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HSSB829: Numerous efficacious pills of differing functions


The meditating Northern Ocean Clone now opened his eyes, blowing at that jet-black medicinal pill.

Sparks actually flew on the surface of the jet-black medicinal pill in mid-air as that breath touched it.

The Northern Ocean Clone inhaled again, the pill transforming into a stream of flowing flames which was absorbed completely into his mouth.

With his fleshly body that was at the peak of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, the Northern Ocean Clone closed his eyes, returning to meditation as he moderated his breathing.

His skin that was as white as jade now grew increasingly clear and pearly, seemingly transparent with its degree of whiteness as blood vessels, bones and internal organs could virtually be seen.

A fiery crimson light lit up within the Northern Ocean Clone’s body, gradually enveloping him entirely.

The fiery light blazed yet was not violent, instead emanating a tranquil, peaceful vibe.

Specks of starry radiance gradually lit up against the red light, manifesting the scene of starfire streaking through the sky.

A projection of light appeared atop the Northern Ocean Clone’s head, splitting into three parts.

The one in the middle transformed into a Kunpeng, the one on the left manifesting a true dragon.

The one on the right was comparatively smaller.

Still, it depicted a Taotie.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge smiled, no longer looking.

As for the other pills, he categorised and identified them once over before nodding in satisfaction.

Even though he was temporarily unable to use the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace for pill concoction, he had already profited fully and completely off his adventure this time.

The Pill Hall still existed, the medicinal pills stored within far surpassing what he had now.

However, with Yan Zhaoge’s current cultivation base, the situation was already one in which he would not be able to fully digest the abundant gains he had attained within a short period of time.

It was just that the situation with the Pill Hall was suspicious such that he would have to do some cautious planning if he was to search for it.

While it had successfully survived the Great Calamity, so many years having passed, Yan Zhaoge could not be certain what exactly had happened to it.

There was a high chance that it was already grasped by someone else.

Fortunately, with the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace in hand serving as a clue, it would be much easier for him to search for the Pill Hall.

It was just that conversely, with the other party having made use of the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace to set a trap, they might already have grasped the Pill Hall such that it would be very easy for them to locate the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

Still, Yan Zhaoge found this very hard to understand.

If that person truly already grasped the Pill Hall, first not speaking of how powerful he was, the numerous efficacious pills and miraculous medicines stored within it would be able to help make him stronger.

Having been able to capture the six Immortal Bridge Martial Saints also seemed good proof of this.

Yet, if the other party really was that powerful, why would he have needed to use the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace to set a trap

It was not that everyone had been sucked away due to making a move on the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

Instead, it was that the furnace itself had been a trap and also bait in the first place.

While considering this, Yan Zhaoge flicked outwards, a few streaks of light shooting respectively towards Feng Yunsheng and the others.

Two streaks of light also flew out of the Myriad Dragon Palace, whizzing into Pan-Pan’s mouth.

“With your current cultivation bases, you must truly be cautious when consuming these pills.

Carefully refine their medicinal potency,” Yan Zhaoge said.

Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu and Xiao Ai all carefully appraised the pills that hovered before them.

Yan Zhaoge said, “Of Yunsheng’s three pills, the first is the Clear Spiritual Sensory Pill which boosts the spirit’s sensory abilities.

It can especially help the martial practitioner in more agilely wielding treasures that they still cannot fully wield at their current cultivation level.

It is suited for you with the Extreme Yin Crown and the Cold Sun Divine Sabre that you bear.”

“The second pill is the Yin Yang Ten Thousand Longevity Pill which boosts the combination of yin and yang, first boosting one of them before boosting the other over time.

Its effects are prominent and a good fit to your current cultivation route.

You are best suited to cultivating in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture beyond others.”

In the World beyond Worlds, many things could be explained away sufficiently as Yan Zhaoge had gradually been able to let go of his earlier reservations.

The Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture had already become Broad Creed Mountain’s new foundational martial art alongside the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture that Yuan Zhengfeng had obtained.

Yan Di had also perused it over at the Royal Reed Sea, though mostly just for reference considering the nature of his true martial intent.

As for Feng Yunsheng, the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture was undoubtedly the martial art that was the best fit for her to cultivate in now.

Also, her accomplishments in cultivating in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture would also far surpass that of others.

“The third pill is the Bearing Essence Grand Pill.

This has no other uses apart from helping you to accumulate your essence and qi at a higher rate, thereby increasing your strength.”

For this sort of efficacious pill which had just a single effect, this single effect of the pill would be extremely prominent.

There had already been the corpses of numerous dragons and numerous treasures from the Dim Radiant Mausoleum in the Myriad Dragon Palace originally.

Yan Zhaoge and the rest did not lack resources for the accumulation of their essence and qi at all.

A Bearing Essence Grand Pill, however, would still be useful now in further increasing the rate at which they absorbed and refined their essence and qi.

It could be said that in the long-term for a long, long time to come, the only difficulties that Yan Zhaoge and the others would meet in their cultivation would be bottlenecks in comprehension.

Those that would have required time as well as slow, gradual accumulation would not exist at all.

The time spent on such things would be saved.

Instead, they would be able to diligently focus on analysing their martial concepts.

Whatever benchmark was used, Yan Zhaoge’s group was composed of very talented individuals.

Therefore, such a shortcut would not be equivalent to pulling out the sprouts to hasten their growth or forcibly transmitting arts beyond one’s capabilities as it would not lead to foundational instability.

Still, one had to make sure not to become lazy in the long run as a result with their will dwindling.

Still, this was something to think about for the future and not something to worry about now.

Already knowing that there might be such a problem, with Yan Zhaoge and the others all being alert people, they would naturally think of a way to temper their will and mentalities with other methods.

Ah Hu and Xiao Ai were currently enthusiastically examining the pills before them as well.

There were also three pills before each of them, with the Bearing Essence Grand Pill being common to all of them.

This was the sole pill they had that Feng Yunsheng also had, because everyone would similarly benefit from this pill, and it was also what they needed the most now.

Yan Zhaoge said, “Of Ah Hu’s other two pills, one is the Dragon Tiger Golden Pill that will directly strengthen the qi and blood of your fleshly body.

These dragon and tiger are not the commonly seen ferocious dragon of the mountains and scaly dragon of the waters.

Instead, these are a true dragon and demonic tiger that successfully cultivated to attain divinity that year, formed of obtaining the tiger’s bones and the dragon’s tendons and adding on other precious spiritual treasures for the concoction of the pill.”

“While we have the bodies of true dragons, the dragon that was used in the concoction of this Dragon Tiger Pill had a greater cultivation base.

This is something extremely hard to come by.”

Ah Hu’s third pill was the Wind Thunder Providence Pill.

After having consumed it, one would be able to directly swallow wind and thunder, water and fire into their bodies to temper themselves, strengthening their bodies to become sturdy and impenetrable as their strength and speed would also rise greatly as a result.

“Xiao Ai, your pills consist of a Spirit Connecting Golden Pill and a Glorious Sun Pill,” Yan Zhaoge said, “Considering your attainments in formations, your projections of them will be swifter and easier the more powerful your spirit is.

The Spirit Connecting Golden Pill is well suited for that.”

While these were both pills which strengthened one’s spirit, Feng Yunsheng’s Clear Spiritual Sensory Pill was geared towards improving the acuity of her spirit while Xiao Ai’s Spirit Connecting Golden Pill was geared towards making it more resilient.

Xiao Ai nodded happily, “Young Master is indeed meticulous in his considerations.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “The next pill is the Glorious Sun Pill that is a pill of the spirit of fire.

You primarily cultivate in the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture that nurtures the qi of lifeforms.

You can transform a portion of your spiritual qi to the qi emitted by the Qinghua spirit of wood.

Wood sustains fire, and can assist the Glorious Sun Pill in further increasing your cultivation speed.”

“The might of its fire is especially intense.

Even if you are attempting to break through a bottleneck, with the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture as your foundation, you will not have to be worried about going too fast and instead failing to achieve things as a result.”

The trio had received different pills aside from the Bearing Essence Grand Pill, each with differing miraculous effects which were most suited to the individual.

“That’s all for now.

Any more and you would be unable to refine and absorb their medicinal effects, that being detrimental instead,” While Yan Zhaoge might seem to have distributed the pills casually, he had actually considered all their situations in turn and selected for them what they most needed.

Ah Hu sighed in admiration, “Young Master, with such a great amount of efficacious medicinal pills, how did you manage to completely figure out all their functions within such a short period of time, understanding them just as you would your own family treasures This is really too inconceivable.”

Xiao Ai frolicked about as she asked, “Young Master, Young Master! You’ve given us so many pills; have you left any for yourself”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Really, where has there ever been a chef who has let himself go hungry”


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