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HSSB836: Maybe you don’t dare to kill ’em, but I do


The Northern Ocean Clone unleashed his twin claws as he forcibly ripped apart the protective layer of Buddha light on the body of that young monk.

Following his initial shock, that young monk swiftly regained his calm.

He raised both his arms in unison, his fingers opening like the blossoming of a lotus.

The Buddha light transformed into a golden lotus before mightily descending straight down towards the Northern Ocean Clone’s head!

The protective Buddha light of this monk could block a strike of the Northern Ocean Clone’s without immediately collapsing.

This meant that he too possessed a cultivation base comparable to that of a sixth level Martial Saint.

Regardless of their personalities, talent or powers of comprehension, Buddhist martial practitioners who were able to attain such a cultivation base would have exceptionally firm wills at the very least.

Despite his shock at the Northern Ocean Clone’s sudden appearance as well as great might, with this huge trial of life and death before him, this monk still instantly made the most appropriate response.

His speed was incomparable to the Northern Ocean Clone’s such that he would be totally delusional if he thought that he could get away and widen the distance between them.

His protective Buddha light would not last long beneath the Northern Ocean Clone’s mighty assault.

Since that was so, he might as well face offence with offence, forcing his opponent to stop his blow and defend himself lest he too suffered great damage!

After breaking through his Buddha light, the Northern Ocean Clone’s figure halted for just that one instant.

And at that instant, his advantage in speed no longer existed.

This instant was his only chance to make a move, and he did so with great precision.

Even as the golden lotus of the Buddha whistled through the air, it brought along immense pressure comparable to the collapse of Mount Meru as it slammed down towards the Northern Ocean Clone.

That momentum was even greater than the huge white elephant which resembled a mountain peak leaping straight into the air and landing on the ground as it was much more terrifying and heavier as well!

Space distorted and collapsed above the Northern Ocean Clone’s head, being extinguished non-stop.

He glanced up at the golden lotus and laughed coldly, retracting his left hand and flipping it towards the air up above, resembling a true dragon leaving the sea and shooting forth into the nine heavens.

The dragon projection collided with the golden lotus.

The dragon projection shattered, the golden lotus collapsing completely as well.

The Northern Ocean Clone switched claw to fist once more, his right fist resembling the tip of a great spear as it continued piercing towards his opponent’s chest.

The young monk was simultaneously blocking the Northern Ocean Clone’s left hand with both his palms as he was unable to defend.

His expression changed slightly as he inhaled deeply, golden light rising from his monk robes, constructing a final barrier on his body to help him block the Northern Ocean Clone’s punch.

The golden light suddenly shook, wavering like a lamp amidst a heavy rainstorm.

If not for this Buddhist mid-grade Sacred Artifact helping him to block that strike in a timely manner, the Northern Ocean Clone’s strike which substituted spear with fist might have penetrated straight into his chest.

Forcibly receiving this punch of the Northern Ocean Clone’s, the young monk made use of this chance to drift backwards in retreat.

Yet, the Northern Ocean Clone’s footwork advanced continuously as he immediately punched again.

The young monk could only retreat continuously, using both his arms to painstakingly resist.

Currently, he was on the defensive without even an opportunity to counterattack.

The Northern Ocean Clone punched out continuously, completely overwhelming his opponent.

Then, his figure flickered as he had suddenly appeared behind him.

He grabbed with both hands towards a vital acupoint on the monk’s back.

A black hole seemingly appeared on his palms, solidly locking his foe’s body in place as he forcibly devoured his power.

The young monk’s back grew numb as he instantly felt the strength leaving his body, his true essence and Buddha light swiftly being lost.

Despite his shock, he remained composed, “Buddha light was granted by the Buddha, losing it being inauspicious.

However, with it entering your body, it will precisely help you submit to our Buddha!”

As he gazed over, however, he saw that the Northern Ocean Clone’s expression was as per usual as no Buddha light had surfaced on the exterior of his body.

However, martial true intent surged above the Northern Ocean Clone’s head.

What was manifested up above was not a Kunpeng or a true dragon, instead being a Taotie!

That young monk’s heart abruptly sunk to the very bottom.

The Taotie’s unique power of swallowing the heavens and devouring the earth was not like those demonic martial arts which directly absorbed another’s true essence, wresting away its essence.

This Buddha light would not easily affect the Northern Ocean Clone as he devoured it with the Taotie’s abilities.

The same principle applied to Pan-Pan who was currently stomping the white elephant underfoot.

Buddha light flickered on the robe of the young monk, helping him to block the Northern Ocean Clone’s power.

However, the radiance of the mid-grade Sacred Artifact worn by the Northern Ocean Clone, the Precipitous Golden Armour, clashed with the power of that robe, hence suppressing its power.

This young monk could only forcibly call upon his power as he attempted to break free of the Northern Ocean Clone’s grasp lest he be captured alive right there and then.

The other Buddhist martial practitioners did not remain mere spectators as they too charged towards Yan Zhaoge, the Northern Ocean Clone and Pan-Pan.

The Northern Ocean Clone and Pan-Pan ignored them as they focused on dealing with their opponents.

Yan Zhaoge controlled the black metallic box before him in transforming into a black hole, manifesting heaven-swallowing, earth-devouring might which devoured all their attacks.

Seeing this, the Buddhist martial practitioners who had been encircling and attacking Gao Qing’s group hurriedly stopped what they were doing and charged over towards Yan Zhaoge as well.

With a baleful look in his eyes, Yan Zhaoge lightly clapped on the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box once more, countless streaks of sword-qi instantly surging as they enveloped the heavens and covered the earth in shooting towards the Buddhist martial practitioners, blocking their advance.

“Since I already have you, there’s no need to leave the rest,” Looking at that young monk, Yan Zhaoge smiled.

A Prime Clear lineage disciple hurriedly advised, “Don’t kill them here!”

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly as he recalled something that Sun Zhongda had said back then.

“If I do really meet them, I should either immediately retreat or make a move and slay them straight away.

If I really do slay them, I would have to return to the Roving Jade Heavens as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, the other side’s bigwigs would know that I was the culprit within a very short period of time and rush over almost instantaneously.”

These descendants of the Prime Clear lineage clearly held the same reservations.

Yan Zhaoge had already noticed this earlier.

Quite a few Prime Clear lineage disciples, Gao Qing included, had gone easy on those Buddhist martial practitioners pursuing them even while they fled.

It seemed like they had already clashed with Buddhist martial practitioners once, injuring them heavily before capturing them alive.

Afterwards, they had been pursued here by another group of enemies, a battle hence commencing.

Gao Qing and the others really possessed formidable strength.

They only appeared to be in a tough spot now because they had been bringing along captives even as they were encircled and attacked by another bunch of Buddhist martial practitioners.

Afterwards, they had released the Buddhist martial practitioners they had captured.

As they were free to act without reservations then, they had immediately regained the upper hand.

Yet, they had still not killed the Buddhist martial practitioners whom they had heavily injured then captured alive.

It was not that the descendants of the Prime Clear lineage could not bear to kill them.

Instead, they were worried that if they could not quickly return to the Roving Jade Heavens, there would be extremely powerful Buddhist experts hurrying over to wreak vengeance upon them.

The other party advised Yan Zhaoge, “Believe us, this is a lesson that our seniors have consolidated following countless experiences.”

He pointed at those monks, “Being a lofty existence, the Future Buddha may not care about them.

However, the Future Buddha aside, they still have other Buddhist bigwigs.

Right after they die, the other side can clearly grasp the killer’s identity and then confirm the location, swiftly descending.”

“If those Buddhist bigwigs have a powerful enough cultivation base, they could arrive instantly!”

While the expression of the young monk restricted by the Northern Ocean Clone was rather gloomy, he still appeared composed as a result as he said calmly, “Please think thrice, benefactor.

Do not go on with this blind stubbornness.”

“Lower your blade of slaughter, hence descends the light of nirvana.

Benefactor is now only of an external dao.

Still, if you continue making one mistake after another, you might descend into a devilish dao.”

“At that time, it would be too late for regret.

Despite the benevolence and illumination of our Buddha, we still possess the fury for ambushing and exterminating devils.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “So you mean that you can illuminate me, but I cannot kill you people”

A Prime Clear lineage disciple quickly said, “The World beyond Worlds does not like involvement in such trouble.

If you are really furious at him, capture him and return to our Roving Jade Heavens.

There, you can cure him with a thousand cuts and slowly slice off his flesh bit by bit if you wish…”

Before he had finished speaking, Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Why the need to be troublesome”

With that, he directly raised his palm, bringing it down upon a Buddhist monk with a bladeless sabre who was coming to attack him!


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