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HSSB799: Meng Wan’s origins


Ancestor Hei was the expert who had slain the great demonic Taotie and made the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and Earth Devouring Burner in order to forge the Evil Sword Taotie.

The phoenix bone which Zhuang Chaohui so desperately yearned for also belonged to him.

If one were to calculate it, Ancestor Hei had been active even before Cao Jie had.

It was only reasonable that he had not previously known that he possessed a secret hideout in the Southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Now that he knew, however, he certainly could not pretend not to know about it.

After all, Ancestor Hei’s cultivation base that year had not been any lower than his.

Yan Zhaoge answered, “Ancestor Hei has likely perished.

Still, I am not clear on the specifics.”

“However, according to the reaction when I refined that Sacred Artifact, its original owner is no longer of this world.”

Hearing his words, Cao Jie nodded slightly, his gaze sweeping across the trio, “Zhiliang mentioned that while you obtained the Extreme Yang Seal, you do not know about the Exalted Solar Luminary.”

Yan Zhaoge answered candidly, “To be honest, it was only after coming to the World beyond Worlds that I heard of the Exalted Solar Luminary’s name.”

“This treasure was originally used to suppress a crevice to the Nine Underworlds before I obtained it in the Eight Extremities World.

Its original owner did not leave any message behind.”

“The technique for wielding this treasure is also something I myself slowly figured out from analysing the treasure itself.”

Hearing this, Cao Jie did not say whether he believed it or not, “Then, have you ever seen the Exalted Lunar Luminary before”

The trio similarly shook their heads.

Yan Di said, “The Extreme Yin Crown was incidentally discovered by martial practitioners of the Eight Extremities World.

There was no contact that took place with its original owner.”

Yan Zhaoge elaborated, “It was after having come to the World beyond Worlds and heard about the Nine Luminaries of New Kunlun Mountain that in reference to the Extreme Yang Seal, we guessed this treasure to be related to the Exalted Lunar Luminary.

This was confirmed by the Grand Xuan Dynasty and your disciple, Mister Chen, afterwards.”

Cao Jie nodded slowly, his gaze falling on Feng Yunsheng, “Lend me your sabre for a look, Little Friend”

Feng Yunsheng unstrung the Cold Sun Divine Sabre and handed it to the Southeastern Exalt scabbard and all.

“The power of corrosion, not Ketu but that of the Rahu Star of the eclipse…” Cao Jie unsheathed half the black sabre, gazing at it for a moment, “Afterwards, the power of reversed sun was additionally refined within.

The two merging as one, the sabre may come to surpass the Rahu Sabre of the past.”

He sheathed the sabre, gazing at Feng Yunsheng for a while, “Not the reincarnation of a mighty expert, yet able to live alongside this sabre, whilst also not a sabre spirit.

Rare, rare indeed…”

Cao Jie shook his head, returning the Cold Sun Divine Sabre to Feng Yunsheng.

There seemed to be nothing more that he wanted to ask as he just appraised the trio carefully.

While there was admiration and approval in his gaze, he did not actively try to recruit them.

Cao Jie waved his hands, “The southeastern Yang Heaven Territory is large, and you can go wherever you want.

Still, things have not been concluded over with Wutong Slope over at the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

There could still be some continuation to it.”

Sensing that that was their cue to leave, the trio cupped their hands, taking their leave of him.

Exiting the great hall, Feng Yunsheng asked rather quizzically, “It feels like there was something that the Southeastern Exalt wanted to say but did not”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It is probably about the Immortal Ending Sword Scripture that I cultivate in.”

Yan Di said, “Your guess regarding Lin Hanhua should be correct.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded as they now met Chen Zhiliang, Ah Hu and Xiao Ai who were waiting for them outside.

Knowing that the Southeastern Exalt had officially allowed Broad Creed Mountain to create their headquarters and accept disciples in the Royal Reed Sea, Chen Zhiliang smiled, “Congratulations.”

Yan Zhaoge spread his palms apart, his true essence condensing to depict the image of a girl on his palm, “There is still one more thing.

I wonder if Mister Chen recognises this person”

That girl was gentle, beautiful and quiet, acuity visible within her eyes that resembled water.

She appeared a little intelligent whilst also weak, resembling a small deer.

It was precisely the appearance of Meng Wan.

Seeing her, Chen Zhiliang shook his head slightly, “I have never seen her before.

What, is this an acquaintance of yours, Little Friend Yan”

Yan Zhaoge said, “You could say that.

Still, we have lost touch.

I am currently searching for her.”

Chen Zhiliang pondered for a bit before saying, “Well, how about Little Friend Yan come with me to see senior apprentice-brother Mu He is good with faces, and is familiar with many even outside of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.”

“I will be troubling you then,” Yan Zhaoge nodded to Feng Yunsheng before following Chen Zhiliang to see Mu Jun.

Having previously brought Tang Yonghao back, Mu Jun was currently still on Golden Court Mountain, having yet to leave.

Seeing Chen Zhiliang bring Yan Zhaoge over, Mu Jun asked with his usual smile, “Little Friend Yan has already seen Master”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It wouldn’t be good to disturb your Master for too long.”

Mu Jun said smilingly, “Little Friend Yan seems to be in a good mood.

It seems that Master must have agreed to the matter of your lineage coming up to the Royal Reed Sea”

“I have Mister Mu to thank for the good words you put in for us before your Master,” Yan Zhaoge too was all smiles.

Mu Jun smiled, shaking his head, “Nothing I say can change those decisions Master wants to make.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he said sort of pointedly, “There is something that Little Friend Yan may not know of.

That old acquaintance of yours has already entered my Golden Court Mountain’s lineage.”

“Master personally accepted him as a disciple.

He is my youngest apprentice-brother now.”

Mu Jun’s words indeed seemed to carry a bit of a friendly reminder.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Tang Yonghao is remarkably talented and righteous in his character as well.

The heavens are favouring the worthy indeed.

Mu Jun smiled, nodding, “You speak rightly.”

Yan Zhaoge continued, “In having come this time, I actually want to ask Mister Mu about someone.”

After showing Mu Jun the image of Meng Wan, Yan Zhaoge observed the changes in his expression.

After glancing at it, Mu Jun fell into deep thought.

He did not rush to answer as he instead said slowly, “Junior apprentice-brother Tang mentioned this person before as well, saying that she was his fellow disciple back in the Eight Extremities World and that she was later taken away by the southern Blazing Heaven Territory’s Zhuang Chaohui within the underwater palace of the Clear Scenic Region.”

Yan Zhaoge answered candidly, “That’s right.”

Mu Jun fell into deep thought once more.

After a moment, he said very earnestly, “I have never seen her before, and I myself have also never gone to the lower world where you hail from before, but…”

“Looking at her, I seem to find her familiar somehow.”

Yan Zhaoge’s spirits rose as a quizzical look also appeared on the face of Chen Zhiliang beside him.

Meeting Yan Zhaoge’s gaze, Mu Jun said slowly, “Those features are somewhat similar to someone whom I met before in the past.”

While Mu Jun looked young, he was actually rather old already.

The number of people he had seen in his life before was kind of uncountable.

Still, Meng Wan’s appearance was exquisite and the same would surely also apply for someone who looked similar to her.

As long as Mu Jun had viewed that person before, he would surely be left with some sort of impression.

With Mu Jun’s cultivation base, the strength of his soul, his acute perceptiveness and his shocking powers of memory, he was able to dig up from the depths of his memory even people he had met only once more.

“Still, I cannot say with certainty that a relationship definitely exists between the two.”

Now, Mu Jun thought carefully for a bit more before raising his hand and drawing in mid-air.

An image of light was formed before Yan Zhaoge.

The figure of a girl who bore at least a seventy percent resemblance to Meng Wan hence appeared.

“There really is one” Chen Zhiliang felt astonished.

After gazing at the image for a while, Yan Zhaoge asked softly, “Muster Mu, do you know where she comes from”

Mu Jun answered, “Disciple of the Southern Exalt’s lineage, a disciple of Wutong Slope Liu Xianting.”


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