saint in the Eight Extremities World as the Sacred Sun Clan’s most important expert was truly skilled in going along with the flow of the times.

He who was the first person in the history of the Eight Extremities World to have ascended to the World beyond Worlds had intended to attack Broad Creed Mountain that year.

Seeing how Broad Creed Mountain’s Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge had successfully made a breakthrough and left seclusion, he had directly fled without even looking back.

Afterwards, he had hidden inside a volcano for many years in exchange for the quelling of Zhan Dongge’s rage.

Only when the Flame Devil World invaded the Eight Extremities World had he asked Zhan Dongge’s permission to leave, providing assistance in standing against the Flame Devils together.

After Zhang Dongge had perished, Zhang Chao had finally been able to act without qualms in leading the Sacred Sun Clan to unprecedented heights, reigning supreme over the Eight Extremities World.

If not for the Heaven Diviner Zhan Xilou having unexpectedly stood steadfast and unflinching, Broad Creed Mountain which had suffered a huge blow to its vitality from the encroachment of the Flame Devils would probably have been toppled long ago by the Sacred Sun Clan.

Now, having come to the World beyond Worlds, while Zhang Chao was strong, there were powerful experts even amongst powerful experts as there were truly many who were more powerful than he.

Zhang Chao thus began readjusting his position once more.

Such a person who was good at adjusting his stance as necessary had chosen to abandon the Radiant Light Sect’s nearly sinking ship, ascending the even greater ship of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

This was in no way unexpected at all.

Even though this seemed kind of cold-blooded, Zhang Chao did not think anything of it at all.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, his expression turned stern, “Really, I never thought that Broad Creed Mountain would actually produce you Yan father and son following the Zhan brothers.

Are the heavens really protecting Broad Creed Mountain”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “The heavens only help those who help themselves.

This Yan does not know if the heavens are protecting my Broad Creed Mountain, but your luck is indeed not any good at all.”

Kang Jinyuan ground his teeth as he looked at Yan Zhaoge, “You have actually appeared here!”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Since you can come, and since he can come, I can naturally come too.”

Kang Jinyuan’s eyes seemed to spew fire, “If not for those of Golden Court Mountain protecting you, you would long since be a dead man.

You actually dare to come over here yourself”

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he walked towards Kang Jinyuan, Kang Maosheng and Zhang Chao, “Motherly love is a praiseworthy thing, able to forge miracles.

Your mother saved you before.

Who will now”

As he said thus, Yan Zhaoge directly raised his hand, his palm enveloping the sky as it sought to envelop the trio beneath it!

Kang Maosheng dragged Kang Jinyuan behind him, his sword unsheathed from his waist as it transformed into a sword-light that resembled water which shot into the skies, meeting Yan Zhaoge’s incoming palm.

Zhang Chao sighed, similarly making a move as the Sacred Sun Clan’s most powerful Extreme Yang Fist was executed, resembling the blazing sun in the sky as it illuminated the surrounding heavens and earth.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered as he covertly circulated the Cyclic Heavenly Seal amidst the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm, a mighty, terrifying power descending towards his enemies with the momentum of collapsing the sky.

The mighty power of the heavens and earth reversing and yin and yang being overturned caused the blazing heat of Zhang Chao’s Extreme Yang Fist to instantly plummet in temperature, actually turning icy cold.

Yan Zhaoge’s palm did not encompass Meng Wan.

Still, radiance began emanating from the Extreme Yin Crown that she wore.

She gazed at Feng Yunsheng before her, whose eyes now suddenly turned into two dim-blue suns.

The Cold Sun Divine Sabre was hence unsheathed!


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