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HSSB837: The mysterious stranger and the vengeance that never came


Yan Zhaoge raised his palm, striking down towards a Buddhist martial practitioner.

Those Buddhist martial practitioners were shocked, the Prime Clear lineage disciple feeling rather anxious and panicked, “This person, why doesn’t he listen to advice!”

Yan Zhaoge’s wilfulness would not just affect himself.

Even they who had yet to leave this place would be affected as a result.

Peak Buddhist bigwigs would descend upon this land and not just trap him, but them as well.

A hint of a smile could be seen at the corner of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth as he struck down with his palm, instantly shattering the entire head of that Buddhist martial practitioner into smithereens!

Right as that monk perished, Buddha light shot out from his body, seeking to break through space.

This Buddha light did not possess offensive capabilities or emanate a powerful aura of any kind.

Yet, it completely ignored the might of Yan Zhaoge and the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box.

It seemed as if they existed on two different planes such that they would not touch even if they met.

Despite the strength of Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Scripture which reversed cause and effect, that golden light which seemed illusory and transparent penetrated right through it and went on its way.

The devouring power of the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box was just like an illusory, surreal dream before that unique Buddha light.

Yan Zhaoge believed that he would be unable to destroy or obstruct this Buddha light even if he took out the Extreme Yang Seal or the Evil Sword Taotie.

It would be useless as he would be unable to even touch it.

Yet, that Buddha light was definitely not an illusory phenomenon.

Yan Zhaoge was certain that so long as this Buddha light flew away, a Buddhist bigwig would immediately descend upon this land extremely swiftly.

They could be comparable to Daoism’s Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

Or even peak Martial Saints, Mortal Exalts.

Or even experts comparable to Emperors and Sovereigns of Daoism…

According to Sun Zhongda and these other Prime Clear lineage disciples, the greater the cultivation base of the bigwig, the faster they would come.

They might even descend and appear immediately.

Yan Zhaoge was still smiling as the force within his palm suddenly changed, chaos concealed within.

He circulated the Peerless Heavenly Scripture as amidst the chaos, there was no flowing of time and no concept of proximity at all as it was the beginning of all things whilst also their end.

Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended once more.

That Buddha light shuddered slightly as it was forced to plunge into the chaos whereupon it was extinguished at once, disappearing without a trace.

There was really only Yan Zhaoge himself who could tell what had just happened.

The others were only able to see Yan Zhaoge kill that Buddhist martial practitioner with a palm after which Buddha light flickered.

Seeing this, the Prime Clear lineage martial practitioners all held their hands to their heads, sighing towards the heavens, “You people of the World beyond Worlds have never encountered Buddhist martial practitioners before, yet just love reacting to slights.

You’ve really dragged us down now.”

There was only Gao Qing who looked at Yan Zhaoge with her eyes bright as a crystal, “Oh, what a straightforward person.”

The fellow disciple beside her laughed bitterly, “Junior apprentice-sister, he’s had his fun, but now we’re all in for it.

We should hurry and leave this place, returning to the Roving Jade Heavens.

We have no way of investigating the abnormalities in spiritual qi over at that distant mountain now.”

“I only hope now that the Buddhist experts who rush over here aren’t too powerful.

That way, we would still have time and some chance of fleeing this place successfully.”

Even as he spoke, he saw Yan Zhaoge continuing to slay Buddhist martial practitioners with his palm.

As the Prime Clear lineage descendants who had already been completely on edge saw this, their mouths twitched involuntarily.

The Buddhist martial practitioners instead calmed down, looking at Yan Zhaoge with an expression which saw dying to be like going home as it would allow one to attain a place of infinite happiness.

The young monk being restricted by the Northern Ocean Clone said calmly, “This humble monk and my fellow disciples do not fear death.

Death is but the beginning of life.”

“The reaping of karma, the strange blessed soil.

This can precisely free us of the sea of suffering that is the life of humans.”

“As for you, benefactor, having committed such a grave sin and plummeted into a devilish dao, you would naturally also get your just desserts.”

A smile actually surfaced on the young monk’s face, “Your retribution, Benefactor, is close at hand.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled as well, “You don’t have to worry about me.

You should first worry about yourself.

The reason I’ve taken care of all the other baldies is that I’ve already captured you.”

“I believe that I will be able to obtain more useful information from you.”

“Of course, I believe that you would definitely not speak easily,” Yan Zhaoge grinned widely, “Still, that’s fine.

I have the time and the means with which to get you to open your mouth.”

That young monk shook his head, “Are you dreaming and thinking that these descendants of the Prime Clear lineage were just scaring you”

He said slowly, “This humble monk has said that your retribution, benefactor, is close at hand.”

“Oh I look forward to seeing that,” Yan Zhaoge said as he casually smashed in the head of yet another Buddhist martial practitioner, causing the brows of everyone present to twitch wildly.

The Prime Clear lineage descendants all shook their heads, turning to leave.

Before accompanying her fellow disciples in leaving, Gao Qing waved at Yan Zhaoge, “This Senior Brother, why don’t you come with us to the Roving Jade Heavens If we arrive at the Roving Jade Heavens before those peak experts of Buddhist do, all of their clues would have come to an end.”

“I appreciate your kind intentions.

Still, there is no need to worry about me,” Yan Zhaoge smiled nonchalantly before suddenly asking instead, “Could I ask if your great-grandfather, the Dragon Spring Emperor, is surnamed Long”

Gao Qing answered, “That’s right.”

Yan Zhaoge asked curiously, “Are all the descendants of the Profound Sovereign and the Dragon Spring Emperor surnamed Gao after the Profound Sovereign”

Gao Qing shook her head, saying as if it was only natural, “Of course not! I have a granduncle who follows my great-grandfather’s surname of Long!”

Yan Zhaoge did not know whether to laugh or to cry, “Then, why didn’t you make it clear when Fu Ting was secretly implying that the Dragon Spring Emperor has taken up the surname of another!”

Gao Qing was taken aback, “She was secretly implying this She asked me why I was surnamed Gao, and so I said that I followed my father’s surname.

My father follows my grandfather’s surname, and my grandfather follows my great-grandmother’s surname, isn’t that the case It’s not like she asked about my granduncle’s lineage.”

“Then, she seemed to disbelieve my great-grandfather’s cultivation base, and so I argued over this with her.

That’s also unrelated to granduncle’s lineage, isn’t it”

Gao Qing pursed her lips, saying very unhappily, “So this was what that Big Sis Fu actually meant.”

The Prime Clear lineage disciples beside her all looked like they were exasperated yet could not help but smile.

With so many things having happened earlier, they had not had time to speak to her about this yet.

And now, they could only drag the unhappy Gao Qing along in hurriedly departing from this place.

Yan Zhaoge seemed to be thinking about something as he watched them gradually vanish into the distance.

Recollecting himself, Yan Zhaoge looked smilingly at that young monk, “Good, it’s finally time for us to have a proper talk now.”

That young monk said in an indifferent tone, “Does benefactor really have the leisure to do so now”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Won’t you know after waiting for a while Still, just waiting alone is boring.

We might as well talk as we wait.”

With that, he directly tapped onto the centre of the young monk’s forehead.

A painful look now flickered within the gaze of this young monk.

He closed his eyes, gritting his teeth and tolerating it.

Buddhist martial practitioners all had extremely mighty wills and endurance.

This young monk was barely able to persist through pain and torture that most people would be hard pressed to endure.

Still, his greatest motivation for holding on was still hope.

He believed that if he could hold on, peak experts would soon arrive to assist him.

At that time, Yan Zhaoge would not be able to seek death even if he wanted.

Who knew that however long he waited, there was nothing.

He gradually became unable to hold back an incredulous look.

So much time had passed.

Even someone of his current cultivation level should already have arrived to investigate upon having learnt of these peoples’ deaths!

Just how was it possible that no one had appeared


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