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HSSB793: The divine pill from the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace


“Little Wan is an orphan just like me,” Feng Yunsheng answered, “Thus, she was especially close with her Master, the two being just like mother and daughter.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Did you ever hear her mention her birth parents”

Feng Yunsheng shook her head, “Little Wan just said that she had no impression of her birth parents whatsoever.

She has been an orphan ever since she can remember, also having no other relatives.”

She looked at Yan Zhaoge, “What might you be referring to, asking about this”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “I don’t know.

It’s just that the sole explanation that makes sense here is that Meng Wan originates from the World beyond Worlds in the first place.”

Zhang Chao was the first person in the history of the Eight Extremities World to have ascended to the World beyond Worlds.

Meng Wan, Tang Yonghao, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng were the first batch of people from the Eight Extremities World to have travelled to the World beyond Worlds via the wound of the sky through special means without having yet attained the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint realm.

Still, while moving from the Eight Extremities World to the World beyond Worlds was difficult, there had long since been people who had descended from the World beyond Worlds, and not just one or two of them at that.

The powerful existences who had left behind the Extreme Yang Seal and the Extreme Yin Crown aside, the Painting Saint Old Man Mo had done the same thing not too long ago.

Logically speaking, Meng Wan should never have seen Zhuang Chaohui before prior to this.

Before their meeting in the underwater palace, Zhuang Chaohui too should have been unaware of Meng Wan’s existence.

From Zhuang Chaohui’s words, it was clear that he and those related to him should never have gone to the Eight Extremities World before, being unaware of the existence of such a lower world as well.

The only possible explanation for this was that Zhuang Chaohui or the Southern Exalt knew someone who was related to Meng Wan.

Someone had descended to the Eight Extremities World, Meng Wan hence having been born there.

Perhaps this person had brought Meng Wan to the Eight Extremities World and then left her there.

It was just that this person’s current location was unknown, having most likely returned to the World beyond Worlds rather than remaining in the Eight Extremities World.

He or she might also have died.

Yan Zhaoge said, “There is still one more possibility.

Still, it is a rather unlikely one.”

“There may be another secret hidden on Meng Wan.

She could have obtained a unique treasure like Tang Yonghao, or she could have some unique cultivation physique.

We did not know about it, but Zhuang Chaohui noticed it, thus kidnapping her purely for personal gain rather than anything else.”

Feng Yunsheng thought about it, “This indeed sounds somewhat less probable.”

Yan Zhaoge spread his hands apart, “Therefore, the first possibility is still the more likely one.

The reason behind this incident lies with the circumstances of Meng Wan’s birth.”

“Perhaps this close sister of yours actually has an extremely prestigious background, having ended up in the Eight Extremities World in hardship befalling a precious princess.”

Feng Yunsheng smiled wryly, “That really does sound kind of far-fetched.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “The two of you being close as sisters, it would be best for her background to be a bit more prestigious in consideration for her safety.

That way, whether Zhuang Chaohui wants to sell a favour to a major figure or has other intentions, Meng Wan will not meet with any danger so long as she still has value in his eyes.”

“Still, in consideration for our Broad Creed Mountain, if Meng Wan indeed soars to a high position, it is hard to say if she will make use of her newfound status to fuel the Sacred Sun Clan’s resurgence.”

Yan Zhaoge held up two fingers, “Major figures who habitually hold a lofty position usually have these two kinds of attitudes when their children who were lost next finally return to their sides.”

“They will either disregard them due to not sharing a close relationship or comply to all their wishes in order to recompense them more and alleviate their regrets.”

Feng Yunsheng stared at Yan Zhaoge for a time, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, “I’ve always thought myself to be kind of good at releasing my imagination limiter.

Still, you’re even more skilled than me at this! You almost got me to stop worrying about Little Wan completely, worrying instead about our Broad Creed Mountain.”

Yan Zhaoge said cheerily, “I and Broad Creed Mountain both have to worry, but you don’t.

You’ve long since come to cozy up to and ‘hug the thigh’ of her prestigious self now.”

Feng Yunsheng shook her head, “Little Wan went all out in her battle with me, being true to her conscience in that respect.

For as long as I am in Broad Creed Mountain, she should not be doing anything to harm our clan.

Instead, like Senior Brother Tang, her thoughts should be more on the side of rebuilding the Sacred Sun Clan.”

“Little Wan’s greatest concern now should still be how her Master is doing.”

Feng Yunsheng sighed, “I am unconcerned whether her two slender legs will become thick thighs for me to hug.

I just hope that no harm will be befalling her with this.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “I will be heading to the Southeastern Exalt’s Golden Court Mountain after this.

I may be able to find more clues on this there.

If we find out why Zhuang Chaohui kidnapped Meng Wan, we will be able to correspondingly confirm her safety.”

He stroked his lower chin, “We can go and visit various places after this.

If Meng Wan was really born in the World beyond Worlds, it may not just be Zhuang Chaohui alone who recognises her.”

The threat of the Radiant Light Sect and the Grand Xuan Dynasty still remained.

Still, it was already no longer as pressing as before.

Yan Zhaoge did not have to continue staying in the Royal Reed Sea now.

At the very least, there was no need for him to permanently remain on standby there.

The Radiant Light Sect and the Grand Xuan Dynasty had previously been like a sharp sword hanging over the Eight Extremities World and Broad Creed Mountain that might bring disaster at any time.

Under such circumstances, who would have the leisure to be concerned with other things

Now, he was freed to go travel around elsewhere in the World beyond Worlds.

Xue Chuqing’s whereabouts had always been a mystery to him.

Now, he finally had a chance to try and search for his mother.

During his travels, he could try to investigate Meng Wan’s matter as well.

Perhaps he might be able to get something useful out of Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun

There had been too many people back at the Clear Scenic Region.

He could simply ask about it later.

Yan Zhaoge consoled Feng Yunsheng as he controlled the Myriad Dragon Palace, rushing back to the Spirit Inheritance Region where Yan Di should be waiting for him.

On the way there, there was something that left Yan Zhaoge not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

After having swallowed the Taotie’s lifeblood and demonic heart, Pan-Pan had become gigantic, with his demonic qi also being hard to repress as he appeared violent as well as temperamental.

As a pure-blooded Pixiu, Pan-Pan possessed a great foundation.

Still, his cultivation base was just too far apart from that of the deceased Taotie.

As a result, he was still somewhat unable to digest that demonic heart.

The Pixiu also innately possessed a mighty ability to swallow and devour.

While it was not as renowned as that of the Taotie, it was still famed for greedily eating all beneath the heavens.

It was fortunate that this was the case.

Were it a different kind of demonic beast, it would probably long since have imploded and died now.

“Still, if you can get through this, you will likely immediately undergo a rebirth-like transformation,” Yan Zhaoge patted Pan-Pan before consecutively drawing seven sigils on his four paws, chest, back and head.

These sigils all harboured the profundities of the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture.

While Yan Zhaoge had not properly cultivated in the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture before, he was still somewhat versed in it through his Peerless Heavenly Scripture foundation.

Assisted by those seven sigils, Pan-Pan instantly felt much more comfortable.

Yan Zhaoge checked his gains from his trip to the underwater palace this time, “Hmmm, that Qi Wei seems to have brought quite a few things with him.

Let me see if there’s anything useful amongst his belongings to help and ease your pain.”

While he had just been at the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm, as a formations grandmaster, Qi Wei had possessed a great many accompanying treasures, having great wealth accumulated within.

“Huh!” Yan Zhaoge was initially very happy as he looked, yet his movements suddenly stopped.

His pupils dilated slightly as he retrieved a small box from amongst Qi Wei’s belongings.

After opening it, he stared fixatedly at the single pill that was contained within.

“…Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill.

This is a divine pill that existed only in the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace in pre-Great Calamity times.

This Qi Wei actually had one of those”


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